Top 10 Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things ever until 2017. Most people do not think of celebrities as inventors but quite a few of them have come up with some pretty ingenious ideas. Over the years, many A-List personalities created a slew of gadgets, products and other items that would help people in everyday life. Some of their inventions would even be adopted by the U.S. Armed forces for combat purposes. The following information will describe some of the best inventions created by actors who had a knack for science and business.

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things ever until 2017

10. The Gadgets of James Cameron

The Gadgets of James Cameron Top Popular Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things 2019

James Cameron is best known for successful Avatar and Terminator franchises. While his movie making skills are supreme he is also an accomplished inventor as well. Cameron invented highly specialized cameras that were designed to record the movement of actors in animated 3D environments.

Cameron’s inventions were extremely successful because they helped to redefine how actors could be blended into computer generated film. Cameron’s work has literally altered the world of action CG based motion pictures.

Long before Cameron made Avatar, he also created an underwater propulsion system that is able to move a camera through deep waters. He has patents for all of his technology and has been featured as a certified inventor by members of that industry.

9. The Bucket Seat by Steve McQueen

The Bucket Seat by Steve McQueen Top Most Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things 2018

Steve McQueen wasn’t just a Hollywood tough guy. He was also a real life racer in his day. He loved to race and repair cars so much that his passion carried over to his inventions. McQueen created an improved bucket seat design back in 1969. Automobile companies never took to McQueen’s design.

Many believed that they were not practical for their vehicles. McQueen’s button seat creation was patented. He also invented a transbrake for race cars as well. Once again this technology never caught on with manufacturers.

8. The Quirky Inventions of Lawrence Welk


Lawrence Welk might not seem like a guy who had a knack for inventing gadgets but apparently he was. During the course of great career, he designed a new type of ashtray that looked like a musical instrument. This ashtray even played tunes. He also got a patent for a singing menu that look like a chicken singing songs. Welk even came up with the idea of an ornamental lunchbox in 1950. None of his inventions made it to the public but they were very nostalgic.

7. Drums and Tennis Shoes by Marlon Brando

Drums and Tennis Shoes by Marlon Brando Top 10 Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things 2017

In his day, Marlon Brando was a huge star. He was also an avid drummer and he also loved to work out. Brando created a drumhead tensioning device that would allow a musician to tune their unit automatically and manually. Brando also liked to exercise in his pool. So, he created a special tennis shoes for the water that would allow him to work out more efficiently within his pool. Brando is no longer with us but his tennis shoe invention is now being marketed for consumers.

6. The Dolly Track Switch by Steven Spielberg

The Dolly Track Switch by Steven Spielberg Top Most Popular Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things 2019

Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors in the history of film. Spielberg and Peter Mackie created a contraception known as the dolly track switch. this contraption when they were working on some of his films. Once the dolly track switch was invented, camera men could easily switch between tracks when recording a film. Spielberg also invented other items such as an annotating device for scripts.

5. Form Fighting Clothing and Julie Newmar

Form Fighting Clothing and Julie Newmar Top Best Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things 2017

Julie Newmar was not the biggest and best Hollywood actress but she certainly held her own. Newmar was really popular in film and television from the 50s to the 70s. From 1966 – 1968 she played the role of Catwoman on the Batman series. The series was a big hit and during her time on the program, Newmar wore a special pair of pantyhose that enhanced a woman’s rear end. This was a first.

Her outfit eventually started a new line of clothing that combined nylon and spandex. In 1974 she patented the outfit and form fitting clothing started to emerge. By the 1990s many clothing companies followed suit and by 2000, tight fitting clothing for females in the west is now the norm.

4. The Window Sash Holder by Bing Crosby


Bing Crosby invented a practical device that would allow him to adjust his blinds. Crosby was a private man and though he enjoyed being a pop icon, he sometimes did not want the press. When he tried to hide away inside of his home, he sometimes felt like he could not adjust his shades. The window sash holder was created by Crosby to keep the blind’s strings secure. This gave Crosby more control with adjusting the blinds. Crosby patented this invention in 1976 and it met limited commercial success.

3. The Chum Magic of Gary Burghoff

The Chum Magic of Gary Burghoff Top Most Famous Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things 2018

Gary Burghoff was known for his character Radar on the popular 70s comedy, MASH. Burghoff was an avid angler. Outside of acting, it was a great passion for him. As a matter of fact, Burghoff loved this pastime so much that he created a device known as Chum Magic.

Chum Magic is a small case that is filled with chum. The device can be attached to their boats while they fish. The chum cause fish to rise to the surface to eat and once they do, anglers can fish them up out of the water. The device was patented in 1992 and is being used within a limited capacity by fisherman today.

2. The Lie Detector by William Marston

The Lie Detector by William Marston Top 10 Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things

William Martson was a Hollywood actor who had been around since the beginning of the film industry. He lived from 1893-1947. Martson was not just an actor he was also the inventor of Wonder Woman. He brought her into existence in 1941.

Wonder Woman fought with a Magic Lasso of Truth. This Lasso forced any person caught up in it to tell the truth. Martson’s Magic Lasso was based off an invention that he coined the lie detector machine. Martson created the precursor to the lie detector machines that are used today.

Once Martson showed his invention to the government in 1917 they knew that the machines were the real deal. Martson’s machines went into mass production and over the years they have been developed.

1. WiFi by Hedy Lamarr


People might not want to believe this but a beautiful starlet from the 30s and 40s invented the WiFi technology that is in use today. She created this technology during the 40s when she was taking a break between films. She came up with the idea when she collaborated with a composer by the name of Antheil.

Antheil had been helping to develop a system of encrypted radio signals. This device as the analogue version of Wi-Fi. The two began to continuously work on the project until they were able to implement the technology.

Once they had it set up they tried to take it to the government and the military. However, their initial idea was rejected because the military only wanted their own to create military technology. As a result, Lamarr’s technology was rejected. However, she had a patent for the technology.

By the way it wasn’t until the 1960s that the government realized how important the invention was. You should also know that George Lamarr and Antheil’s patent had expired. So the military stepped in and took over the technology for themselves. Lamarr had even made a fluorescent dog collar and alterations to the Concorde plane design.

These are the Top 10 Celebrities Who Invented Interesting Things ever until 2017. All of these stars and many more have invented many new products and machines. Many of these items never made it to market but a few did become a commercial success. Ultimately, the products prove that stars have more than just good looks at their disposal; they also have the brains to match.