Top 10 Greatest Guitarists in the World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Greatest Guitarists in the World of all time till 2017. As a fan of rock, it is fun to think about who is the greatest at playing the guitar. In some genres, the guitar drives everything and the songs are built around what the guitar is going to do. In others, the guitar takes a backseat to the keyboards and provides extra energy. When doing any list about great musicians, it is not the speed, but by knowing what notes he should play and how fast he should play and emotion and innovation. This is a list that tries to combine and feature many different genres, not just heavy metal.

List of Top 10 Greatest Guitarists in the World of all time till 2017

10. Dick Wagner


Probably not a lot of people will know who this guy is as he is a session guy, but Alice Cooper owes him a lot, as he played a lot on his early solo albums and helped write a lot of the songs that found their way onto Cooper’s albums.

9. Joe Perry

joe perry, Top 10 Greatest Guitarists in the World 2018

A lot of what makes Aerosmith so great, is Joe Perry on guitar. It is said that Slash, after hearing Joe on the “Rocks” album (Aerosmith’s fourth album), decided to pick up a guitar rather than ride BMX.

8. Jerry Cantrell


It feels like everything Cantrell plays, you feel everything along with him. He is great at making the guitar talk and so little of what he does involves effects or pedals or playing faster than anyone else.

7. Jimmy Page


Known for a well-rounded style that was influenced by blues, international folk, and country. Many have cited him as an influence (Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Walsh, Kirk Hammett, and Steve Vai) and have said that he is great at writing riffs and has a great brain for rock music.

6. Eddie Van Halen


Popularized a more technical style of playing, Eddie brought two-handed tapping (on “Eruption”) into the front of people’s minds. He uses other techniques and combined them with his melodic approach and his rhythmic sensibility. He also owns multiple patents for inventing certain things that aid in playing the guitar. And he does not know how to read music.

5. Tony Iommi


Known for pretty much inventing heavy metal after having the tips of two of his fingers sheared off, Iommi’s playing on Sabbath albums caused a lot of kids, not just to enjoy heavy metal, but to pick up a guitar and play it. He was also able to adapt without his fingertips, which says a lot. What he would play served as a blueprint for other bands. Just think who may not have learned to play without Iommi.

4. Dave Mustaine


More technically skilled at playing guitar than most in metal, Mustaine has played with a symphony orchestra. He can play fast stuff, heavy stuff, and then shred on guitar. One of the many guitar players who knows how to pick his spots on what he wants to do. He was voted number one by Joel McIver in his book about the one hundred greatest metal guitarists. He contributed songs to two of the four big four of thrash.

3. Stevie Ray Vaughan


Stevie never played the same thing twice in any of his live stuff, but you always heard something spectacular from him. He reinvented electric blues, playing everything right from his heart and letting you feel just what he was when he picked up his guitar. Another picker who influenced a lot of players and he was only around seven years.

2. Prince


Prince is hard to place on a list like this. The list is simply greatest Guitarists of all time till 2017. It does not consider their abilities to write songs, lyrics, play every instrument known to man (and some only known to Prince), and sing like an angel. This man knows how to play soul, funk, rock, and jazz.

1. Dimebag Darrell


Most guys in thrash metal only know how to play fast and hard, crunchy stuff. Not Dimebag. He could play anything, whether it be soft, acoustic, or all out fury. It is hard to imagine the same guy who wrote the riff for “Primal Concrete Sledge” wrote such heartfelt stuff like “Hollow” and “This Love”. He sets the bar pretty high for heavy metal guitarists to actually play with their hearts as well as their balls. His solos melt faces and impress all who hear them. He was so good that a guitar contest that he regularly took part in made him retire and made him be a judge, after he won eight years in a row.

To only pick the ten Greatest Guitarists of all time till 2017, is difficult. But it was also fun. It is fun to talk about musicians and what they mean to me. For those that do not like that Billy Gibbons, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix did not make the list, how would you do a list that only includes ten greats? There are so many to choose from, it is not easy.