Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in The World 2016. We’ve lost some great celebrities this year. Unfortunately, the year isn’t over yet. It’s also hard to say good-bye to so many wonderful and talented people. Choosing the most famous is obviously a difficult task. This is only a start at the top 10 celebrity deaths in the world of 2016.

List of Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in The World 2016

10. Natalie Cole


Cole almost needs to explanation. She was the daughter of the King, Nat King Cole, and the proud bearer of his legacy since his death in 1965. Since that time she has commanded attention with a career of her own that she took to heights to exceed her father. She died of heart failure brought on by lung disease on New Year’s Eve at the age of 65. She put up a valiant fight against drug problems and hepatitis for years, right along with churning out such hits as her 1991 hit album, “Unforgettable…With Love.” The album sold more than 14 million copies.

9. David Bowie

David Bowie Top Most Celebrity Deaths 2017

After an 18-month battle with liver cancer, we said good-bye to Rock and Roll Hall of famer David Bowie, the musical and style trendsetter who entertained us with such characters as Ziggy Stardust and so many others. For staying power, not to mention the uniqueness of his style, there were probably few like David Bowie, who worked almost until the time of his death. In fact, his last album, Blackstar, was released only two days before he died. He experimented with and broke many different styles of music throughout his long and illustrious career.

8. Joe Garagiola

Joe Garagiola Top Famous Celebrity Deaths 2019

Joe Garagiola, who transformed a modest career as a catcher in major league baseball into a long-standing career as a broadcaster in sports as well as other fields, died at 90. He was raised in the same rough and tumble St. Louis neighborhood as hall of famer Yogi Berra, but when he compared himself with others, he would say that he wasn’t only the worst catcher in the majors, he was also the worst catcher on his street. After his career in baseball was over, he started a 57-year run as a broadcaster, a profession he excelled in and continued until he retired in his late 80s.

7. Morley Safer

Morley Safer Top 10 Celebrity Deaths

Veteran newsman and 60 Minutes mainstay Morley Safer died at the age of 90. Safer started his career working for several news organizations in Canada before he moved to London. After several years he was hired to work in the London bureau of CBS. In 1965, he opened the Saigon bureau office of that network where he distinguished himself for his combat reporting. He soon returned to the London bureau of CBS until in 1970 he returned to the US to become part of 60 Minutes where, along with Mike Wallace, he revolutionized the program.This is one of Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in The World 2016.

6. Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxer known to the world as “The Greatest” died at 74 after a battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Bigger than life inside the ring as well as out, Ali proved himself against some of the other legends of his time. He created controversy when he refused to be inducted into the Army at the height of the Vietnam war. the result was a three-year suspension from the ring as well as loss of his title as world champion. He returned to the ring after his hiatus to reclaim his title, but the estimated 29,000 hits he took to the head finally had their toll when he faced his stiffest opponent, Parkinson’s.

5. Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel Top Popular Celebrity Deaths 2018

A survivor of two Nazi death camps, Elie Wiesel lost his family in the Holocaust but gained international fame for his story about his experiences in his book, Night. After that, his reputation as a torch-bearer for peace knew no bounds. He was eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, and in the years since, many other prizes and awards. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages.

4. Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder Top Most Popular Celebrity Deaths 2018

Gene Wilder, a comedy legend and sidekick of Mel Brooks died at the age of 83. He was the star of such comedy classics as “Young Frankenstein” as well as “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” which brought him fame and fortune. Wilder was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease several years ago but kept his condition private in an effort to avoid saddening his young fans after they often recognized him from his Willy Wonka role.

3. Alan Young

Alan Young Top 10 Celebrity Deaths 2017

Young came to fame after he started playing the role of Wilbur, the owner of the equine television star, Mr. Ed” in the 60 series of the same name. Even after the series ended, he continued his work, primarily as a voice actor for such roles as Scrooge McDuck in “Duck Tales.” He was 96.

2. Patty Duke


Patty Duke, the Oscar and Emmy-winning actress whose breakout role as Helen Keller brought her youthfully found fame passed at the age of 69. She also had her own television series, The Patty Duke Show, which ran in the 1960s, and after that many other roles. She was also the mother of “Lord of the Rings” star, Sean Astin. She died of sepsis after a ruptured intestine.

1. Pat Conroy


Conroy was the author of many popular books, and even several that were made into movies such as The Great Santini, which starred Robert Duvall, and The Prince of Tides. Another of his most popular books as “The Boo,” a return to his roots as a student at the Citadel. A native of South Carolina, he transformed the environment where he lived into the setting of so many of his works. He died after a fight with pancreatic cancer at the age of 70.

This is the list of Top 10 Celebrity Deaths in The World 2016. With the passing of so many notables, it’s hard to narrow a list of 10 from so many greats. 2016 saw of the greatest, regardless of how you look at it. From writers to musicians, and from actors and other well-known figures, they are all no longer with us to entertain, edify, and delight. We will all remember them for many years to come.