Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2017. China has produced many popular movies globally. Most of them are action movies but there are romantic movies too. Chinese actors have done a great work in growing the film industry in China. Most of these actors are upcoming stars. We are going to take a look on the most handsome of them all. Here is the top 10 list.

List of Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2017

10. Wei Chen

Wei Chen Top 10 Most Handsome Chinese Actors

Wei Vision Chen is a Chinese actor and pop singer born on February 22nd, 1986. This super boy grew into public fame after television singing competitions. His favorite album, disparate gave him a public attention on his role Meteor Shower. Chen’s career began in 2009 when he appeared in television shows and series such as Meteor shower 1 (2009), meteor shower 2 (2010) and his names sake (2012). Some of his films were released much early than the television shows. The five films are lost in white (2016), fleet of time (2014), fire boy (2009) and seventeen which was the first to be released in 2008. Wei Chen is also good at stage performance.

Chen is relatively young and handsome Chinese actors.

9. Hua Chenyu

Hua Chenyu Top Most Popular Handsome Chinese Actors 2018

This Chinese singer is popularly known because of his stage performance. Hua Chenyu was born on 7th February 1990 in China. Hua is a fashionable young boy who enjoys styling his hair so much. He became popular among the Chinese people after releasing his first album, Quasimodo Gift which because so popular. This was a great success for Chenyu because he sold approximately 500,000 copies in China only.

Hua Chenyu is the owner of the award for the most popular male singer.

8. Wu Yifan


Wu Yifan popularly known as Kris Wu is a popular, successful and one of the most handsome Chinese men born on 6th December, 1990, Guangzhou, Guangdong, in China. Yifan is an actor, model, rapper and songwriter who is famous among the Chinese people. He began his career in 2011 when he made his first appearance on stage and performed Girls generation tour. He later released several albums including Mr. Six (2015), somewhere only we know (2015), the mermaid (2015), sweet sixteen (2015) and many more. One of his shows includes Happy Camp (2012).
Wu Yifan is determined and hard working towards his career. He is handsome and young.

7. Chen He

Chen He Top Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2017

He is popularly known as Michael Chen He or simply Mike. Chen was born on 9th November, 1985, Changle, Fujian, China. He grew famous after portraying a romantic role in a television comedy series, Ipaliament. This comedy was broadcasted in the entire china fraternity. His acting career is said to have been inherited from his parents who were both actors. Love on the cloud (2014), fleet of time (2014), love in the office (2014), Jian Bing man (2014) and detective Chinatown (2015) are some of his famous and successful albums.

Chen He is a passionate, skillful and focused actor.

6. Chen Xiao

Chen Xiao Top Most Famous Handsome Chinese Actors 2018

Chinese people say that Chen Xiao has cute face, eyes and amazing hair style. Though very young, Xiao is very different from the other Chinese actors because at a very young age, he had made effort to appear in more than 10 films. In 2009, he made his first in the film detective dee and the mystery of the phantom flame (2010) which earned him an award for Grand preceptor. Chen has many television dramas and Sitcoms.

Chen is very handsome and every woman’s dream in China.

5. Zheng Kai


Zheng Ryan kai was born on 17th April, 1986, shanghai, China and he is a television personality and actor. He has captured the public through films Running man China and Lu Han, Deng chao, Li chen , Chen he , wong cho lam and Agelababy. Kai was a student at Shanghai theatre academy in 2008. This is where he made his career foundation.

Currently, Cheng Kai is very popular, successful and one of the most handsome men in China.

4. Lu Han

Lu Han Top Popular Handsome Chinese Actors 2019

Lu Han was born on 20th April, 1990, in china. He is a Chinese most adored singer and actor. Lu has a face that resembles that of a woman. It is very cute and clear. He is the love of many women especially when he performs romantic roles in movies, dramas and television shows. Some of his film contents include 20 once again (2015), 12 golden ducks (2015), time raiders (2016), the great wall (2016), the ferryman (2017) and television shows like hurry up brother (2015 to date) and back to school (2016).

Lu Han is an upcoming star but very successful already.

3. William Chan


One unique thing about Chan is his Funky Hairstyle that leaves every woman with a desire of wanting to date this young star. A research that was conducted in early 2015 showered that he is one of the most searched celebrities in the internet. William has six complete albums that are being in china, India and other parts of the world. Some of his albums include will power (2008), war it or (2009), do you wanna dance (2010), pop it up (2012), waiting (2015), heads of tails (2010) and wow (2011).

William Chan has a fantastic look and his smile says it all about his handsome nature. He is the pride of China. He is one among the Top 10 Best and Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2017.

2. Andy Lau

Andy Lau Top 10 Most Handsome Chinese Actors 2017

Andy Lau is a Chinese actor and singer born on 27th September, 1961, in China. He is generally a good looking person hence scooped a chance in the top 10 most handsome actors in china. Andy has a higher age and has worked in more than 160 movies till now. Some of his popular movies are running on karma, Gallants and running out of time.

Andy has kept a record of having so many awards from his films and he has also become very successful in the Chinese movies industry.

1. Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng Most Famous Handsome Chinese Actors 2019

Although young, he tops in this list of the most handsome Chinese actor. Yifeng was born on 4th may 1987, in china. He is characterized by his decent looks, dressing style, unique hairstyle that is always maintained and a well built body. He is also the center of attraction in Chinese girls. Fall in love like a star is one of his albums which are very successful. Li is just an amazing Chinese actor.

Most of the Chinese handsome men are very young. Most of them are born in 1980s. They have become Chinese stars with many awards. These Chinese actors 2017 are intelligent.