Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017. People look up to celebrities everyday. When you think of famous people you think hot and rich. Some would think that they have all the access they want to surgeons and all the new kinds of ways to make them look better. They can go any time and get their hair and make up done when they want. They have all the nice close and nice house. When it comes to celebrities they seem like better people then all of us other people but in reality they are no different then us. They just have better paying jobs and better doctors that cost a lot more than we can afford. Some of these oh so famous people have went down hill and you can see it on their faces because no matter what they do they age just like anyone else. When celebrities do things they shouldn’t like drugs and alcohol it really puts a damper on their bodies. I cant believe some famous people blow the money they have on drugs and booze because they think their lives are so hard. If you didn’t want the fame then why did you step in to that light and decide to make it your life.

List of Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017

10. Brigitte Bardot

brigitte bardot, Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017

Brigitte is the beautiful buxom blonde behind every mans fantasy for decades. She was in seventeen films. She was very rarely clothed in the films she did play in so she pretty much become a sex symbol. She appeared in the movie And God Created Woman in 1957. She was only 23 when she filmed this movie. The movie was banned from the entire states. Because it was banned everyone felt they should watch it.

9. Lindsey Lohan

lindsey lohan, Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2018

Lindsey as we all know is in on drugs and drugs make you look horrible. She is constantly in and out of rehab because of her addiction and seems to still need help with her problem. She has been know to have run ins with the law and so far to count it is up to 23 times so far. Many are said to be because of cocaine possession and alcohol abuse. She use to be a role model for kids but look at her now. Parents think she is a horrible person for their kids to even know about because of all the trouble she is in and all the drugs she has done.

8. Michelle Williams

michelle williams, Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2019

Michelle is one of three of the Destiny Child group. She was in the band with Beyonce and Kelly. Michelle was not as successful as Beyonce. The group was together 1990-2006 and a few times as a reunion.

7. Rachel Zoe


Rachel was photo shopped a lot and always had on lots of make up. Zoe is only 43 and still has time to schmooze with the best of them. Her face and body are used for magazines and advertising. She is a businesswoman and a writer. Without the make up you can tell she is not so young anymore. She is one among the Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017.

6. Adele


She has won six Grammy’s, two Bits, and three AMAs. She has sold forty million albums and fifty million singles worldwide. Some would say who cares about appearance when your just listening to the music. She seems to have gained a little weight because she is so high I’m sure she has just let her self go because no one seems to notice.

5. Pamela Anderson


Pamela has had a few surgeries. Plastic surgery is going to eventually go down hill after a while of having it done. She has money so she felt plastic surgery would help her appearance and the years of having it done has starting to really show.

4. Mickey Rourke


Mickey looked so hot in the 80’s and 90’s but what happened? No one can really say because its like he changed over night and the ageing has gotten to him. They say aging gracefully is a unique trait and it is confirmed it has happened to the great boxer and action movie Mickey Rourke.

3. Prince William


Not so famous but very well known Prince William has started losing his hair. Some may say that its in his genes or something but he may need to look into getting a transplant or maybe just look into the miracle grow hair. Lets hope his lovely son does not follow in his foot steps and end up bald.

2. Keith Richards


Keith is a singer and song writer who proves that your cool factor can trump your cool factor. Kieth may be one of the coolest people but he has aged over time and it is really showing in these days. It could be from all the parties or it could be because he is in his 70 but whatever may be the cause he should be glad people love his music.

1. Ozzy Osbourne


Ozzy looks like a wash up pill popper. He may still be famous even after getting fired from Black Sabbath but the drugs has really put a damper on his looks and made him look a lot worse than some of the others we have talked about.

These are the Top 10 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly 2017. All of these people are just a few of the celebs that have really bad luck with aging or drugs or surgery. When you start doing drugs then you have to think of what is happening to your body. Drugs can kill your insides and that may not be visible but the affect it has on your looks will start to show at some point. When you have surgery done to certain parts of your body it is not going to stay that way forever you have to really think before you do it. And some just age because well they are getting old and no one stays perfect forever.

If you do please let us know where the fountain of youth is fro all of us young folks. Just remember before you put chemicals or anything into your body you should really think about what you are doing to yourself because you could look a lot better if you would have just said no. No one is perfect but come on you have money and role models that look up to you every day and they shouldn’t be seeing you do certain things because you love the high or you think your body is not perfect. So the next time you decide to pick up a bottle or stick a needle in your veins maybe you should stop and look at yourself in the mirror.

Some of you have had plastic surgery well just because they fix it today doesn’t mean it will stay fixed forever because gravity is killer and makes certain areas hang more than they should. I’m sure if you search for more people there will be some that are looking a lot worse then some of the one i have listed because face it fame puts a tole on people and they follow along with what they hear from other famous people. If they think for one second they would be better off in some one else shoes then they are right because the drugs are alcohol are something that is going to kill them. Famous people get off a lot easier then some of us other folks.

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