Top 10 Most Famous Celebrities Who Died During Production

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Celebrities Who Died During Production till 2017. It is sad that several celebrities have lost their lives during the production process of the movies they starred in. Different celebrities succumbed at different stages of movie production with varied cause for their deaths. Premature celebrity deaths during movie production continue to be recorded despite tremendous steps taken to eliminate such deaths. This article therefore, discusses the top ten celebrities that lost their lives in the course of production.

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who Died During Production till 2017

10. Paul Walker


The untimely demise of this Hollywood star shocked his fans, Hollywood, friends, family and the world at large to its core. He was a key player in the movie ‘fast and the furious’ and many were left wondering whether and many questioned the future of this franchise. His amazing career came to a sudden end in a car crash in the year 2013 during the thanksgiving party. He had featured heavily in the movie ‘Fast and the furious’ as Brian O’ Conner. This tragic loss of Walker led to immediate halting of the production of this movie though the movie director James Wan maintained at the time that the production of the remaining episodes was to go on till the movie was completed.

9. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger Top Most Celebrities Who Died During Production 2017

He died in 2008 of what is believed to be due to accidental drug overdose. He had featured in less than half of the movie ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ at the time of his demise. Various actors thereafter, took up his role in this movie until its end. Drug overdose has claimed lives of dozens of celebrities especially in the Hollywood fraternity despite radical efforts to eliminate this scrooge.

8. John Candy

John Candy Top Famous Celebrities Who Died During Production 2018

He was one of the most enviable comedians at the time of his sudden death. He met his death in 1994 while on vacation in Mexico. At the time, he had just finished starring in the final scenes of the movie ‘Wagons East’ where he played the role of Western parody. He died of what many doctors confirmed to be heart attack while in his hotel room. Candy had also featured immensely in the movie ‘Pocahontas’ as talking turkey sidekick Red feather, a role that was later relinquished upon his death.

7. Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young Top 10 Celebrities Who Died During Production

Thompson died at a very tender age of 29 in what many believe to be a tragic suicide that ended his rising star in 2013. He prominently starred in the movie ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’. He is well remembered for his role in as detective Barry Frost in a show called ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ on TNT drama. His conspicuous absence on the TV show and later news of his death in his house stunned many.

6. John Ritter

John Ritter Popular Celebrities Who Died During Production 2019

He died of sudden heart failure in 2013 while in action in the show the ABC’s ‘8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter’. Ritter is famous for his role in the movie ’70s sitcom ‘Three’s Company’ in which he starred as Jack Tripper. His premature death was a big blow to the show and later produced a show dubbed ‘Goodbye’ a tribute episode in his honor.

5. Heather O’ Rourke

Heather O’ Rourke Top Popular Celebrities Who Died During Production 2018

Rose to fame with her outstanding role as child actress Carole Anne in the movie ‘Poltergiest’ she died few months before the release of the episode three of the movie and the last episode was produced and dedicated in her honor. She passed on at just 12years –of age from what is believed to be a combination of cardiac arrest and septic shock. Many have given the bizarre observations about the movie as other three actors have also died in the filming process of ‘Poltergiest’ movie asserting that there exists a curse. This school of thought arose from the fact that the movie used real skeletons in their first episodes leading to this curse.

4. Marcia Wallace


She prominently featured in ‘The Simpsons’ as Bart’s sarcastic teacher, Mrs. Krabappel a role he performed for over 24 years. She succumbed to pneumonia in 2013 after recording lines in the ‘Simpsons’ for the yet to be released episodes at that time. Glowing tributes have been paid to her by the ‘Simpsons’ over what the movie producer Al Jean termed as irreparable loss. He further added that they plan to scrap her character in the movie ‘The Simpsons’ at the end of the current season. She is one among the Top 10 Most Famous Celebrities Who Died During Production till 2017.

3. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin Top Most Famous Celebrities Who Died During Production 2019

He died in 2006 while taking footage for an upcoming documentary. Famously known as crocodile hunter, he suddenly succumbed to heart injury that was caused by the stingray that pierced his heart. He was in the company of his daughter Bindi when the ray stung him and pierced his heart. All this happened in front of the camera and was well captured even as he pulled out the stingray. Despite him pulling out the stingray, the damage had been done and he tragically lost the battle to the ray.

2. Aaliyah

Aaliyah Top 10 Celebrities Who Died During Production 2017

She died in a tragic airplane crash when travelling home after shooting music video. At the time of her demise, she had featured prominently in then yet to be produced movie ‘The Queen of the Damned’. She had also starred in the role of zee in in ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ though this role was recast with a different actor. At the time of her death she was signed and poised to star in the movies ‘Honey’ and ‘sparkle.’

1. River Phoenix


He died at a tender age of just 23 in 1993. It is believed that the movie star died as a result of deadly hard drug abuse involving a combination of both heroine and cocaine. At the time of his death, Phoenix had featured in a large of the movie ’Dark blood’ although some crucial scenes of in the movie had not been filmed. His death stunned the movie director and he refused to take in another actor to assume the role played by Phoenix in the ‘Dark blood.’ This movie was released 20 after his death in 2013 and first watched at Miami International Film Festival.

These were the Top 10 Most Famous Celebrities Who Died During Production till 2017. It is stunning the number of top celebrities that have died while at their prime most with their unfinished roles in movies they prominently featured. Although he list is surprisingly long, this article analyzed the top ten celebrities that died in course f their production.