Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World 2017. The 21st century has seen the food industry transform. Chefs who are the pillar of the food industry especially fine dining don’t just cook for high-end restaurants. They are now the brand of the restaurants. This has made them very popular and as we have witnessed popularity goes together with wealth. They acquire their fortune by selling their recipes, hosting television shows and selling television rights and some act as ambassadors of certain cooking products. Several of them are now world renowned celebrities and have amassed a lot of wealth. Here are the top ten most famous and richest celebrity chefs in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World 2017

10. Antony Bourdain

Antony Bourdain Top Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs 2017

He is an American chef, television personality and author. In the year 2002, he released his first book Kitchen Confidential which got international attention. He now hosts his food and world-travel international show where he cooks and travels. He got his degree in Culinary Institute of America and later worked in Professional kitchens such as the Supper Club, Sullivan’s and was an executive chef at the Brasserie Les Halles. His skills have seen him run executive kitchens all over the world. For three years since 2013 he has won the Emmy award for outstanding information series His resilience for excellence has seen him accrue an approximate $6 million.

9. Ana Quincoces

Ana Quincoces Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs 2017

Ana Quincoces is a chef, a lawyer and a Cuban- American reality show celebrity. Born and raised in Miami where she learned Cuban recipes as a child from her mother. Her first book “Cuban chicks can cook “sold out fast motivating her to author more which has the attention of food lovers. She also stars in the real Housewives of Miami which is a highly rated reality show. As a certified attorney and bringing up two daughters you just wonder how she does it all. This kind of determination isn’t fruitless as of 2016 her net worth sums up to $7 million.

8. Paula Deen.


Born in Albany, Georgia. Paula Ann Hiers Deen has become a famous chef, host a cooking show on television, author of fourteen cooking books and a mother of two sons. Paula had perfected her southern cooking skills which were inspired by her grandmother. She started making meals and sandwiches from her kitchen after losing a job as a bank teller while her sons facilitated delivery. This grew into a big restaurant, and now it’s a chain of restaurants all over America named Lady and Sons. She won an Emmy award for outstanding lifestyle host from her show “Paula’s home cooking”. Her net worth now is 16 million dollars

7. Mario Batali


Ranking number seven is Mario Francesco Batali. He is an American chef, media personality, restaurateur, and writer. Uniquely he is proficient at the antiquity and culture of Italian cuisine. After working at Rocco’s, an Italian restaurant. Batali moved to New York where his chain of restaurants later transformed into a food network show named “Molto Mario”. In 2008 he founded the Mario Batali Foundation to educate, feed and protect the less fortunate kids in rural areas of South Africa. He has featured in many television shows such as Mediterranean Mario and Mario Eats Italy. Mario has an estimated net worth of 25 million dollars.

6. Ina Garten

Ina Garten Top Most Popular and Richest Celebrity Chefs 2019

She is an American chef, television personality, author, and host of a food network. She was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1948. Her franchise Barefoot Contessa put her in the spotlight and even won an Emmy award. She previously worked in the White House as a budget analyst. In 2005 she won the best service show Emmy award. Inspired by her husband Jeffrey Garten she published the Barefoot Contessa cookbook and introduced Barefoot Contessa Parties which boosted her publicity. She has built her empire on her skill and fame and has a net worth of 44 million dollars.

5. Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse Top Most and Richest Celebrity Chefs 2018

Emeril John Lagasse is a cookbook author, television personality, a restaurateur and a star chef. He is well known for his cooking recipe called “New New Orleans”. Lagasse discovered his talent while working at a Portuguese bakery as a youngster. He then joined Johnson & Wales University and was awarded honorary doctorate. He has featured on several shows before starting his own called The Essence of Emeril. His annual revenue sums up to an estimated 150 million dollars. He has a net worth of $50 million. He is one of the world’s Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs 2017.

4. Rachael Ray


Rachael Domenica Ray has made her name recognized internationally by being the richest female chef in the world. She is an author, television personality and a host of several shows on food network including her own named “Racheal Ray”. Racheal has been the recipient for best outstanding talk show and best outstanding service show three times. She also has a non- profit organization called YUM-O which helps families improve their health relations with food and cooking. She is an author of several books which is a major source of her income. She has made a fortune amounting to 75 million dollars.

3. Wolfgang Puck


Wolfgang Johannes Puck is an Austrian restaurateur, occasional actor, and an American celebrity chef who moved to the United States and has built the Wolfgang Puck Companies. He has featured in numerous television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Hell’s Kitchen, and MasterChef. His introductory book Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen sold successfully and enabled him to buy his first restaurant Spago which was the root of his success. He ranks 3rd with a net worth of $75 million.

2. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Top Popular and Richest Celebrity Chefs 2018

He is a British restaurateur, chef and Television personality. He has several restaurants which have received a total of 16 Michelin stars. He is well known for hosting television cooking shows such as series Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and The F Word. His business interest focusses on restaurants, media, and consultancy. Ramsey combines film, television, hospitality and food industries and has endorsed and employed numerous chefs that he mentors to becoming great chefs. Gordon was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the honours list for services to the hospitality industry. Ramsey ranks second with a net worth of $175 million.

1. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs

Jamie Oliver Trevor is a British restaurateur and celebrity chef born in Essex. His healthy English cuisine has seen him featured in many television shows and fine food restaurants. He began as a humble pastry chef till after publishing his first book which turned out to be the bestselling cookbook in the United Kingdom. Jamie instigated a successful feed me better campaign that sought for healthy foods and less junk in schools. His Fifteen charity restaurant has improved youngsters lives who receive training from Jamie on hospitality. He is currently the richest chef in the world with his net worth amounting to $400 million.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous and Richest Celebrity Chefs in The World 2017. The chefs listed above have ventured in several other activities which have impacted their popularity positively and also increased their source of income. They have also improved the lives of the less fortune by giving back to the community using charity or non-profit organization. Based on the current trend to remain at the top these celebrity chefs have to keep improving their skills in all their activities.