Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness till 2017. Mental illness is something that doesn’t discriminate. Therefore, this means what it means, and that is that anyone of any age, race, and background can get mental illness or illnesses. The very same applies to famous people who are in the limelight and constantly under the scrutiny of everyone. Who are some of the celebrities that have mental issues? Please read on to learn more. You will be glad you did.

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness until 2017

1. Darrell Hammond

Darrell Hammond Top Famous Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2019

No one would think to look at Saturday Night Live Star Darrell Hammond, that he had mental problems, but for a long time he suffered from them. Why was that? It was said to have stemmed from his horrific childhood experiences that did involve years of both physical and mental abuse from both of his parents. Darrell Hammond clearly did carry the scar of this terrible abuse and it would scar him for a long time to come. His mother would try to electrocute him by using a power outlet, she would try to slam his little fingers in car doors, she hit him with her high heels, and even stabbed him in the tongue once. The parents would also pay his sister to leave the home before they planned to abuse him just so she couldn’t be a witness to it. For years, Hammond was prone to self mutilation and addiction, and it all was said to have stemmed from his years of cruel child abuse. He was known for cutting himself just right before doing his comedic skits on Saturday Night Live. He was also a regular patient at a psychiatric hospital in New York. One episode of self cutting was so bad, he had to be led from the studio in a straight jacket, and that was at the SNL studio at Rockefeller Center.

2. Vivien Leigh


Vivien Leigh was best know for her role as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind in 1939. However, despite her popularity, and the fact that she was an outstanding actress. She was also someone who was plagued by a host of mental issues. She suffered a very bad hit to her mental health after suffering a fall off of a stage and having a miscarriage in 1944. She not only had bipolar disorder. There was also insomnia, tuberculosis, and alcoholism to deal with as well. The two-time Oscar winning actress didn’t let her mental and other health problems plague her. She loved acting and continued to do it as much as possible. She was committed to a mental institution in 1953, after suffering a manic episode, during which she had hallucinations and tried to jump out of a plane. She received electroconvulsive therapy at the mental institution. She would go on to die from tuberculosis at age 53 some years later.

3. Herschel Walker


Herschel Walker is someone who has always been appreciated by the public for his amazing gift of athleticism. He was the football player sensation for the University of Georgia and would go on to win the Heisman Trophy in 1982. However, there are few out there, who do know about the issues that began to plague him after retiring from the world of sports. This man was just a man after all. He had many inner struggles. What were these inner struggles? They were no other than dissociative identity disorder that he became diagnosed with after retiring from football. When he played football regularly, the sport did help him to cope, but when he retired from playing. He no longer had an outlet for his anger that got out of control. His illness became very severe and he pointed a gun at his wife more than once. He even threatened her with knives and choked her. She eventually decided to leave him. Walker would go on to write a book about these violent incidents in a personal memoir called Breaking Free: My Life With Dissociative Identity Disorder. In the book, he claims to have had 12 alter egos, and don’t remember doing any of his destructive behavior.

4. Bettie Page

Bettie Page Top Most Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2017

Bettie Page didn’t always enjoy fame as a Playboy pinup girl. As a child, she suffered poverty, and was molested by the hand of her own father. She would later go on, to spend life living in an orphanage, despite the fact that she had indeed two living parents. She was also raped by various men all in the same night. She posed for her very first pinup calendar in 1947 and went on to establish herself as being a model that was into nude and bondage type photos. She did became famous and developed a legion of fans. However, she also seemed to attract enemies, and these were those who thought she was no good moral wise and federal agents often did harass her because of the obscene photos she took for her modeling career. Because of her thousands of photos taken, she earned herself a Playboy centerfold shot in January of 1955, and the burden of public scrutiny caused her issues the same as her private trauma. In 1979, she wasn’t provoked at all, when she decided to stab an elderly couple with a serrated bread knife. She was then placed in Patton State Asylum for 20 months as a result of this violent act. She was then diagnosed with the mental disorder called acute paranoid schizophrenia. In 1982, she tried to murder her landlord with a knife, but was found not guilty of the crime because of reason of insanity.

