Top 10 Most Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders 2017. When you think of bodybuilders you think buff and built. These top ten bodybuilders are very buff and they are very built. No matter which way you look at them you will see that they have a huge body that you will not miss in a huge crowd. They show off their bodies in competitions to see who is better and has the greater body. Some do illegal things to make their body look the way it does. If they are to be caught then they can be kicked out of the competition and black balled.

If you know someone who is a bodybuilder then you will know they work hard to get to where they are at. They go to the gym so much that it could make them sick. They do this all to show off for others to see how much the muscle can pop. They usually rub baby oil on the skin and wear bathing suit bottoms. They tend to flex the muscle to make it huge and visible. If you see one out and they have a shirt on you will see that it is very hard for them to find clothes that fit because of the arm size.

Having these specs of a body will make most girls fan after you. Some people will just see that you are harming your body and that it looks gross. Men and women both bodybuild so do not be surprised to see a male bodybuilder with a female bodybuilder. It is their lives and they see it as sexy.

Listed below are the top ten best Indian bodybuilders I have found. These have all been picked out by there titles that each of them has won, their rankings and positions won at a national event, the ratings they have at a state level, the achievements they have gotten for international contests, and then they are ranked by their form and the conditioning of their bodies all through the previous year. These ten have achieved everything on the list with high standing and are definitely going places in their futures.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders 2017

10. Jagdish Lad

Jagdish Lad Top Most Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders 2019

He won the silver medal for the world body building and physique sports championships. He won the overall title at another competition and then he won Vijay Spree. He makes the top ten list because of all the wins he has had. His future is for sure going to be a bright one because he has the power in him to make it all the way. Whether he will or not, I do not know the answer to that. No one will know for sure but I do know that he is actually good at what he is doing and as long as he continues with it, he will be at our top number one spot sometime in the future.

9. Sunit Jadhav


This body building competitor is young but has won a few titles since beginning to enter competitions. The reason he makes the top ten list is because of him winning the Maharashtra Shree competition with an award being the overall title. He still has a few years to go before he fully can show himself as a true professional but he is definitely heading on the correct road towards success. For him to be as young as he is, there is still plenty of years left for him to achieve ultimate fame if he wants. He is good enough, just needs to continue to show his potential.

8. Pavan Shetty

Pavan Shetty Top Popular Best Indian Bodybuilders 2017

He took first place at the world amateur bodybuilding association competition and is still working towards more wins. He is a dedicated competitor and loves to be a part of the body builders community doing what he loves. From the research I found, this one has not been involved in bodybuilding very long but from what I can see he has great ability in getting rated higher than he is. He has good form and his body conditioning is wonderful. As long as he continues the way he is then he will keep on winning competitions.

7. Wasim Khan- Mr.

Wasim Khan- Mr. Top Most Popular Best Indian Bodybuilders 2018

Khan is another young man that comes to us from Delhi and he has had a great year. He won two international titles with the first being the overall title at IBFF. The second took place in Italy where he won the title called Mr. Galaxy. I see him winning a lot more in the next few years and being on top of success in just a short time from now. He is terribly talented and has the ability to move up the ladder in the orginization if he just keeps at it the way he is now.

6. Vipin Peter


He has won the silver medal at the WBPF and is always the best in muscularity and definitions at all the competitions he has been involved in. This one has a lot of growing to do in the organization and has not hit his best yet. Keep a watch out for him in the future because he is definitely going to make it big within no time. He is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders 2017.

5. Bobby Singh


Also won the silver medal at the championships. For many years he has been consistent with performing really well. In the past, some bodybuilders would get famous really quick but then they would just vanish out of the spotlight. This is not how it is with Bobby. He competes often and he has not given up yet. This year has been one of his best years for performances but I am sure it will only get better from here.

4. Ram Niwas


This guy holds two of the top highest titles from two of the best competitions. He has been actively pursuing the bodybuilding path for many years and has finally made it into the light. He is known for having the overall title that he won at the Talwalkar Classique, then the second place award he got at Satish Sagar Classic. Both competitions were held in December.

3. Yatinder Singh

Yatinder Singh Top Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders 2018

He makes the number three spot because of his hard work he has been doing since trying to make a comeback from being previously injured. Since the comeback he has won several titles, so apparently hard work does pay off well. He has an overall title for Mr. Uttar Pradesh and has since done even better in the contests.

2. Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule Top 10 Best Indian Bodybuilders 2017

This has won the Mr. India title while he competed against Murali Kumar and Vipin Peter. He later had an accident that injured his shoulder and was not allowed to compete in any of the other competitions for the rest of the year. Even though all of that happened he still makes the top ten list because of his performance for winning the Mr. India title. I am positive he will not only come back better but have a chance at the number one spot soon.

1. Prashant Salunkhe

Prashant Salunkhe Top 10 Best Indian Bodybuilders

As of right now, Prashant takes the number one spot because of his outstanding winnings. He defeated the eight-time champion, Suhas Khamkar when he won the Mr. India two thousand fifteen title. In two thousand sixteen he has already won two competitions and is still going strong. He is currently the undisputed champ in Indian Bodybuilding today.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Best Indian Bodybuilders 2017. After reading about all of this you will see that it is very hard for them to get to where they are but they work so hard to do it. They will walk across a stage and flex their muscles just to see who is bigger and better. Some of these men can lift up to five hundred pounds of weight and have no trouble doing it. If you notice the veins they have then you will see why some people think it is gross. The fact that they do grow to this size can hurt them in so many ways but they seem to not care. When you go and watch them you will see how many different ways they have to flex and show off just to get the higher ranking. Go online and watch some of the videos they have placed on youtube for others around to watch. Do not try what they are doing if you do not have the muscles they have because you could harm yourself or possibly even kill yourself. These men have been training for things like this for many years and have the experience with it all compared to us that know nothing about the competitions. I honestly have to say, congratulations to those of you who do these types of events and win because I know it is so hard but in the end, you get what you are wanting, fame and fortune.