Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles 2017. The top 10 female celebrities are beauties to behold. They are alluring, sexy and have innocent smiles. While all of the females on this list might not be so “innocent” that does not mean that they can’t pretend to be that way. Keep in mind that this list is subjective because many female entertainers have sexy smiles and personalities.

List of the world’s Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles 2017

10. Megan Fox

megan fox, Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles 2017

Very few men who are being honest cannot deny that Megan Fox is a good looking woman. She really is. You can just look at her and tell that she has star written all over her appearance. She has a smile that helps to cement her career as an actress. Audiences seen Megan in the Transformers series and in pop movies such as Jennifer’s Body or Jonah Hex. She is young, fresh and perky and still has plenty of good years left on her frame. Megan Fox is truly a “fox” and there is no denying it.

9. Selena Gomez

selena gomez, Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles 2018

Selena Gomez is a young starlet who is very easy on the eyes. The more she matures the better she looks. Her face is amazing and when this hot young lady flashes a smile, a man will have to control himself from going crazy over her. Selena can work her charm on audiences and she has an amazing voice to boot. She might very well be the perfect package. She is a talented actress who is alluring and appealing.

8. Halle Berry


Halle Berry is an actress that defies time or she just knows how to take very good care of herself. She is well into her 40s and still looks better than most females half her age. Halle’s good looks helped to cement her career as an actress. Whether she is performing in a drama or comedy Halle will always be a leading lady with a great smile.

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine Zeta-Jones has a long acting career and her longevity in the business can be attributed to her good looks as well as her acting ability. This dark haired beauty hails from Welsh and her smile helps her to get into people’s hearts and minds. When she is on film people can see how alluring this actress really is. She radiates beauty and warmth when she is being herself. She is a huge draw at the box office and a lovely lady to behold. She is one of the Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles 2017.

6. Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara might come off like a bad girl but she really has a sweet and innocent smile. Don’t you agree? Her golden locks, her tanned skin and her shapely figure help this woman to stand out from the competition. Her physical features also help her with landing roles. Vergara gets an A+ in the looks department. This woman is truly a figure worth watching.

5. Diane Lane


Diane Lane has been acting for years and her smile is just as sweet as ever. Diane actually might have the personality to match her outward appearance. On film she dazzles and amazes audiences with her alluring good looks. Diane is a honey that can keep a person’s eyes glued to the film while she performing. Her looks are what helps to sell the pictures where she is featured.

4. Christie Brinkley


Brinkley is all about her looks. She is a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model that is still considered “hot” for age. Brinkley’s smile is a part of her career. It had to be, because she is a fashion model in the spotlight. Brinkley has been smiling for most of her life for the pages of modeling magazines and on film. People love to look at her and they enjoy seeing her body as well. Keep up the good work Ms. Brinkley everyone appreciates what you are doing.

3. Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is a pretty and alluring woman who can amaze and dazzle audiences with her smile and her tempting good looks. Johansson is a natural blonde with a set of the prettiest lips that any woman could be blessed with. When she is being portrayed in the Avenger films as the red haired Black Widow, she looks super amazing in her get up. Johansson is truly a Hollywood vixen that has a million- dollar smile.

2. Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale looked yummy as Selena the dark haired vampire in the Underworld movie series. Her brunette hair and tantalizing good looks make audiences want to keep coming back for more. She has a smile that is simple and strait forward. It helps to make her tempting and alluring. She is the type of female that many guys would have on their wish list. Kate Beckinsale is a truly a beauty to behold.

1. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts is the original “Pretty Woman” and she is a honey dip of epic proportions. She is fun to look at and even more tantalizing to see in person. She has classic beauty that expands the decades and her fresh looks and high quality features makes her a huge force in the world of acting. Roberts smile is great. When she shows it off you can just see how fantastic this woman really is.

These are the Top 10 Female Celebrities with Cutest and Innocent Smiles 2017. These are but a few of the many great female entertainers with really great smiles. Remember, a female celebrity must have a great smile to go far in this business and many of them truly do have something to smile about.