Top 10 Best and Most Hottest NFL Players

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Hottest NFL Players 2017. NFL is a game that is enjoyed by many people in USA and hence very popular. This game is not only popular in USA but also in many other countries. Due to large popularity, the NFL players have huge followings in their social accounts and a big number of their followers are women. Proof of this is their Facebook and Twitter accounts that are filled with many single and even married women. Below is a list of the most hottest NFL players in the world according to huge female fans they have.

List of Top 10 best and Most Hottest NFL Players 2017

10. Josh Freeman


This handsome young man was born in January 13th 1988 in USA. His great height makes his personality outstanding. This NFL player started his football career in college where he played for Kansas State. Since the he has developed to become an NFL household name across the USA. In his playing career, he has numerous awards to his name that include USA Today college player of the week and Co-offensive player of the week all in the year 2008. To add to the talent, he is generally handsome.

9. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson Top Handsome NFL Players 2017

Calvin was born in USA in September 29th 1985. His athletic and well-built body makes female fans fall in love with him each time he is in the pitch. He started playing football at college playing for Georgia Tech and currently is playing for Detroit Lions. He has various records to his name that include winning a hundred receiving yards in consecutive games and an average of around 123 yards per game. Not only is Calvin handsome he is also an enthusiastic player.

8. Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews Top Most Popular Handsome NFL Players 2018

Clay is a handsome and good looking player who was born in May 14th in USA. His great height gives him an astonishing personality. He started playing football while still in college where he played for USC. A scholarship status meant for athletes was given to him in 2006 season. In that same year, Clay also got Teams Player of the year while still at USC. Because of his great looks, ladies have been known to stalk him in social media.

7. Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn Top 10 Most Handsome NFL Players 2017

This handsome NFL player was born in October 27th 1984 in USA. His nice looks make him very charming. Many women have been attracted to him because of his chocolate face. Brady currently plays for Free Agent group. Some of the awards that Brady has won over his playing career include Maxwell Award, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and Cingular All-America Player of the Year Award. He is one of the Top 10 Most Hottest NFL Players 2017.

6. Reggie Bush


Reggie was born on March 2nd 1985 in USA. He currently plays for Detroit Lions. He is considered as one of the most stylish handsome NFL player. His stylish mode of dressing fascinates many women who fall in love with him slowly. During his games you are more likely to find banners with his name on them. Some of his accomplishments include wining Heisman Trophy in college, winning Doak Walker and Walter Camp Awards. He is a passionate and talented NFL player.

5. Cam Newton

Cam Newton Top Popular Handsome NFL Players 2018

This handsome young man was born on May 11th 1989 in USA. He currently plays for Carolina Panthers and has a large women fan base because of his looks. His personality and great height makes women attracted to him during game time. He is a talented and successful NFL player and some of the awards that he has won include Manning Award, Maxwell Award, AP College Football Player of the year and Walter Camp Award among others.

4. Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Top Famous Handsome NFL Players 2019

Colin was born in USA on November 3rd 1987. His well-built body makes him outstanding. Many women are attracted to him not only because of his looks but also because of his great personality. He body is covered by tattoos which makes him even more attractive. His football career started in Nevada while still in college. His football talent is no doubt and this is why he was awarded the MVP (most valuable player) of the 2008 Humanitarian Bowl and Western Athletic Offensive Player of the year Award at Nevada.

3. Tom Brady


Tom Brady is an American born in august 3rd 1977. He is handsome irrespective of his age and that’s why he features in this list of the most handsome NFL players. His one look leaves many ladies gasping for breath and crazy. He played college football for University of Michigan and his preferred position is as a quarterback. Tom Brady is a very consistent player who has won Super Bowl MVP and MVP awards.

2. Miles Austin


This NFL player was born in June 30th 1984. He is relatively handsome and well-built. He is one of the best NFL players of all time and the massive record he has in the game proves that. Many are the times that women yells his name and carry banners with his name on his entry into the ground. Some even go an extra mile holding banners written on them ‘will you marry me’. He played his college football for Monmouth Hawks where he performed excellent with 150 passes, 2,867 yards and 33 touchdowns. Other teams that Miles Austin has played for include Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns.

1. Eric Decker

Eric Decker Top 10 Most Handsome NFL Players

Eric was born in March 15th 1987 in USA. He not only played football in his college days but also baseball. His attractive looks and mesmerizing eyes are some of the features that make him top this list. He has a very large number of female fans who would do almost anything not to miss his game. He is also very talented and successful in football and plays for New York Jets. Some of his achievements include 2,156 receiving yards and 28 touchdowns. He is one of the most popular NFL players not only to women but also men because of his great talent and personality.

The above NFL players are not only handsome and well-built, they are very good players when it comes to the game. They make up this list of the most hottest NFL players in 2017.

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