Top 10 Most Popular Dub Step Artists in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Dub Step Artists in The World 2017. Dub step has been ruling the airwaves for the last few years and this can be partly attributed to the ever surging popularity of EDM. The sub-genre within electronic music – dub step – has come a long way since the early 90’s to become a must-listen to, type of music defined by reverberating sub-bass, percussion patterns and syncopated drums. Dub step enthusiasts will tell you the genre is highly addictive, with its cult-like following across the globe proving just as much. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten dub step artistes to watch out for this year, who’ve dared to innovate towards a fresh sound worth your ear. Enjoy. The Top Ten Most Popular Dub Step Artistes of 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Popular Dub Step Artists in The World 2017

10. Dub FX:

Dub FX Top Most Famous Dub Step Artists 2019

Unlike other artistes on this list, Dub FX is quite unique in the sense that he’s completely independent. This simply means that he relies on word of mouth, accessible free samples of his singles, live performances and internet social networking to market his music. The recording artist hails from St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia where he started out as a member of a local rock band known as Twitch. Benjamin Stanford is his real name and his latest hit single “Think Clear” released earlier this year, just goes to prove that you can indeed make it big regardless of whether you are signed to a major record label or not. Dub FX is known for his knack to create rich live music; about enough to make it on this list.

9. Flux Pavilion:

Flux Pavilion Top 10 Most Popular Dub Step Artists

Born Joshua Steele in England, Flux is a label founder, singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ since 2008. Over his career, Flux Pavilion has headlined a number of major shows including Coachella and EDC Vegas just to name a few. Best known for his song “I can’t Stop,” Flux rose to Dub step prominence when the song went viral in the Kony 2012 campaign, besides featuring in the 2013 hit film “The great Gatsby” and 2012 video game “SSX.” In 2015, Flux Pavilion reminded his fans and the world at large, just why he lies in the upper echelon of dub step music through his hit single “Tesla.” He is one of the most popular dub step artists in 2017 and for good reason.

8. Major Lazer:


If you haven’t heard of Major Lazer by now, you probably live in a cave or somewhere where internet access is completely unheard of. The popular band composes of three extra talented individuals namely; Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire who together, have created timeless hits such as “Lean on” ft French producer Snake and MO – the eighth most watched video on YouTube with over 1.5 billion views and Spotify’s most streamed song ever. The band has shown no signs of slowing down with chat topping singles already released such as “Believer” featuring Showtek and “Cold Water” featuring MO and Justin Bieber. If you are still unconvinced about the band’s surging popularity in the dub step genre, you better grab a copy of their upcoming album “Music is the Weapon.”

7. Zomboy:


Born Joshua Mellody, the English EDM producer made his debut in 2011 with the smash hit single “Organ Donor.” To ice the cake, Zomboy’s debut EP “Game Time” ranked among the top five of the Beatport dubstep charts for more than eight weeks – a great feat for an upcoming artiste by all means – and by the end of the year, his singles were already licensed to compilations on major labels Ministry of Sound and Warner. Zomboy studied music production at the famous Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford citing influences such as Skrillex, Bare Noize and Rusko. If you are wondering why he is among the most popular dub step artistes of 2017, get yourself a copy of his latest EP “Neon Grave” released back in March 11th.

6. Datsik:

Datsik Top Best Dub Step Artists 2018

Datsik was born Troy Beetles on the 9th of June 1988 in Canada and yes, he’s just that sick – or datsik, whichever you prefer. After dabbling with classic hip hop tunes for a while, he began producing catchy bass and dub step music that caught the ear of one “Excision” – a dub step walking legend in his own right. The two became really good friends in 2008, when they started recording collaborative tracks under Excision’s label Rottun Recordings. By 2009, Datsik already had ten number one singles on Beatport Dub Step charts proving that his success wasn’t by fluke. Throughout his career, Datsik has managed to perform in the world’s largest music platforms such as the Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Shambhala Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas and Electric Zoo; besides working with greats Wu-Tang Clan, Diplo, The Crystal Method and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. He has since gone on to start his own record label – Firepower Records – and while at it, releasing three classic dub step EP’s; “Cold Blooded” in 2013, “Let it Burn” in 2013 and “Darkstar EP” earlier this year.