5. Margot Kidder


Margot Kidder was a famed and notable Canadian actress who starred alongside Christopher Reeves in the movie titled Superman from 1979. She was most popular and remembered for her role of Lois Lane in this movie. However, despite her huge success, she was a woman that was plagued by bouts with depression and addiction problems following her success in the Superman movie. She was involved in a car crash in 1990 that left her partially paralyzed and bankrupt. Though not permanently paralyzed, she had lost a lot of work in acting, and she was still suffering an assortment of mental issues. She was eventually given treatment at an institution and today does lead a normal life. She is one of the Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness until 2017.

6. Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel Top Most Popular Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2018

Camille Claudel was a French sculptor that was born in 1864 and she studied under the famed artist Auguste Rodin. Rodin was 43 years old when the two of them met and Camille became his muse. Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin did have a romance together. However, after the romance ended in 1898, Claudel started to go through a downwards spiral. Up until that time, she had been very productive, and was an acclaimed artist in every sense of the word. She started slipping into mental health issues somewhere around the early 1900’s, and she became more of a recluse, which meant she would create masterpieces and then totally destroy them. She began to have delusions that Rodin would try to steal her artwork away from her. She also was living in poverty, filth, and had a fear of being poisoned. At 39 years old, she was insane, and was speaking a weird metallic voice. Her brother had her committed to an asylum.

7. Peter Green


Peter Green wasn’t only the first guitarist for the legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac. He was also the founder of the band as well. He decided to leave the group after the release of their third album to find a more simpler life for himself. He soon started to donate all of his cash and belongings in an effort to get rid of them. He also began working jobs for a mere pittance such as digging graves. Green had been struggling with schizophrenia which was the result of far too much drug use in his life. His condition at this time was yet not diagnosed and he had spent some time in mental institutions getting electroconvulsive therapy as treatment. He eventually was committed to a mental institution after threatening his accountant with a gun because Fleetwood Mac’s success was growing and the royalty checks were rolling in. Green pointed a gun at his accountant and demanded that the checks be stopped. He was then jailed, committed to a mental institution, and then released to the care of his family.

8. Gary Busey

Gary Busey Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness

Gary Busey is a star that has been in the public eye for a very long time now. Though he didn’t start out with mental illness, it would become something that would plague him for years, and reason was due to a very bad motorcycle accident in 1988 that left him with brain trauma. This brain trauma brought on an inability in him to be empathic and ruined his control over his impulses. This also includes his control over addictive behavior as well. Busey was also heavily into drugs during his life and almost died in 1995 from a cocaine overdose. He has crashed and burned many times over and these are all factors that do strongly affect good mental health. Busey is known for doing and saying weird things. He has managed to add it to his advantage though. Because he has survived serious brain damage and has come out alive.

9. Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin Top Popular Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2018

Buzz Aldrin was known the world over and back as a famous astronaut. He became a household name because of his famed Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon in 1969. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin wasn’t ready to deal with the sudden fame of himself upon his return home from this outer space trip. However, no one had a clue, he also had some bouts with mental illness and drinking heavily as well. Buzz Aldrin was now a celebrity and he just couldn’t seem to get on the same page with the rest of the world. He went back to the Air Force, but couldn’t get the position, which he had hoped for. He then retired from military service in 1972. Depression and the pull of alcoholism would soon tear his life into shreds. Aldrin sought out help from a psychiatric hospital for a period of two years after his illustrious space flight. He wrote a book in 1973 that revealed all about his struggle with mental illness. The book was titled Return to Earth.

10. Anne Heche

Anne Heche Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2017

Anne Heche is now a whole lot healthier now, and living a much healthier life as herself, after spending many troubling years trying to escape some pretty bad mental problems that seemed to take her happiness and regular life away from her. The cause of her mental issues was due to her childhood which was haunted by sexual abuse that was committed by her father. Despite the fact that she was an awesome actress, she did the very best she could to escape the past, and her mental problems that took on the form of a multiple personality disorder. She became a girl named Celestia at times. She also experienced visions and heard voices for a number of years.

These are the Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness until 2017. Mental illness is a terrible thing and not something that people are proud to have. If anything, most do try to hide or conceal the fact, in a number of cases. However, it isn’t that easy for stars, and that is because everything they do is monitored closely and proves to be very hard to keep secret from the public eye.