Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World 2017. Played on a cricket field, cricket a ball and bat game played by two teams of 11 players each. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. This sport is played by many and has even many more fans and supporters worldwide. The funny thing about the world of sport and its fanatics it that it is hard to tell what makes people become a fan of a given sport. There are for example ladies who watch rugby not because they understand the game but because they enjoy seeing heavily built men battle it out on an open field. That is however a topic for another day.

With the cricket sport gaining its popularity with each passing day the number of handsome players who have countless female supporters also continues to grow. When most of these players enter the pitch you are likely to hear ladies screaming their names or just screaming. Such players especially those playing in the big leagues have therefore grown popular not just because they play cricket but because many female fans find them irresistible. Below is a list of the most handsome cricket players in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World 2017

10. Mitchell Johnson

mitchell johnson, Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World 2017

The Australian cricketer, Mitchell John son was born in Australia on 2nd November, 1981. He has an adorable dimple that makes him even more attractive and tattooed that most ladies would kill for. The talented cricketer can both battle and bowl with the same level of competitiveness. He is also one of the richest Australian Cricketers. He made his debut into international cricket in 2007 and went on to become an ICC award in 2009 as the ‘Cricketer of the Year’.

9. Ms Dhoni

ms dhoni, Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World 2018

Ms Dhoni is an Indian Cricketer born in India on 7th July 1981. Apart from being handsome he also has an attractive style and personality. The ladies loved his long hair style which he later changed. Popularly known as ‘Captain Cool’, this cricketers skills are specialized to wicket keeping and batting. His attacks and surgical finishes are legendary. Ms Dhoni is one of the richest cricketers in the world.He is one of the longest serving Indian Captain and will be remembered for a long time for having been the captain when India lifted the ‘World Cup’ trophy.

8. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World 2017

AB de Villiers is a South African Cricketer who was born in South Africa on 17th April, 1984. He is gentle, charming and good looking. He is one of the best batsmen with most sixes in ODI.  He is aggressive on the pitch and with an outstanding striking rate. He is one of the most valued players in the IPL. The ladies love him mostly because he is handsome.

7. Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan Top Most Famous Handsome Cricketers in The World 2019

Eoin Morgan who was born in England on 10th September, 1986 is like an ‘icon of admiration’ to most ladies due to his blue eyes and brownish black hair. The popular and talented batsman definitely knows how to work his closet. Before he was selected to play international cricket for England, he used to play county cricket. He is good both in batting and finishing.

6. Shahid Afridi


The Pakistan cricketer, Shahid Afridi was born in Pakistan on 1st March, 1980. Some statistics indicate him as the most handsome cricket player in the world 2017. Here, however is the sixth most attractive. His charming looks and piercing eyes have warmed their way in to the hearts of several female fans all over the world. He is an aggressive batsman whose striking rate is off the charts. This stylish player was the former Pakistan captain.

5. Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn Top 10 Most Popular Handsome Cricketers in The World 2018

Dale Steyn is a cricketer who was born in South Africa 27th June, 1983. He a tall well-built bowler with an attractive personality. He is widely adored by a number of lady fans across the globe. He made his debut in international cricket in 2004 and has been playing in the big leagues ever since. He is known for his good looks and passion in cricket. He can at speeds of up to 145 kilometers. He is an asset for his team.

4. Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum Top Popular Handsome Cricketers in The World 2018

Born on 27th December, 1981, Brendon McCullum is a muscular handsome cricketer with muscular tattoos. He was born in New Zealand and plays for the states cricket team. Apart from his stunning appearance he is known for his amazing shots in the cricket world. He used to be the captain of New Zealand. His outstanding physique most definitely earns him points that make him rank high up as one of the most attractive cricket player in the world.

3. Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook Top Handsome Cricketers in The World 2017

This English player was born on the 25 of December, 1984 in England. The left handed batsman has a lot of female fans ogling at him. He is described as having ‘killer looks’ that act as a women magnet. He is also said to have a very charming personality. He used to play for youth teams in his country before finally making it to the big stage. The cricketer is a versatile player as he can play shots just as well as he can bat.

2. Virat Kohli


He is a stylish cricketer who also happens to be extremely good looking. Maybe that is why he has been making it to TV a lot lately. Which lady wouldn’t want to be in the company of a fine looking man even if it will only be for a little while? He is well polished. Almost too well to imagine him playing out there all sweaty and aggressive.He is also one of the richest Indian Cricketers.

Virat Kohli was born in India on 5th November, 1988 and is currently playing for his national team (India). He is an amazing batsman.

1. Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in The World

Despite having born in South Africa on 27th June, 1980, Pietersen plays for the England team. He is both attractive and has a wonderful personality. Him being at the top of the list is not a fluke and therefore speaks for itself. He is a right hand batsman and a passionate cricket player.

It is often said that the beautiful ones are yet to be born. So the above are just temporal ranks are can change anytime depending on a variety of factors. For the time being however those are the world’s most handsome cricketers in 2017.