Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017. Religion is an important part of life. Religion gives life a meaning and a purpose. Just because a person is famous does not mean that they do not have these values. There are some celebrities that take religion very seriously. These 10 celebrities are known for their strong devotion to their religion and they do not care what anyone has to say about it.

List of Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017

10. Candice Cameron Bure

Candice Cameron Bure Top Most Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017

Candice rose to fame by starting on the hit show Full House. In the late 1990s she became public with her faith in the Christian evangelist religion. She has written for Christian websites, has spoken at churches, and has encouraged people to support Christian businesses and religions. She even credits her faith for helping her win the fight against bulimia. Her faith in God helps her deal with life. She feels happier and healthier due to her strong faith in God.

9. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Top Popular Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2019

Mark put his troubled ways behind him when he found God. Mark is a devout Roman Catholic and takes his religion very seriously. His bedroom has a vile of holy water and also has crucifixion art work. This work is similar to the pieces that are found at the Vatican. Mark is said to keep a bottle of holy water by his side as well as a cross. When he is traveling for work he can set up his own personal chapel even if it is in a hotel room. Mark and his family even go to church on a daily basis.

8. Angus T Jones

Angus T Jones Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017

Anugs was the cute child on the show Two and a Half Men. He even left the show because the storyline was filthy and went against his religion. He even encouraged fans to stop watching this trash TV. Angus is now an inspiration speaker and travels to churches around the United States. He is a number of the Forerunner Chronicles and takes his religion very seriously. He said that one day he would like to act again but he would like to perform in stories based on the stories of the Bible.

7. Stephen Baldwin


Stephen is a born again Christian. In 2013 he found his meaning in life and well as religion. He stated that he has calmed down and changed his behavior due to his new found faith. He thinks that his strong faith did not help his career. Stephen has stated that he feels that his strong faith had hurt his career and he has gotten less work.

6. Osmond Siblings

Osmond Siblings Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities

The Osmond family especially Donny and Marie and known for their strong faith in religion. They are two of the nine children that follow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. They have strong Mormon beliefs even though Marie is standing by her daughter who came out as a lesbian. Donny does not believe that gay people should get married but is not against them. He says that they should be accepted as long as they follow the same celibate rules that heterosexuals must follow. He stated that people should follow the will of God and that he was not put her to judge people.

5. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Top Most Famous Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2019

Mel has been said to have a great devotion to Jesus, Mary, and all of the Saints. He is a strong Roman Catholic and has even built a chapel that he decided to call The Church of the Holy Family. Every morning this church hold a mass that is given in Latin. Women that attend the service must have their head covered. He does not believe that those outside of this church can be saved. He has made headlines when he got into some trouble and decided to blame all the ills of the world on the Jewish people.He is one of Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017.

4. Richard Gere


Richard follows the teachings of the Tibetan Buddhists. He has stated that this religion helps him feel safe. The religion just wants a person to be happy. They do not want money or time but rather encourage a person to find their path in life. He believes that when a person meets up with his Holiness they will know the religion is true and will have the ultimate happy feeling.

3. Madonna

Madonna Top Famous Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2018

While Madonna was raised a Roman Catholic she has joined the Kabbalah religion which is similar to Judaism. She has been known to add blessed Kabbalah water to her children’s drink and likes to wear white cloths because they tend to attract a positive energy. She studies the Old Testament and tries to get to the meaning of the universe. She stated she became interested in this religion because she was trying to become a better person. She is one of Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017.

2. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Most 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2018

Denzel is a strong Christian and is the son of a Preacher. He is a member of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ and starts his day by reading the bible. He has stated that he believes that Jesus is the son of God and he was lucky enough to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He felt he was blessed when he was a baby and this experience has impacted his life.

1. Tom Cruise


Tom has devoted his life to Scientology. It is said that his religion may be responsible for the breakup of his marriage. He has criticized fellow stars that have turned to modern medicine to help them deal with some issues such as depression. He has also gone on record saying that psychiatry or pseudo science kills. Tom is not afraid to speak about his religion and does not care what people think about him.

These are Top 10 Extremely Religious Hollywood Celebrities 2017 that are deeply devoted to their religion. It does not matter to them if their fans approved of their beliefs or not. These starts have a deep faith and are not afraid to practice it no matter where they are. They will bring their teachings on set in addition to their home. For many they thank their success on their religion.

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