Top 10 Most Glamorous News Anchors in India

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Glamorous News Anchors in India 2017. Tired of listening to the news? That’s no excuse for not watching it since India happens to have some of the most glamorous news anchors in the world 2017. If you doubt that, perhaps you need to take a look at this list of the top 10 most glamorous news anchors in India. And if you still doubt it, just turn on your television. To an extent never before possible, these glamorous news anchors are showing a skeptical world how the business should be done, and the viewing world has responded with great enthusiasm.

List of Top 10 Most Glamorous News Anchors in India 2017

10. Sagarika Ghose, Anchor, CNN-IBN


She’s educated, thinks well on her feet, and is the anchor that so many others turn to when they want to be where she is. She’s Sagarika Ghose, a news anchor on CNN-IBN. She started in her profession in1991, and after a stint at the Times of India, she got the anchor job at CNN, where she remains a force to be reckoned with. She’s also the recipient of many journalism awards. She has two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree. Her biggest passion, however, is writing. She is the author of two novels.

9. Shaili Chopra, Tehelka, ET Now

Shaili Chopra, Tehelka, ET Now Top Popular Glamorous News Anchors India 2017

Shaili Chopra is an all too familiar face on Indian television, having appeared as an anchor as well as a reporter. She is a reporter who works in business and writes a column on golf. She is also the lead anchor for ET Now and has interviewed some of the most famous business figures in the world for either her television shows or her written columns.

8. Anjana Om Kashyap, Aaj Tak


Anjana Om Kashyap is an Indian television staple, to say the least. Not only does she work as a reporter and anchor on the news, but she also serves as Deputy Editor for Aaj Tak. She started working in journalism in 2003, and since then has worked in news roles for several television networks. And when she’s not busy with that, she hosts a popular debate television show.

7. Archana Vijaya | Channel [V]

Archana Vijaya Channel V Top 10 Glamorous News Anchors India

Archana Vijaya is a popular television presenter, model and disk jockey. She started her journalism career after she won the first supermodel/reality show, Get Gorgeous. After a string of television successes in the years since, she has become one of the most sought-after television personalities in India. She has become so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to find a venue of Indian television where she has not appeared.

6. Mini Menon, Bloomberg TV

Mini Menon, Bloomberg TV Top Famous Glamorous News Anchors India 2018

Mini Menon started her career after she won the Femina Miss India title in 1996. After that she took a quick succession of jobs that included stints as a business and political reporter. She has won numerous awards for her reporting work and most recently named one of the 10 most influential Indian women in media, marketing, and advertising. In 2008-2009 she was voted the best business news anchor by the Indian Broadcast Federation. She is one of the Top 10 Most Glamorous News Anchors in India 2017.

5. Nidhi Razdan, NDTV

Nidhi Razdan, NDTV Top 10 Glamorous News Anchors India 2017

What do you get when you combine a look to kill for, a velvety smooth voice, and a rare gift for television reporting skills? You get Nidhi Razdan, one of the most watched television reporters in all of India. She started at NDTV in 1999, quickly moving up to become a senior journalist. In this position, she has covered nearly every topic from political, social and economic stories. She has been the recipient of numerous television journalism awards.

4. Harishree Mehta, NDTV

Harishree Mehta, NDTV Top Most Popular Glamorous News Anchors India 2018

Harishree Mehta began her career as an accountant, which might seem to be a strange beginning for a television journalist, but not for her since with her background she has grown to become one of the premier business journalists in India. With her unusual background, she has an excellent grasp of news regarding the stock market, and other economics concepts. She is been associated with some of the best business reporting in India.

3. Shereen Bhan, CNBC

Shereen Bhan, CNBC Top Most Famous Glamorous News Anchors India 2019

Shereen Bhan is the beautiful face of many popular Indian television programs. She also serves as the Bureau Chief of CNBC-TV18. She has been recognized by many organizations for not only her beauty, but also for her leadership skills. Even several Indian women’s magazines have recognized her for her beauty.

2. Sweta Singh, Aaj Tak


Sweta Singh began her career in journalism in 1996 when she started at the Times of India. In 2002, she started at Aaj Tak. She is known primarily for her coverage of sports. She has also recently come into her own as a presenter of cricket news, a sport she has proven herself capable covering all of these events.

1. Mayanti Langer, ESPN


Mayanti Langer is one of the most respected sports journalists in India. Raised in the US, Langer developed a love for football, a passion she brought to India when she returned. She even plays the sport. While in college she was asked to deliver the sideline commentary for beach football, which she did. The result was a job with ESPN sidelining for beach football, which has made her popular with fans and viewers.

These are the Top 10 Most Glamorous News Anchors in India 2017. Female journalists have always been popular with viewers. This is true not only for their good looks, but also for their excellent reporting abilities. This has become truer over recent years with not only the growth of television news, but also as a vehicle for women who continue to advance in a man’s world. Further, as women have come into television news with a wide variety of non-news reporting skills, they have enhanced the profession even more. It used to be that a woman in the television news business was an anomaly, but today it’s an accepted part of the business, due in large part to the ladies listed above. They have looks, but they also have the brains as well as the background to do the job in many cases better than their male colleagues. Their success, as well as the recognition they have received from their fellow journalists, are testimonies to their abilities.