Top 10 Greatest Boxers in The History

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Greatest Boxers in The History till 2017. Boxing is among the most paying sports hat people engage in. Boxing became a world Olympic sport in the BC 688.Not only being an Olympic sport; it is also a common wealth sport. In boxing, the boxers engage in speed, reflexes, throwing punches with gloved hands and many more. Boxers can be compared according to the class of weight i.e. lightweight, heavyweight and flyweight. It becomes a great debate when the boxing fans decide on who is the greatest boxer in history. There several factors that can be considered in deciding the great boxer. Among the factors is the number of unbeatable runs as well as that defense tittles.

List of Top 10 Greatest Boxers in The History till 2017

10. Sugar Ray Leonard


This is among the greatest boxers in history. He started his boxing career in 1940.Sugar keeps a record of 175-19-6-2.In 1946; Sgar Ray won the welterweight title. In addition, he attempted to win the heavyweight title in 1953 but he was stopped when he reached the 14 round. Moreover, he won the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976 and he received gold. He came out of career with 36 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. Many people love him and they feel that he would have been at number 7.He is best known by defeating Roberto Duran.

09. Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong Top Most Popular Greatest Boxers in The History 2018

He was a boxing legend in the years of 1931 and 1945.He had 100 wins in the fights that he perfomed.Henry lost 21 matches. He is best known to have 3 world championship divisions. He started his career by loosing until he gradually got the winning streak. Henry has 27 consecutive knockouts’ victories. This show how great he is in history.

08. Rocky Marciano


This is an American boxing professor. Rocky was born on September 1923.He started to compete in this sport in 1947 to 1955.He was the greatest boxer in history. He knocked down Joy Louis and Manny Paquiao.In addition, he finished her career with a record of 49.Moreover, and he fought with boxers from different weight sections. Despite being in this career for a short time, he was successful. He is the world champion in the heavyweight with no defeat.

07. Benny Leonard

Benny Leonard Top 10 Greatest Boxers in The History 2017

He is a great boxer who started his career on 1911.He made a record of 85-5-1(69 KOS).He won the lightweight championship which was conducted on 1925.This made him to be the greatest in history. He is known best for his exceptional speed power in package and accuracy. After his retirement, he became a referee. It is so unfortunate for losing him while refereeing in the state of Newyork.In addition, he became the lightweight champion in 1917.He is remembered to be the finest boxer in history with a solid defense in her punches.

06. Edwin Valero

Edwin Valero Top Most Greatest Boxers in The History 2017

He is the greatest boxer in history from Venezuela. He started his boxing career in 2002 in the division of lightweight. He can be remembered well in his unique way of ending fights. Among all the boxers, he is the only one who had a perfect knock out ratio of more than 25 times. It had been scheduled that Edwin was to fight with Pacquiao, but he killed himself and left the record unbeaten

05. Willie Pep


He is the greatest professional boxer from America. Willie was born on Sep. 1922.He is best known for holding the championship of featherweight twice. He had a total of 241 fights where he won 229 times. He lost 11 matches and acquired one draw. Willie made an impressive record when one considered her serious injuries in the 1947 plane crash. He made history since he did not throw any punch. He is best remembered on his quick feet and defense that was remarkable. He is a legend boxer who achieved success despite having an injury.

04. Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson Top Famous Greatest Boxers in The History 2019

This was a boxing champion in 1897 to 1945.He is the first America to be the heavyweight champion. He was unbeaten for over 10 years. His history is best known by knocking down his opponents to continuously beat in the ring. In America, he is the African America who is the most famous as well as the most hated. He had a 73 win record whereby 40 were knockouts. Jack lost 13 matches.

03. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Top 10 Greatest Boxers in The History

He is among the greatest boxers in history till 2017. He was in the boxing career from 1985-2005.He is a legend boxer in history. In 1990, he was considered as an unbeatable boxer who knocked all the contestants that came in front of him. He performed 56 fights where he won 50.Among the 5o wins, 40 were knockouts. He is well known by beating Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks. He is the best and young boxer to capture 3 heavyweight belts.

02. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Top Popular Greatest Boxers in The History 2018

He is a great boxer who was born in Feb.1977. He was a former boxer of America. Currently he works as a boxer promoter. He is one of the top boxers who have greatest histories. Websites rated him as a pound to pound boxer two times for 10 years. He has a record of 26-0 (10Kos)

01. Muhammad Ali


He is the best and greatest boxer in history. There is no lightweight boxer who can make moves as him. He was suspended from the career when he was 25 years because he refused the armed forces’ indication. He later returned into the career when he was 29 years. He remains to be the heavyweight champion in history. He had a total of 56 wins whereby 35 of them were khockouts.He was also a boxer promoter. He was a legend in boxing as well as creating the greatest history.

These are the Top 10 Greatest Boxers in The History till 2017. Boxing has long incredible histories through many different names. It is an interesting sport that many people like. These 10 greatest boxers have brought this sport far and they qualify to be real legends.