Top 10 Most Popular Feminist TV Moms of All Time

Take a look at the below list of top 10 most popular feminist TV moms of all time till 2017. Once upon a time, a family consisted of a working mom, a housewife/mom, and the kids. Slowly, women worked their way into the workplace, single mom families sprung up, and women started to dream of something bigger. Below, you will read about the top 10 most popular feminist moms. Watching these women on tv inspired women and little girls around the world to reach for their dreams. We learned that we could do everything men could without sacrificing the health and well-being of our children. While we may not have always realized this at the time the shows aired, these feminist moms helped to shape the women of today.

List Of Top 10 Most Most Popular Feminist TV Moms of all time till 2017

10. Lois – Malcolm in the Middle

Lois - Malcolm in the Middle Top Popular Feminist TV Moms 2019

Lois was a middle class working mom. She worked full time and raised a family full time. In real life, things are not always easy. Lois showed us that despite the challenges that are dealt to us, women can rise above. She always got the last word, stood up for her family and her self, and never gave up.

9. Miranda Hobbes – Sex and the City

Miranda Hobbes - Sex and the City Top 10 Most Popular Feminist TV Moms

Miranda Hobbs was one of the most feminist moms in television ever. She was a highly successful lawyer, a thoughtful friend, she had a life, a child, and eventually a husband. Although she wasn’t the greatest when it came to cooking and cleaning, she tought women everywhere that you really can have it and you don’t have to be perfect. She was intelligent, a tough cookie, and didn’t let anyone put her down. Miranda was not afraid to speak her mind and give her opinion, but also had a soft side. Many women, at some point in their lives, wish they more like Miranda.

8. Murphy Brown – Murphy Brown


Murphy Brown was a feminist single tv mom. She had a baby on her own and ignored the critisims of others. Even though she was surrounded by negativity, she persevered and raised her child on her own. She stood up for herlsef and her child, wasn’t afraid to disagree with the majority and follow her heart. Murphy Brown’s feminism was highlighted throughout the ten years that this show was on the air.

7. Rayna Jaymes – Nashville


Rayna James is a woman we aspire to be. She is a country music star that also happens to be a mom. She shows us that women can juggle both a successful career and an amazing mom. She protects her family, stands up for herself and her children, and doesn’t accept that men are superior. Rayna is a feminist television mom that serves as a reminder that even moms can have dreams and shoot for the stars without sacrificing her family.

6. Grace Kelly – Grace Under Fire

Grace Kelly - Grace Under Fire Most Popular Feminist TV Moms 2018

Grace Kelly was a strong willed mom that raised her kids on her own. She left an abusive husband, performed manual labor, and did everything she could to care for and raise her children. She was not afraid to speak her mind and give her opinion. She stood up for herself and her kids. Grace Kelly showed us that even when you have nothing and you feel like you can’t do it anymore, you will pull through. She was one of the strongest feminist moms in television.

5. Harriette Winslow – Family Matters

Harriette Winslow - Family Matters Top Most Famous Feminist TV Moms 2018

Harriette Winslow wore the pants in the Winslow household. She held a job, first as an elevator operator, as director of security, then eventually worked her way up the ladder to become head of sales and VP in a department store. She was a tough mother of three and they couldn’t get anything past her. Like all the feminist moms in television, she was successful both in work and at home. Her career did not affect her ability to raise her family and her family did not keep her from furthering her career. She was compassionate, kind, and knew when to put her foot down.

4. Elyse Keaton – Family Ties

Elyse Keaton - Family Ties Top Most Popular Feminist TV Moms 2017

Elyse Keaton was a feminist tv mom that everyone loved. She was beautiful women, kind, caring, intelligent, and strong. She stood up for what she believed in, had a successful career, and raised a family.

3. Clair Huxtable – The Cosby Show

Clair Huxtable - The Cosby Show Top 10 Most Popular Feminist TV Moms 2017

Clair Huxtable is known as a feminist icon in the television world. She took care of her family, was an amazing wife, and mother of five. She was an extremely successful expensive lawyer that somehow manages to juggle everything. She was a strong woman that stood up for herself and her family. She raised four daughters that were just as strong and independent as she was. Clair taught the women and men of the eighty’s about feminism and showed us that women can do it all.

2. Roseanne Conner – Roseanne


At the time the popular television show Roseanne came out, there were no other shows like it. Roseann was not your normal housewife. She worked full time in a factory and still raised a family. When she was unemployed, she was always looking for a job. She worked in a diner, as a hair shampooer, and eventually ran her own diner. Roseanne stood up for herself and her family, never gave up, and encouraged her children to do the same. She was opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind. She was someone to look up to and was the forerunner for feminism both on the screen and off.

1. Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls Top Famous Feminist TV Moms 2019

The charmingly opinionated Lorelai Gilmore makes the top of our list as the number one most popular feminist tv mom. Lorelai Gilmore did it all. She was a single mother, business owner, and feminist in her own way. Her best characteristics were her independence, her assertiveness, her self-sufficiency, and the way she was not afraid to stand up for herself and her daughter. Lorelai Gilmore showed women everywhere that it’s okay to be in love and a part of a couple, but it’s also okay to be single and raise a child all on your own.

They ran their own businesses, held successful careers, and raised their families. These feminist tv moms taught us all about being women, standing up for ourselves, and having it all!