Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time till 2017. Dance is an art that involves the body movement. It is a form of expression which is unique in employing a visual communication. Choreographers are the backbones of every dance. They are people who are deeply affectionate towards singing and dancing. Choreographers dance in many dance forms which are stylish and beautiful. Most choreographers are dancers who gaze the dancing floor with powerful talents. The clips and moves of the dancers show love and devotion which is extreme. The master mind behind choreography history is not known. The following are the top most famous dance choreographers of all times till 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time till 2017

10. Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker Popular Dance Choreographers of All Time 2019

Josephine Baker is a choreographer who associated herself with jazz age but she is one of the world’s celebrity. She made an amazing impression on the audiences of France with a charm which was exotic.The talent that she had formed combinations which were perfect. She was a choreographer who was there before Maddona, Britny and even Jennifer Lopez.

09. Shiamak Davar


He is a choreographer who instituted those who loved in joining Bollywood.Shiamak’s dance styles are of jazz and they and the brought a fresh breath to the freestyles which were regular. The big break that he made was that of the ‘’Dil Toh Paged Hai’’.Being a director of the choreography in common wealth games was his prestigious destination for him.

08. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan Most Popular Dance Choreographers of All Time 2018

He is a choreographer as well as an actor in India. He is regarded as a person who is versatile. He works on ethics and on dramatic ranges which are great.Hrithik Roshan is a dancer who is the best in Bollywood.He is likened to a robot when it comes to choreography. He is a dance r who carries most moves which are complex with physical gestures which are sharp and extra.Hrithik’s performances are regarded as being effortless. Reviews show that he makes steps which are clear and perfect. He is the one of Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time Till 2017.

07. Vaibhavi Merchant

Vaibhavi Merchant Top Most Popular Dance Choreographers of All Time 2019

She is a choreographer who is the granddaughter of the legend of Bollywood called B.Hral Ji.She made the big mark on her first performance in ‘’Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje.This taugt many on how to dance on a night of Garbha.The most performance which she did was that of ‘’Kajra Re’’ a song where she took item dance steps to a whole level which was new. She went for choreography for the Oscar film called ‘’lagoon’’ in 2001.She is one of the best choreography of the generation.

06. Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly Top Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time 2017

This is among the choreographers who are famous at all times. He is an American dancer in the Academy winning He was also a singer, actor and a producer of choreography. He is among the greatest in Hollywood. He considered this style as hybrid of modern, ballet and tap dancing approaches. Reviews say that he is a choreographer who impresses them when they watch his life performance. Another review says that there is no other mortal who can perform as gene Kelly on the roller skaters.

05. Ganesh Acharya.

Ganesh Acharya Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time 2017

He is among the choreographers who are the best. She has acted on several movies as a sidekick gonie He is well known of trippy dance moves.’’Chikin Chameli would not be possible if he was not there. He found solace in Bollywood.

04. Katherine Dunham


She is one of the most choreographers of all times. She was born on 1909.She is a choreographer who is great in the world. Katherine was known as Matriarch of black dance. She dedicated her career to her life. This gave her several prizes.

03. Martha Graham


She is a choreographer from America. She was born on 1894Martha Graham is a pioneer who is on the frontline on the modern dance moves. She was famous in the twentieth centuary. Martha invented a new movement which she used to reveal her passion. She was in the career for 7 years. She was a civilian choreographer who was the first one to receive to receive an award on her performance in White house

02. Saroj khan

Saroj khan Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time

This is the famous choreographer who was born on 1948.She is a female who is experienced in the field of choreography.Saroj is from Bollywood.She is the one who taught Madhuri Dixit, the dancer on the dance moves.Soraj is fondly known as ‘’ Master Ji’’.She is the queen of choreography in India. She was an independent choreographer for ‘’Geeta mera naam’’ film which was done on 1974.She is a choreographer who has won 3 national awards for her best performance.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Top Most Popular Dance Choreographers of All Time 2018
He is a choreographer with trending music videos. Michael Jackson helped in making dancing an essential element of the pop music. His moves are standard with a pop hip routine vocabulary. Modern loons like Justin Timberlake and Usher admit that he has influenced them. The dancing moves are extra ordinary and original. Michael Jackson said that he was inspired by Geno Kelly and James Brown.

So, These are the Top 10 Most Famous Dance Choreographers of All Time till 2017. the choreographers are famous due to their moves, devotion and dedication towards the career. Choreography is a dance and a way of expressing any type of feeling. It is an industry which is entertaining and unparalleled at the same time.