Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Latino Actors

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Latino Actors 2017. Actors are important people in any movie. They can be likened to hearts to movies. Latin –America is a world which is talented and gifted with the most handsome actors. Many of the handsome Latin actors come from Hollywood movies have been a success in gaining more wealth. Many of the Latin handsome actors earn lots of billions which are regarded to be more than the annual budget of some countries. Acting which is done by the Latin actors is awesome.

They are not only talented in the acting career but also with nice looks that made girls crazy. The following is the list of the top 10 most handsome Latino actors 2017:

List of Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Latino Actors 2017

10. Michael Pena


He is among the handsome Latino actors in 2016.Michael was born on May 1976 in Chicago and is one of the actors who makes women to fall in love with them. He is well known in working in English and Spanish. This is expressed well in his acting in the Diego Luna’s 2014 immigrant activist film called ‘’Caesar Charoz’’.He acted in the ‘World trade centre’ movie. In addition, he voiced the chosen for character Ricky’s animated movies. He is the best actor in the Vatican tapes la Cucaracha.

09. Diego Luna

Diego Luna Top Most Famous Handsome latino Actors 2018

Diego was born in Dec.1979 in Mexico. He was born in a family which is talented with theatre actors. Acting is deep into their genes since their both parents are actors. He is the most handsome actor in the Latin America- he has long hair. Diego is also a stylish actor whose dressing style is nice. Apart from the acting title; he has other titles like, a presenter and a producer. He has played a crucial role to bring the Mexican cinema to USA through acting, producing and distribution deals..Diego has acted in several movies that include; the terminal, vampires: mejeritos and dirty dancing: Havana nights and open range.

08. Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem Top 10 Most Handsome latino Actors

He is a handsome Latin actor in 2017. He was born on March 1969 in Spain. He has a good body structure and height that combines to give him a handsome look. He is the husband of the famous actress; Penelope Cruz. He has won local and international awards for his acting. The latest movie that he acted is the ‘’Last face that shows in the screens in this.Moreover, he played an important role in the ‘’No country for old men’’ that made him the most popular. Up to now, he is successful and he has 72 awards for his amazing acting. His net worth is about $ 20 million

07. John Leguizamo


John is a Latino actor who was born on July 1964 in Colombia. He started as a conductor car of New York City train. This is where he did his first performance. This was a breakthrough to his acting and comedy. During this time, the Latinos in Hollywood were few as compared to now. He is a handsome actor with an expressive face. His hardwork, famousness earns him a lot of admiration. He is famous for acting in 10 films and 75 movies.

06. Gael Garcial Bernal

Gael Garcial Bernal Top Popular Handsome latino Actors 2019

He is the sixth handsome Latin actors. He was born in1978.He is one of the Mexican actors who are influential. Gael has a net worth of $ 12 million. In addition, he is a producer and director who have given the film industry super hits. In 2016, Neruda is the movie which is upcoming.Moreover, Amorres Perros was his super hit that made him famous. He has won many international awards for excelling in the fields of acting, directing and producing.

05. Benjamin Vicuna

Benjamin Vicuna Top Most Handsome latino Actors 2017

He is a handsome Latin actor who was born in November 1978 in Chile. He is charming and handsome too. His stylish hairstyle and awesome body makes several women to die for him. This makes him to have many female fans. ‘Charlie Angels and full Throttle are the series that increased his fame. Benjamin Vicuna has a net worth of 10 million. In addition, he has been in the Spartan movie 300.The movies which he has acted include; ‘Super and, ‘The memory of water’.UNICEF appointed him to be the goodwill ambassador in 2008. He is one of the Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Latino Actors 2017.

04. William Levy


He is a Latin actor who is refereed as Latino Brat Pitt.He is a Bona fide telenovera star.Willam has been raised by a single mother in Cojimar, the poor fishing village. At age 14, he migrated to Miami where he connected with the Latino actors. Dancing with the stars got him a better place in the pop culture. He is a handsome actor who has a tall height and a well built body structure that makes him look gorgeous.In addition, he has mesmerizing eyes that have stolen the hearts of many girls. He has acted in film like ‘Addicted’ and ‘Single moms club’.

03. George Lopez

George Lopez Top Famous Handsome latino Actors 2019

He was born on April 1961 in a family with an average earning. He is among the actors who are millioners, Above all, he is a handsome actor with a stylish palter of dress and a nice hairstyle that has been a trend to many youths. He has won several awards in the Latin community. George is well known for acting in the ‘Bread and robes’ ‘School dance’ and ‘Swing Vote’

02. Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas Top Most Handsome latino Actors 2017

He is the second most handsome Latino actors in 2017.He was born on 1960 in Spain Many people call him Zorro. Apart from acting, he is also a producer and a director. The movies which he has acted include Vampire chronicles where he impressed many people.Moreover, he voiced the ‘’puss boota’’animated film.

01. Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio Derbez Top Most Popular Handsome latino Actors 2018

He is the most handsome Latino actors in 2017.He were born on Sep.1061 in Mexico. Her stylish hairstyle and charming face makes him to look gorgeous.In addition, he is a producer, director and a writer. He created the Sires and is known well as a formula 3 driving driver. Eugenio’s TV series that he made include XHDRBZ, Vecinos and Derbez en Cuand.In 2016,’’Geostorm’’ and ‘’Speedy ‘’ are his upcoming movies.

These are the top most handsome Latino actors 2017. They are all hottest, talented, intelligent and successful. They were born with genes for acting. This has made them the heart for the movies.