Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident till 2017. Road carnage is constantly claiming the lives of people in different corners of the world. Even the rich and famous are no exemption to road accidents as a number of them have been killed in road accidents. It is usually after the death of a famous person that the world stops and takes a look at what may be wrong with the roads or how we drive. Some of the common causes of road accidents that have killed famous people include speeding, drunk drivers, reckless driving as well as heart attack while driving. Here is a list of famous persons who died in road accidents over the years.

List of Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident till 2017

10- Susan Tsvangirai


Susan Tsvangirai was a notable and outspoken politician in Zimbabwe and her husband served as Prime Minister in Robert Mugabe’s government before they fell out. Suzan Tsvangirai died in a motor accident in 2009 in Harare. Her husband who had been Prime Minister for a few months was also in the car at the time and sustained injuries. The crush was a subject of debate as many in the opposition claim it was no accident but an assassination attempt to get rid of Morgan Tsvangirai who became Prime Minister after disputed elections. According to the accident report, a truck belonging to the USA agency USAID was travelling in the opposite direction when it crossed over to their lane brushing the side of Susan’s vehicle and causing it to overturn and roll 3 times.

9- Randy Savage


Randy Savage was a professional American Wrestler who went by the stage name “Macho Man” he was a professional wrestler for over 30 years before he died in a motor accident at the age of 58 in 2011. The actual cause of his accident was attributed to a heart attack that he suffered while driving which led him to lose control of the car. It is believed the heart attack may have killed him even before he was injured in the crash. He is now considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the sport.

8- Falco

Falco Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2017

Falco was a well known international Singer, rapper, and songwriter from Austria known for hit songs like Rock me Amadeus, which hit the number one spot on the billboard charts in 1986. His real name was Johann Holzel. He was believed to be a music genius and as a toddler he could already keep up with the rhythm of drums and by 5 he could play the piano. Sadly in February 1998, just 13 days to his 41st birthday, he died in a tragic motor accident when the Pajero he was traveling in in the Dominican Republic crashed into a bus. Falco was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time. He was one of the Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident till 2017.

7- Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2019

Peter Conrad is famous for being the third man to walk on the moon. He was an astronaut with NASA and took part in the Apollo 12 mission which is when he became the 3rd man to walk on the moon. Sadly in July 1999 at the age of 69 he died following a motorbike accident. The cause of death was internal bleeding following that accident which made him one of the famous persons who died in motor accident at the close of the millennium.

6- Left Eye


Nicole Lopez was a member of the American Rap and RnB group TLC, she was credited with writing most of the groups songs and coming up with their outfits. The group TLC hit the charts with a number of songs and later on they split up to pursue solo careers. In April 2002 at the age of 31, Left Eye was driving in Honduras when she swerved off the road to avoid hitting another car and she was flung out of the car and died on the spot. The accident was filmed as at the time she was shooting a documentary about her like. The footage of the accident that killed Left Eye was used in a film Documentary in 2007 titled “The Last days of Left Eye”

5- Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell Top Popular Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2018

Margaret Mitchell is a famous author best known for her book “Gone With the Wind” which won an award for most distinguished novel in 1936. She died at the age of 48 in 1949 when she was knocked by a car and was hospitalised but she later succumbed to her injuries 5 days after the accident. The car that hit her was being driven by a drunk motorist.

4- Dodi Al Fayed


Dodi Al Fayed was the son of Egyptian Businessman Muhamed Al Fayed who is famous for owning the most expensive shopping centre in England. Dodi was known to have been involved in a relationship with Princes Diana after she was divorced from Prince Charles of England. In August 1997 the 2 were involved in a car crash in Paris as they sped off from paparazzi who were following them on bikes.

3- Paul Walker

Paul Walker Top Most Popular Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2018

Paul walker was a famous Hollywood actor known for his roles in TV shows like the Young and the Wrestles as well as Touched by an Angel. One of his more recent roles was in the Movie Too Fast, Too Furious which was an action movie with a lot of fast cars, sadly in November 2013 he was involved in an accident while in a fast car (Porche) which hit a pole and killed the actor and his friend who was the driver. It is believed the driver lost control of the car. Paul Walker was 40 years at the time of his death.

2- Grace Patricia Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly Top Most Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident 2017

Grace Patricia Kelly was a famous actress and also married the Prince of Monaco, Rainer the third which made her a princess as well. She was famous both for her acting and for being royalty. In September 1982, at the age of 52, Princes Grace Patricia Kelly suffered a stroke while driving and she ended up driving off a mountainside to her death.

1- Princess Diana

Princess Diana Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident

The death of Princes Diana was considered a wild wide tragedy and the whole world mourned her. Diana was once married to Prince Charles of England and she is the mother of Prince William and Harry. She later divorced and after some years she ended up in a relationship with the son of an Egyptian Businessman Dodi Al Fayed. In August 1997 at the age of 36, the Princes of Wales was traveling in a car in Paris with her Lover Dodi and they were trying to get away from paparazzi when they crashed into the pillar of a bridge and died.

These were the Top 10 Famous Persons Who Died in Road Accident till 2017. Accidents are among the leading cause of deaths in the world and we should all take note that they can claim anyone’s life so there is a need to be more careful on the roads whether we are rich or poor. Some accidents may be inevitable but most of them can be prevented.