Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities in 2017. There are many things that you might be aware of when you are talking about Pakistan but there are also some others that you might have escaped your thoughts as you are doing research about this great country. Now, to start off, you will realize that there was only one vision that was in line during the time of finding this nation, it had a vision of being the best and lead the world in major events. But I have to tell you that it seems that is going to be a dream now for everyone.

The nation has one of the worst reputations in the world for instance, you are going to find the worst forms of terrorists in the place, illiterate people that are sitting and waiting for a silver platter to fall from heaven in the nation and other forms of crimes. We might not blame the nation or country but there are people that are leading the various departments that are supposed to foresee its development. Instead we are getting the opposite from them all. What we are going to parade to you are some of the most controversial personalities that state has produced so far, making us question its existence as a nation.

List of Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities 2017

10. Meera.

meera, Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities 2017

If there is a person that has always wanted to be noticed wherever she is found, you cannot miss having Meera at the list. She was a news anchor but things never turned out well for her because she always dragged herself so much in her news session. The language that she was using was known better as being scandalous. After realizing that her life is dying out here, migration to Bollywood was here next move so that she can go out and engage in better roles in the acting filed. But where was her destination n these films, being found in bold kissing scenes. Getting out was a mess and a bad move for the lady because death threats were sent to her to respond to her kissing scenes with the co-star that was acting with her.

9. Najam Sethi.

najam sethi, Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities 2017

This is a person that is multi-talented in the kind of job that he does. Here is a few of all that. He is an editor, journalist, news analyst, and personality at a Geo news hours. What makes things not stand out good or better for him is that he face a lot of critics from the citizens because of his creed and also some comrade rimming that has been found that follows him to India. Other politicians also say that he is anti-Pakistan. He believes that the 1965 war that the country engaged itself was a total loss to it and she never won. Many blames followed him everywhere and will they really end?

8. Zaid Hamid.


His career was intact in the sense that he had a better life that was fun and booming. But many people found that he was a person that had his career as a political commentator one sided. He was a Jihad scholar that was none to have all the beliefs that Islam was the only religion that one can use to kill all those that were non-Muslims. Was that really a person that you needed to look up to? I don’t so. That is why many writers, scholars and also journalists have always criticized his works and say that his views on politics were non-sequential and will also offer people with conspiracy theories.

7. Asma Jahangir.

asma jahangir, Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities 2018

This is a lawyer and advocate of the high court that is found in Pakistan. That is not important, let us go to the ground and unveil the facts that this human being is most hated by the people for doing the worst from of atrocities to the people. Her hatred verged from the fact that she has a belief and comradeship ties towards India, something that the people do not expect or love. The nation has a law of Hudood ordinance blasphemy, which is what the country id going to use as a basis of getting her hated. She is a woman that will bring headache to any matter that she handles, making any government have difficult in taking one.

6. Hamid Mir


Wonders will never end in this world, have you ever thought that a journalist can turn out to be a terrorist expert? Don’t be shocked, that is a simple thing to this guy. You can’t imagine that one can be a security analyst at the same time a terrorism expert! This person is beyond doubt. He is also known to be news anchor and who know if he can report anything about terrorism or he can skip that topic when it comes across him, maybe we can ask him much about that. His link with Taliban makes him to be controversial and he was also criticized by diverse human beings because he was considered to be a raw agent. He never arrange any program concerning the Kashmir and he even claim to be CIA agent. The Pakistani reported that he was the born to a person who is known to be the biggest traitor of the country in 1971.

5. Altaf Hussain


If you don’t know him such much, may be you can recall Altaf Bhai, which is another name for this person. Hussain is known to be big controversial figure and even critics claim that this person and his party have has showed signs to use violence when it comes to fight for power and not only that, his party and him included have been accused of having illegal armed wing which was intimately involved in criminal economy which deal with extortion, drugs and land theft. This guy was also accused to have killed his party leader called Shahid Hussain. He was also questioned for a murder of another party leaded and also money laundering as well as hate speech. His case is being investigation and BBC news called this person most divisive politician.

4. Veena Malik


Despite her natural beauty, Malik is ranked to be controversial queen and she is actress and also a model of Pakistan. You might have seen her in Bollywood and also Lollywood. Things when wrong when this queen was gave nude image on Indian magazine FHN and at this time her upper arm was written ISI and this act were criticized by citizens and also the social network were not happy about the act. That is not all about this lady, there are several things she did which are not accepted. Another issue is about item number Channo which is found in Bollywood movie and was accused for imitating Sheila and also her hot/bold avatar is something questionable.

3. Mathira


If you don’t know more about this lady is that she’s television actress and known for bold approach in entertainment industry. Mathira has hosted several TV shows, serials and also morning programs and her exposed dressing sense has make her drew controversy. Not only did she dress in questionable manner, but also doing vulgar acts in television shows. Several people tune in to Mathira show for entertainment value and other callers call in and even flirt with her and the issue is that she flirts back and brushes them off rudely. That is not all about this lady, she has once played seductive model if you don’t know is sensual condom and it was taken down to be indecent content. That is what is making this queen to be controversial personality.

2. Malala Yousafzai


Sadly this lady was shot after she become international sensation. Before her death, a widespread sympathy was reported but what is funny is that that feeling dissipated within weeks. During her time when she started to gain international recognition, there were a large number of people who started turning this lady on internet platforms and become controversial figure in this country. Some people reported that she was working for CIA and even others believed that Americans shot her. Lot of people believed that all these story of this lady is scripted drama.

1. Aamir Liaqat Hussain


This guy is known for his wit and scholarly religious debate and made him rule the heart of several people. But what goes beyond measure is when his behind screen video was leaked online and he was even found using several profanities on set of his show and this make him to be ranked among controversial figures. In his same video, this person was shown mocking his religious guests, taking rape question lightly, using lewd hand gesture and referring to Bollywood rape scene and another thing about his online video is about spontaneously singing Indian tunes. That is not all about him; another funny thing is that his PHD degree was declared fake!

So, these are the Top 10 Most Controversial Pakistani Personalities 2017. I don’t anticipate to announce that this is a bad state but what you are going to find in the state is what makes it have a horrible name. These people are controversial in most of the things that they do. They are in a country that is not going to support them at all in their work and that means that you are going to be very unsafe in majority of information, news and everything that you hear from them. They have made the country look bad from the start and correcting that name of a country that had a lot of expectations is always going to be a hectic process. They say that bad is better than worse, but who can change either of them!