5. 12th Planet:

12th Planet Top 10 Most Popular Dub Step Artists 2017

12th Planet makes this list partly due to the underlying fact that he is among the first people to introduce the whole dub step culture to Americans and more so in L.A, California where he was born – one of the U.S’ EDM hubs. In fact, he is regarded as the undisputed “American Dub step King” due to his efforts and fact that even the most established dub step DJs such as Skrillex and Rusko, use his productions and remixes in their live sets. John Christopher Dadzie is his official name and went for a while under the alias “Infiltrata” before switching to 12th Planet in 2006, when he categorically decided to make dub step music for the masses. Besides frequently collaborating with dub step greats Flinch – an O.C producer – and Skrillex – a L.A native and dub step genius as you will later find out – 12th Planet has worked with popular producers ranging from Skream to Datsik. Even though he’s currently not as consistent with EP releases as he once was, 12th Planet will remain to be one of the most popular dub step artists of this generation. His 12th Planet Remix of Pegboard Nerds’ “Heartbit” released earlier this year, should remind you of who the “American Dub Step King” really is.

4. Crizzly:

Crizzly Top Most Dub Step Artists 2018

Born Christopher Lee Marshall, Crizzly is a dub step producer and DJ from Austin, Texas. While he initially started out as a EDM DJ back in 2010, Crizzly rose to dub step prominence in 2012 when he released his first EP titled “Crunkstep.” He followed this up with “Crunkstep Volume 2: Back 2 Da Streets” the very next year and later “Crunkstep Volume 3: Booty by Crizzly in 2014. Crizzly is, however, renowned for his intricate remixes – of which he’s done a lot of them spanning his career – such as club bangers “Chain Hang Low” by Jibbs, “What You Know” by T.I., “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith and “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Crizzly has indeed played a major role in the evolution of the dub step culture in the U.S. by co-founding a duo of EDM-only club nights in San Antonio. Besides his frequent tours around the States, Crizzly hosts “My San Antonio” – a Crizzly show defined by highly charged EDM and dub step music. You can almost be guaranteed that he’s about to hit you with yet another one of his crazy, yet Crizzly remixes.

3. Chase & Status:

Chase & Status Top Popular Dub Step Artists 2017

The popular EDM production duo comprises of Saul Milton – Chase, and Will Kennard – Status who interestingly met way back in 2003 while studying at the University of Manchester. The sky has been the limit ever since for the English dub stepping duo from London with numerous smash hit singles under their belts to show for. Under their independent label MTA Records, Chase & Status have managed to amass a cult-like following thanks to their legendary three studio albums and numerous collaborations with big deal artists such as Rihanna – yes, the one and only RiRi who turned down “Lean On” by Major Lazer, fellow countryman and superstar Tinie Tempah and Cee Lo Green, just to name a few. Chase & Status have headlined major EDM festivals/events around the globe including the Roskilde Festival, where they performed after Metallica – a huge feat in its own. They are currently working on their fourth studio album titled “Brand New Machine” and of course, you can expect it to be nothing short of exemplary.

2. Skream:


Born Oliver Dene Jones on 1st June 1986, Skream is a multi-talented EDM producer from England, renowned for his major role in dub step evolution. While he started out by releasing a string of smash single hits with fellow dub step great and long time collaborator “Benga” to curve his niche, his first long awaited full-length studio album dropped in 2006 titled “Skream.” Since then, his career has been on a steep upward trajectory, more so after forming a super group – see Major Lazer – with equally thrilling dub step producers Benga and Artwork called Magnetic Man. Their debut album was a major hit, peaking at number 5 on the Album Charts in the UK, besides the album’s lead single “I Need Air” finding its way up to number 10 in the UK Singles Charts. As a member of Magnetic Man, Skream has managed to work with a plethora of huge artistes ranging from John Legend to Kelis. Be sure to keep tabs on Sream and Magnetic Man, to listen to some of the most captivating dub step music yet.

1. Skrillex:


With eight Grammy Awards under his belt – a record for the most Grammys won by an EDM artist by the way – there’s pretty much less to add for his case as the most popular dub step artist in 2016 and arguably, of all time. Born Sonny John Moore in January 15th 1988, Skrillex has grown from a sinister lead singer of American band “From First to Last,” to EDM’s poster boy and dub step great. He has since formed a duo with legendary EDM producer Diplo, called Jack U and you can only guess the outcome. If you watched their performance alongside Justin Bieber at this year’s Grammys, you can instantly tell that there’s is more exciting stuff to come from Skrillex and Jack U.

The above list is a reflection of the most popular dub step artists in 2017 and not necessarily, the best ever in the game. Artists such as Benga, Zeds Dead and Rusko would certainly feature if that was the case.