Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Personal Trainers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 most famous Celebrity Personal Trainers in the world 2017. It’s always good to work out on your own; however, having someone around who can direct you and at the same time yell at you will help in keeping you on track as you sob quietly while squatting. It will also enable you to reduce your flab; build more muscles or even be able to compete in high-level sporting events. A personal trainer may be taken as a luxury that aids very wealthy people by keeping their body in good shape. And if you’re a celebrity then having a private trainer is something that will do you good. Below is a list of top ten most famous and best celebrity personal trainers 2017 to note.

List of Top 10 most famous Celebrity Personal Trainers in the world 2017

10. John Romaniello

John Romaniello Top Famous Celebrity Personal Trainers 2019

John Romaniello has been widely mentioned in many fitness publications and also in many online forums. At one time you must have read about him in many of these fitness publications. He is the leader of the Fitness advisory board owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Romaniello was also able to start his own school of fitness through his personal thought on fitness; his Roman fitness system is found in New York City. This fitness school will either make you hot or get you to look huge. Romaniello is one of the best fitness experts in the world today.

9. Emily Schromm

Emily Schromm Top Most Celebrity Personal Trainers 2017

Emily Schromm is one of the best celebrity personal trainers in the world 2017. She always wants to help his/her, clients, to become heroically fit in both healthy and body shape. Whatever you need is to go big or go home to the personal trainer who also serves as the Crossfit coach, she put down her 21-day superhero challenge to go for the uninspired where she reaped very good results. In one of her Instagram posts, Emily Schromm is seen lifting barbell which looks like it is twice her age.

8. Jay Cardiello

Jay Cardiello Top Popular Celebrity Personal Trainers 2018

This celebrity personal trainer has many star-studded lists as his customers: Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent Minka Kelly, Sofia Vergara and many players from the professional football teams in the MLB and NFL. He also puts a lot of emphasis on lifestyle changes whenever one is outside the gym. Her clients get to meet him face to face for only one hour, but the rest of the 23 hours they will be working for themselves. Because of this philosophy, Cardiello is listed among the top very influential fitness personalities together with Michelle Obama who is the first lady of US.

7. Mary Helen Bowers


The world of fitness continues on its growth road. This is a courtesy to people like Mary Helen Bowers whom through their innovative approach to body fitness, has enabled us to have some ballet workouts that helps to keep our bodies in good condition. It may sound a bit unorthodox for one to tip-toe then swirl around in order to reduce weight. But Mary Helen Bowers has personally trained people like Natalie Portman which made her win in the role he played in the Black Swan. Some of her other high-profile clients are Zooey Deschanel, Kirsten Dunst, and Liv Tyler.

6. Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins Top Most Popular Celebrity Personal Trainers 2018

Jeanette Jenkins is arguably one of the very popular female fitness trainers of today. She is so popular that today she is proudly sponsored by the sports giant Nike and has also featured in Nike Training club app as their prominent face. She has a star-studded list comprising of people such as Alicia Keys, world number one women’s tennis player Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, and has also served as The Hollywood Trainer. In case you’re still not sure, the many of her motivational posters found on her 290k Instagram feed will make you like her too.

5. Ruben Tabares


Some of the celebrities that Reuben Tabares has trained are Tinie Tempah, Mickey Rourke of Wrestling, John Terry who is the former captain of England National football Team and P.Diddy. He is the brain behind the wellness of professional athletes and celebrities who have very high energy performance levels and which requires high levels of good fitness. This is why for many starters; it explains why he advises them to take a lot of juices and constant hydration to improve their flexibility.

4. Nicole Winhoffer


Madonna appointed Nicole Winhoffer as her instructor when he opened her eighth Hard Candy gym. You may have guessed it for Nicole Winhoffer. She blends fitness with arts: as she has been a dancer for all of her life. She was trained in classical dance, jazz, modern and musical theater. She has a big group of clients whom she generally takes around for close to 55-minutes of intense group dance training, which focuses on fast, expressive movements, which help to relax the mind.

3. Edmond ‘The Diamond’ Tarverdyan


Usually, champions get a lot of spotlights, or maybe most of it, you may not hear anything about the trainers who are behind all that glamor, glitz and success on the sporting platform. But for Edmond ‘The Diamond’ Tarverdyan, he is responsible for turning and polishing Ronda Rousey to win the first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) women’s bantamweight champion into a household name in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Tarverdyan has also had a mean streak in his career, an undefeated professional MMA record of 2-0 and a wide variety of accolades in various disciplines from taekwondo and karate to Muay Thai and boxing.

2. David Kirsch

David Kirsch Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers 2017

David Kirsch is quite literally a model trainer. Some of the big names that he has trained are Kate Upton and Heidi Klum both of whom have maintained good records on the runway. Kirsch’s training philosophy mostly emphasizes on natural lifestyle combined with a strictly clean diet in addition to requiring circuit routines, it is not that rosy for his clients. He is also a nutrition and wellness guru and seems Kirsch has got the position of managing the scarily svelte silhouettes of supermodels and has managed to do a good job irrespective of the pressure.

1. Laura Sykora

Laura Sykora Top 10 Celebrity Personal Trainers

Laura Sykora boasts of the biggest Instagram following in this list with around 1.1 million followers, she is also a winner among the yoga fraternity. However, it took her so many years to reach this level, around 18 years to be exact. She offers video challenges in many of her Instagram feeds which make her followers bend and break in the name of fitness.

These are the world’s Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Personal Trainers 2017. We have many fitness trends such Strongman, Cardio Circuits, Pilates, Paleo Diet, Crossfit, Gluten-free diets, the list is endless but with the emerging fitness trends and fads, the above on this list of top ten are the best deals to sign up with.

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