Top 10 Most Popular Best Belly Dancers of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Belly Dancers of All Time till 2017. Who remembers the old days when all you seen was belly dancers?Well here are ten belly dancers that will remind you of the old days if you are an older person. No one sees them much these days but if you see one do not be surprised at what they are wearing because they wear little to nothing. back in the day you could say belly dancers were a type of stripper. Having the chance to see one back then would be a great chance.

They some times wear mask to cover up their faces so they are not seen. Kings would have them so they could dance for them. They would dance so that the kind would feel better about themselves and they could show off the fortunes they had. You do not think of a belly dancer being bigger but some times they has a small belly but some belly dancers could really swing their hips. Some of these belly dancers go so far back that you can barely find anything about them. Belly dancers are put in videos very sexual appeal but that is not why they do what they do. It is a talent to be able to move so swift and gentle.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Belly Dancers of All Time till 2017

10. Zeenat Aman-


She was most known for her famous dance in the movie name The Great Gambler. She has forever been known as a bold and hot celebrity of India and as a belly dancer she seemed to prove her skills. She is considered a vintage belly dancer, but was one of the hottest there was in that era. Her talents are out of this world and you can find some of her performances by searching them online.

9. Helen-

Helen Top Most Belly Dancers of All Time 2017

She was the dancing queen of her era. Her dancing was greatly appreciated in songs such as Mehbooba O Mehbooba from the movie Sholay and also O Meri Jean Main Ne Kaha from the movie The Train. What made her dancing exceptional was because she had a distinctive individual style all of her own.

8. Urmila Matondkar-


The song Mehbooba O Mehbooba was a song that originally the dancer Helen performed but this amazing woman Urmila redone the role of Helen’s. The somewhat similar dance moves were a hit and made her go up in recognition because of it.

7. Malaika Arora-

Malaika Arora Top 10 Best Belly Dancers of All Time

This one has been as famous as what an item song girl is. She seemed to have proved her dancing skills in the famous song Chaiyya Chaiyya. In the song she is seen dancing on the roof of a train with Shan Rukh Rukh. The costumes she wore were very pretty and always made her look stunning.

6. Mallika Sherawat-


She preformed a belly dance in Mayya from the film Guru and the dance was awesome. There was no complaints about it and her performance was too hot. The costumes she wears mostly show her flat tummy and they compliment her figure well. She can move so swift that some of her moves you will miss in a blink of an eye, so you have to watch very closely.

5. Rani Mukerji-


She has always been a great actress in Bollywood but she really seemed to proved herself to be a really good belly dancer when she performed in Aiyya. Before even doing the dance she had to learn how to belly dance first so she had one of the greatest choreographers teach her. When all was said and done the end result was so amazing that everyone appraised her skills tremendously. She is one of Top 10 Most Popular Best Belly Dancers of All Time till 2017.

4. Lara Dutta-

Lara Dutta Top Famous Belly Dancers of All Time 2019

She has never worked in many movies but whenever she did contribute to Bollywood what she provided was amazing. She would mainly use her flat stomach and great moves to attract the attention of people and it usually worked. Everyone knew her name even though she was not that famous. Her work though is what got her recognized as a belly dancer.

3. Kareena Kapoor-

Kareena Kapoor Top Popular Belly Dancers of All Time 2018

This one has always been on the list for best Bollywood divas but what made her to the list of best bell dancer was her performance in Marjaani from the movie Billu Barber. She attempted the dance and nailed it. She was one of the best dancer you could find. People knew her from here to miles away. Look her up on you tube and watch the way she sways with the music and you will understand why it is so mesmerizing to watch. Having her in a movie put her out there in the world for others to see how talented she really is.

2. Deepika Padukone-

Deepika Padukone Top 10 Best Belly Dancers of All Time 2017

This dancing starlet proved her dancing and acting skills from the very first movie she appeared in, Om Shanti Om. The belly dance she done in the Arabian styled track for Happy New Year, which is a movie that stars Shah Rulh Khan, was so lovely it put her up on the famous scale and helped her retain even more roles as a dancer and actress.

1. Katrina Kaif-

Katrina Kaif Top Most Popular Belly Dancers of All Time 2018

She is the most talented and probably even the most hottest dancer in Bollywood to this day.She proved her dancing skills was extraordinary when she got the role to perform in the song Sheila Ki Jawani. The song itself was a big time hit which in turn boosted her reputation. Later on when she performed for the song Chikini Chameli her dance moves became more sensational because her talent had erupted and she blossomed so well. Being the hottest I am sure other belly dancers looked up to her for the moves or became jealous of her fame. No matter who tried to out do her she has all ways been the number one spot on the top belly dancers because of how well she does what she does. Go to you tube and just watch her for a few seconds and you will see just what all of us others see. She does great with the talent she has and really loves to show off how her body can move.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Belly Dancers of All Time till 2017. These dancers could be seen for miles away because of how well they danced. If you have heard of them then you know they did very well dancing for the others to see. Dancing like they did was great work out even though they probably did not see it that way back then but women do these dances today because it helps them lose the weight. If you have the pleasure of seeing a belly dancer today enjoy the sight because they do not have many left.So if you want to look up these names I am sure you could find maybe a video on them or something to show you how popular they was.If you can find videos of these lovely women I am sure you would love how they can move and perform. The fact that some of them are so old you can not find some of them and will be disappointed that you can not because they perform so well that it will relax your body to see how they move. The music they use sometimes switches beat and makes them a little faster and then slow back down but moving like this is very cool because some of us can not move the way they do.

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