Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors 2017. Actors are the heartthrob to the young people who follow their steps. Japan is known well for having the largest and oldest film industry. It is ranked the fourth position in the whole world. The film industry produces feature films. Movies started in Japan in the year 1987.Its actors are not only known in their country but also in the whole world. Japan has J-pop, Manga and anime series. Almost all the people in the world follow actors and it becomes an interesting thing their favorites who are the most handsome in the acting industry in Japan. Here is the list:

List of Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors 2017

10. Takahiro Nishijima

takahiro nishijima, Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors 2017

Takahiro was born in September 1986.He is also called Nissy. He holds many titles-he is a singer, dancer and an actor. He is a dancer of a J-pop dance since the year 2005.In addition; he was one of the dancers of the Ami Suzuki’s performance. Moreover, he is a guitarist and also in the Hokkaid socity NTT Dacom.His hobbies are fishing, singing and acting.Takahiro is popular among the girls because of his amazing vocals and her exposure of love and signal when he acts. Above all, he is handsome.

09. Yosuke Kubozuka

yosuke kubozuka, Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors 2018

He is one of the most handsome Japanese actors in 2017. He started as a model for magazines and commercials of the TV. He later debuted to be an actor in the year 1995 in the kindaichi case files’ crime drama.Laiter on in 1998; he acted on the GTO TV series. In addition he was the leader in the Ikebukuro Westgate that was done in 2000.Yosuke is recommended for different works where he acted. At the monster club, he played an important role. Moreover, he was a lead character in the Ping Pong aced film that was released in 2002.

08. Hideaki Takizawa

hideaki takizawa, Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors 2019

He was born in March 1982.He is an actor as well as a singer in the acting industry of Japan. In addition, he is a J-pop tackey band member along with his acting career When he was 20 years, he started with the Avex Trax group record label.Hideaki is now famous and serious Japanese actor in the dramas.Hideaki has acted in dramas like Strawberry on the short cake and also majo no joken.His Romeo and Juliet acting in 2007, Kokuchisezo in 2008 and Mayonaka in 2013 made him famous

07. Tekeru Santoh


He is a Japanese actor who is handsome. He was born in March 1989.Tekeru is popular for his acting in the Ruroini Kenshin and rider Deno.The first drama that he acted was that of princess D.In this drama, he acted as Toru Kouno.She talked about loneliness and stress in being a popular star in his blog. His hobbies are Rubik’s cube, B boying and playing with pets.Furthermore, he is a handsome actor who has won many awards like that of the best actor for the Asian acts and the 2015 Japan action awards. He also won in the Tokyo international drama festival.

06. Osamu Mukai


Osamu is a handsome Japanese actor who has a great talent in acting. She is appreciated in Japan and all over the world’s secondary sources. He has a lot of followers who admire him. Most of them who admire him are from the film industry. Many producers prefer him because of his success factor. He was ranked the second in 2015. Osamu increased his popularity for appearing in the men’s cosmetics commercials

05. Eita Nagayama


Eita is a Tokyo Japanese actor. He is famous in acting like a child in a movie since his brother; Kento Nasayami was his older brother. He debuted to the modeling career when he was still in high school.Eita become famous from the soda drink commercial act. He has acted on many dramas and videos. The first drama that he acted was the Sayonara. Blue film is the name of the film where he appeared for the first time. Moreover, his water boys’ TV drama in 2003 where he got his breakthrough. He is on demand in 2016.The latest movies that he acted was the Planes in the fire and rescue in 2014.He also acted in the magnificent nine. He is one of the Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Japanese Actors 2017.

04. Tamashita Tomohisa


He is one of the handsome Japanese actors in 2016.Tamashita was borne of Japanese acting. He is one of the best actors in the nation. In addition, he is a singer who has a great talent.Tamashita has excellent acting skills that makes him a movie industry character.Moreover,his personality and fans base cross all limits in placing him in position 4.Tamashita released his single called Daite Senorita in 2006.He changed his name from Tomonisa Aoki because his father left the family.

03. Takuya Kimura


Takuya is the third top most handsome Japanese actors in 2017 He is not only an actor but also a TV personality and idol group member. He has a height of 1.76 .Several men take him as their role model. In addition, he gained influence on the pop culture in the mid 90 up to date. Many people call him the Kimutuku generation.

02. Fujiki Naohito


Fujiki is an actor in Japan who is cute and handsome. Many ladies admire him because of her smartness and hottest actions in all times. He has acted in many films and he has come out successful. He is among the Japanese actors with many followers.

01. Jin Akanishi


He is the top most handsome actors in Japan. He was born on July 1984.He is known well as a song writer, singer, voice actor and musician. He is an artist who is mult-talented.Jin is a lead vocalist of the KAT-TUN boy band. Since the start of the group in 2006, the group has been taking position 1.Moreover; he has acted in bandage and Tukan clubs. He made his debut of Hollywood in 2013 with Keanu Reeves as his lead actor.

These are all handsome Japanese actors 2017 who are stylish and hardworking for their achievement of a perfect look. Their famousness and successfulness is achieved by their personality.