Top 10 Most Famous Professional Boxers in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Famous Professional Boxers in The World 2017. Boxing is one sport that started way back when the Roman Empire reigned in the world. The early fighters used gloves made of leather skin to protect themselves. Over the years this sport developed into a professional where people fight over twelve numbers of rounds consisting of at least 3 minutes until one of the participants is knocked out.

Currently boxing is in the Olympics and Commonwealth Game. Apart from that today’s topic of review is not boxing itself but the participants in it. Today we look at the famous male professional boxers of all time. Whenever boxing is mentioned you cannot miss to hear the mentioning of names like Mohammed Ali & Mike Tyson.

Below is the list of the top ten male famous professional boxers in 2017 whose names have been on the limelight due to their huge success in the world of boxing.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Professional Boxers in The World 2017

10. ‘Alexander the Great’

‘Alexander the Great’ Top 10 Famous Professional Boxers 2017

Starting off our list today is this professional boxer who goes by the name Alexander the Great but his real name is Devon Alexander. Currently 29 years this boxer has been very successful in his professional career as a boxer by winning 300 of his 310 featured fights. He has good speed and tenacity that enables him to defeat all his opponents.

9. Brandon Lee Rios

Brandon Lee Rios Top Most Famous Professional Boxers 2018

This is an American professional boxer from Texas, US that has been one successful guy in his career in boxing. He has participated in about 230 bouts of which he lost none of these bouts. He features mostly in the light welterweight division of boxing. He has participated in 24 professional fights winning 23 of them and losing only one.

He once held the title of WBA World Lightweight Championship which he got from Miguel Costa. This success has made him a very famous boxer in 2017.

8. Juan Manuel Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez Top Popular Professional Boxers 2019

This 43 year old Mexican professional boxer has hit the fame chart several times through his winnings of seven world titles and four weights class. His is famous for a technic he has developed of counter punching his opponents that has been very effective in winning him titles in his career. He also made it to the top ten pound for pound boxers in the world where he once held the sixth position on that list by Ring Magazine.

7. Miguel Cotto


This professional boxer is one whose fights are loved and watched by very many people in the US and even outside the US. This fighter has featured in several fights winning 31 by KO and losing only four of these fights. His best fight was when he won the WBO Welterweight Junior Title that he strived so had to maintain for six consecutive times. Starting from 2001 as a professional boxer this boxer has never changed his mind on doing the sport he loves best.

6. Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner Top Famous Professional Boxers 2017

This 26 year old boxer has been very famous and impressive as a professional boxer. He has not featured in so many fights but out of the 28 he has participated in he has lost only one quite impression considering the little number of fights he has been too. To match this success he has won different titles like WBS Welterweight Champion, WBO light Heavyweight champions and three time record world champion just to mention a few of this titles that he possess. He is one of Top 10 Most Famous Professional Boxers in The World 2017.

5. Marcos Maidana

Marcos Maidana Top 10 Famous Professional Boxers

Although most of the boxers mentioned here are from the United States this one is unique. He is a professional boxer who comes from Argentina and is only 33 years old and already famous in his profession as a boxer. Having fought in around 38 bouts of which he has won 35 of them and the three he lost were by his own decision. His fame is due to how he has knocked out several established professional boxers. He has been in a fight with the champion himself Mayweather in 2014.

4. Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Top Most Popular Professional Man Boxers 2019

This is a legendary professional boxer not from the United States but from Philippines. His numerous success as a boxer has won him fame amongst the lovers of this amazing and entertaining sport. He has won himself around 10 world titles, he has been listed as the second best in the pound for pound listing by Ring Magazine, in 2008, 2009 and 2011 he won the BBWA Fighter Award among other numerous award which makes him a world sensation in boxing.

3. Mike Tyson


Even for those who people who do not love this sport they definitely love this guy who has been very famous in the world of boxing. Although retired his fame still goes on. His fame began when he was the youngest person to ever win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight championship when he was about 20 years old a record he still holds up to now.

He is an undisputed champion who always knocked out his opponents and to be exact he knocked out his opponents 44 times in his career of professional boxing. He did boxing professionally within the years 1985-2005 of which he was famous throughout.

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Top Most Professional Man Boxers 2018

At number two is the world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather famous for not only his career as a professional boxer but also hi enormous wealth that he never fails to show the world. This sensational superstar has won himself several titles and Awards within his career. Currently he is the best pound for pound boxer of all time and the best fight and the most watched professional fight he has ever been to was the one he went into with the Philippines champions Manny Pacquiao where he defeated him making him the best in the world of boxing.

1. Muhammad Ali


At number one in this listing is the world best boxer of all time whose fame continue even after he passed away earlier 2016 Mohammed Ali. He is regarded as the world heavyweight champion in boxing in the history of this sport. He is the greatest of all time and his work as social activist cum professional boxer made him very famous.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Professional Boxers in The World 2017. This sport has been a source of entertainment and famous for the fans and the boxers respectively. It is watched all over the world by people of all ages and this was specifically evidence during the scheduled fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao when millions of people watched and even bet millions on cash on this sport. This made many of the Professional boxers to become famous as well as the sport itself.