Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities On Wikipedia

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities On Wikipedia 2017. Wikipedia recently released their 2017 list of the most popular celebrities in the world. While the types of Rihanna and LeBron just made it to the top 20, the only black person to make it to the top 10 is Kevin Hart, thanks to his $ 87.5 million earnings. On top of the list is Swift Taylor, who makes a whole $ 170 million in a single year. Her World Tours have earned her a large proportion of the earnings, and she is, therefore, the most famous celebrity. Below is a list of the most famous celebrities on Wikipedia 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities On Wikipedia 2017

10. Rush Limbaugh: Radio and Tv personality
Salary: $ 79 Million

rush limbaugh, Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities On Wikipedia 2017

Rush Limbaugh is one of the most famous celebrities on Wikipedia 2017. He is an American based talk show host, entertainer, writer and political commentator. He has signed a contract with Premiere Radio, and the deal is expected to be renewed when it expires, although, with a pay cut due to a debt cut with the original company owning the station, I Heart Media. Mr. Rush Limbaugh earns $79million.The conservative host of talk shows has been smiling all the way to the bank this election season. Rush has worked in some disk jockey work from the tender age of 16.Limbaugh is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. He has said that Alicia Machado is a set up made by the Democrats to derail campaigns for Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate.

9. Adele: Musician
Salary: $80.5 million


Adele is a musician who is doing quite well this year. She has released one of the most awaited Album that broke the record by selling hundreds of album in the first week alone. The singer has also held a lucrative tour of the main stadiums, where she has made over $80 million on the stadium tour alone. Adele’s sweet voice has no only taken her places but also filled up her personal bank accounts. The singer’s third studio album named 25 sold more than three million copies within the first seven days. Adele is the only musician to have made more than half of her entire earning from music. The earnings from the album 25 are Adele’s highest in her whole musical career. Adele is rumored to make over $80.5 million.

8. Lionel Messi: Football Player
Salary: $ 81.5 Million

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the two players to be top on this list. The Argentina soccer player has remained consistent on the list of the most popular celebrities for some years. FIFA names Lionel Messi as the best player for five times in his football career. However, Messi has not been away from controversy: he entangles himself in tax scandals that have seen him serve a 21 month suspended jail sentence. Controversy, skilled football playing techniques and a handsome salary have made Messi famous. He is said to earn around $80 million.

7. Howard Stern: American Radio Host
Salary: $ 85 million


The controversial radio and television personality, photographer, actor, author and host Stern Howard is the seventh on this list. His net earnings have given his a place on this incredible list. The controversy of Stern Howard makes his smile to the bank. Mr. Howard has signed a deal with XM radio that will have him on the air for around five years. The show hosted by Howard makes him famous and known by many people, thus one of the most popular celebrities on Wikipedia 2017. Howard Stern has interviewed some famous and influential individuals including politicians, business people and actors. Howard is known for his 2003 interview with Donald Trump in which Trump’s comments on women have rubbed him the wrong way as he continues to campaign for the November elections.

6. Kevin Hart: Comedian
Salary: $ 87.5 Million


Born in Philadelphia town of Pennsylvania, Kevin Hart began his comedy career by winning amateur comedy awards in local clubs. Kevin Hart is the first ever comedian to earn more than Jerry Seinfeld. In this year (2016), Mr. Hart has been successful in his acting career that he has earned a place on the list of the most popular artists. With fame comes money, and Hart’s popularity has brought along some good cash. In the past year alone, it is unbelievable that Hart Kevin has had over 100 shows, including the legendary one in South Africa. Hart’s shows have earned him at least $1 million on average per show.

5. Dr. Phil McGraw
Salary: $ 88 Million


Being a TV personality seems to be working well for some people, one of them being Dr. Phil McGraw. The personality has landed medication partnerships and health gigs. Some people think that Mr. Phil has been away for some time, but they are mistaken, the professional psychologist has just been busy. Despite the fact that a large proportion of Mr. Gig’s earnings are from his daytime talk show, he is the executive producer on another show called ‘Doctors,’i n which he recently launched a popular app known as ‘Doctor on Demand.’

4. Christiano Ronaldo
Salary: $ 88 Million

Christiano Ronaldo, Popular Celebrities On Wikipedia

If social media is something to go by, then Christiano Ronaldo is the most famous football player in 2016.Surprisingly, Ronaldo has more than 200 million followers on social media, which is most likely why he lands many endorsement deals, contributing to his generous salary. Christiano already has sponsorships with some organizations including Tah Heuer, Sacoor and Nike Brothers and Monster Headphones. Ronaldo remains to be the highest paid athlete, earning over $ 80million a year. That is what makes Christiano Ronaldo one of the most famous celebrities on Wikipedia 2017.

3. James Patterson (Author)
Salary: $ 95 Million


The richest author in the United States of America is James Patterson. James boasts of 114 novels, New York Times’ bestseller and New York Times’ one author best seller. He is also the third most popular celebrity in 2017.Being the best seller, it means that Mr. James Patterson is a prolific writer, earning him the third position on this list. Television adaptations boost his bottom line. He is a celebrity.

2. One Direction: Musician
Salary: $ 110 Million


One Direction is a British Boy singing band that has had its equal share of challenges, including some member quits. However, the group continues to be stronger in 2017, making an estimated $ 110, thanks to their numerous stadium tours. One direction is rightfully on the second position in this list. The music band is the highest selling boyband, and despite being currently on break, its tour named ‘on the road again’ has made it the second on this list. The group is indeed popular, thanks to their hit songs.

1. Taylor Swift: Musician
Salary: $ 170 million


Taylor Swift is a great musician, and she owes a lot to her earnings: Her 1989 tour in the world is the most favorite activity she has done in her entire music career. She is the highest celebrity earner, with over $ 170 million in salary. With her romantic style of life aside, Taylor Swift is a successful pop star and business woman who comfortably tops this list. This musician is surely in a league of her own, with fewer competitors.

The above are the most popular celebrities on Wikipedia 2017. Some of the factors that have led to their popularity include the amount of money earned and the number of fans and supporters enjoyed by the celebrities. They are most likely to be more famous in the coming years, let us just wait and see.

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