Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World 2017. In every year, wedding designers move forward in producing the best wedding dresses. They normally start their career by putting fashion designers who are inspirational. When you have the intention of marrying at the chapel, you need a wedding dress that looks as pretty as you. Choosing the best wedding dresses is not dependent on the price. It simply depends on how it is designed to fit and suit you. As a bride, you need to be the most beautiful girl in this memorable day. For the best dress you need the top wedding dress wedding designers who are known of their creative arts. The following is a list of the top 10 best wedding designers in 2017:

List of Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World 2017

10. Angel Sanchez


She is one of the wedding designers who are the best. She is from Venezuela. Angel is known well for her unique desighns. She makes wedding dresses from designs of stylish celebrities’ i.e. Beyonce and Sandra Bullock. She is a designer who is known of her perspectives that goes beyond expectations. The latest wedding dresses that she made are hand painted with silk gauze that has edy quality. She is among the best wedding dress designers who are blunted by ruffled capelets and blunted soft asymmetrical.

09. Lockie bride

This are wedding dress designer who work in line with the bride who wish for Francisco costa. These designers drop everything they are working on in color and designing wedding sheaths. They are wedding designers from Newyork whose wedding gowns have equal parts of artwork and blank canvas. They design wedding dresses with a starting point on the styling.Moreover, the wedding dresses are minimalistic and the stroke the metropolitan chord.

08. Umar Sayeed


He is a wedding dresses’ designer who is among the finest fashion designers in Pakstan. The bridal collections and the bridal dresses that he makes increased his famousness. Mar is a designer who puts his style together with graceful images together to produce perfect wedding dresses. He is loved by both men and women because of his talent in designing. The wedding dresses which are designed by him are the ones every single woman dreams of having on their wedding day.

07. Jenny pack ham


She is a fashion designer from the UK.She is well known for wedding dresses and readymade cloths. She established her famous brand in 1998 where she started with bridal gowns and evening wears. Some of her customers are Angelina Colie, Kate Hadson, Duchess of Cambridge and many more. Her wedding dress creations were featured in the ‘’sex in the city’’ through Kim catrall.The wedding dress that she designed recently was asymmetrical with Swarovski crusted at different places.

06. Ellis bridals

They are wedding dress designers who provide modern designs with exquisite attention. They are the best designers who are located in London. They offered authentic heritage of British and craftsmanship. They are inspired by the ever-changing market that is focused towards a gown that a woman craves for. Ellis bridals use fabrics which are beautiful and elegant.

05. Sarah Burton for Alexander MC Queen


She is a famous wedding dress designers 2017 and also a director of the Alexander MC Queen. She is known by girls of different countries in the world. Kate Middleton wore the wedding dress that was designed by Sarah. It was a breathtaking wedding dress. She also designs luxurios, sophiscated wedding dresses with simple fabrics and beautiful decorations.

04. Ines di Santo


She is a designer who was born in Itary.Ines is one of the designers of the bridal culture. Her decorations highlight femininity and are characterized by the exact fit, construction and origin. She also designs asymmetrical lace mindresses, lace appliqués and talle skirts. Her wedding dresses are made in Toronto in her ateliers.She oversees the production herself to ensure quality of work.

03. Vera Wang


She is a former skater who is now a fashion designer. Vera is based in Newyork. She is among the best wedding dress designers of 2017.She is famous on her collections. Vera Wang started as a fashion editor for the magazine of Vogue. She was a design director for many years. Her wedding dresses have been won by celebrities like Mariah Carey, Chelsea Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardeshian and first lady Michelle Obama. She is one of the Best Wedding Dress Designers 2017.

02. Clare Pettibone


She is the second best wedding dress designer who took her guests back to the 19 C.Claire,s collections consists of romantic and delicate silk gowns. The wedding dresses she designs have beautiful laces that overlay the rich rose of gold embroiderly. Some of her gowns features antique embroidery for the brides.

1. Marchesa


She the best wedding dress designer in 2017.She is famous in New York. Her brands have been used by actresses who appear on the red carpet. They include; Tylor Swift, Halle Berry, Elena and many more. She is one of the designers who never disappoints. Many people love her vintage filling when they wear her dresses. Not only producing gorgeous intriate and detailing gowns, she is also a trend indicator for the bridal hair. Marchesa is a wedding dress designer who is the best and she specializes in the women’ wear which are highly ended.

So, These are the world’s Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers 2017. These are the best designers for wedding dresses where you need to choose from when you are preparing for your wedding. They have amazing looks and are wonderfully designed. You need wedding dresses like these 10 that can make you the most beautiful girl in your own wedding.