Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017. There is a definite trend of celebrities who enjoy getting tattooed over various parts of their body in the past few decades. Where it once used to have intrinsic meaning and could be seen as a means of expressing oneself, it is now trendy and seems to stand as a status symbol amongst some stars. While most tattoo still carry meaning they are displayed far more than usual in an effort to show the side of the individual they wish the public to see. While some are quite artfully done others are just down ridiculous, though are often thought of as quirky or flashy when they are seen on the more beautiful and attractive members of Hollywood.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017

10. Christina Ricci


Few would have expected the quintessential Wednesday Adams to grow up to be the alluring and beautiful woman that Ricci has become. Since her time as a star she has been tatted up a total of 8 times, with a few that are highly visible and others that are not quite as prominent. Her tattoos start as low as her ankle and end around her shoulders, each one of them small and rather innocuous unless one is really looking. From the praying hands over her belly button to the blue sparrow on her right breast her ink is rather stylish and not too overdone.

9. Kat Von D


This is an example of a woman that loves and reveres her work. Kat has made a name for herself as one of the premier tattoo artists in the industry and holds the record for most tattoos given in an hour. Her entire body is a working masterpiece from her forehead on down, though she has never bothered to hide her lovely features. In fact one of the only notable tattoos she’s had removed was that of her ex, Jesse James, who’s name she had on her body until their split.

8. Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017

Stylish, classy, and quite elegant would describe both the woman and her tattoos. Her connection to religion and spirituality is quite telling in the tattoo of a rosary that rests on her right shoulder blade and a Buddhist symbol that is inked on her neck. There is some small sense of irony that she would profess a religious nature given the role she has become so well known for in her adult years. Still, Alyssa has shown just as much grace and sense in her choice of tattoos as she has throughout her career, which has definitely taken its leaps of faith in the past.

7. Britney Spears

Britney Spears Top Most Popular Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2018

Much has been and can be said about Britney Spears, but in regards to her tattoos it is not often realized that she has far more than many know about. This is largely because she has many small tattoos that are hard to spot and are often hidden away. She has tattoos that are very easy to spot, such as the Hebrew letters on her neck, inspired by Madonna, and the flower vine tattoo that adorns one of her feet. Among all inked celebrities she is perhaps one of the few that doesn’t always flaunt her tattoos, though the ones that are seen are rarely hidden.

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Top 10 Most Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

Known as one of Hollywood’s darlings, Jessica Alba is perhaps one of the few people that would be expected to remain clean-skinned, but that just isn’t the case. Despite her often innocent and alluring looks, Alba has been spotted sporting a flower and ladybug tattoo on the back of her neck, though she has reportedly had this removed. There is still a tattoo written in Sanskrit on the inside of her writs that means “lotus”, which symbolizes her ties both the Buddhist and Christian faiths. She also has the tattoo of a bow on her lower back that she received some time ago.

5. Megan Fox


There is no secret about Megan Fox’s tattoos, as she is not shy about sharing them and has often been quizzed on their meanings. The former heroine of the “Transformers” franchise is quite keen on sporting some personal messages and images that obviously carry some meaning to her. Whether others understand them or not doesn’t seem to matter, as Fox is quite comfortable in her own skin and has professed as much in the past. She has had one tattoo removed in the recent past, that of an image of Marilyn Monroe.

4. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Top Most Famous Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2019

There is no denying the intent and meaning of Dwayne Johnson’s tattoos, as he became well known for the Brahma Bull tattoo on his arm during his days as a wrestler in WWE. Later on however he began to sport a much more intricate and meaningful design on his opposite shoulder, denoting his pride in his Samoan heritage and inspiring many others to start sporting designs similar to but not always the same as his own. As part of a proud line of wrestling superstars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is undeniably one of the many who sport their ink with both pride and distinction.

3. David Beckham

David Beckham Top Popular Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2018

For David Beckham tattooing is almost like an obsession, though several of his tattoos are said to carry great meaning to him. One is undoubtedly the name of his son that is tattooed across his lower back, and the tattoo of a guardian angel along his upper back could likely be said to harbor just as much meaning. He is also a fan of Hindi letters being tattooed upon his body, and sports two intricately woven sleeves, one on each arm. There is no doubt that this man doesn’t mind going under the needle for a few hours or more.

2. Nicole Richie


Despite not having nearly as much body art as other celebrities, Nichole Richie is seen to be quite fond of her own tattoos, and flaunts them whenever possible. She does sport an impressive number of tattoos, with nine in various spots upon her body. She has a rosary bead on her ankle, which is seen as affirmation of her religious beliefs, as well as a cross that rides along her lower back. She also sports a pair of wings upon her back that seem to further denote how she feels towards her chosen religion.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Top Beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017

It would be hard to close out a list such as this without mentioning Angelina Jolie. As she has featured so many of her tattoos in one movie or another, Jolie has also been noted for her belief that tattoos are considered body art and not at all abnormal or harmful in any way. A staunch supporter of freedom in many forms, she had the words “know your rights” tattooed on the back of her neck in 2004. Before that she had a Buddhist prayer inked on the left side of her back, while her first tattoo was a Japanese Kanji symbol that stood for death.

These are the top ten most beautiful Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities 2017. Likely as not, their own body art has inspired many to visit tattoo parlors across the country in an effort to emulate their favorite stars.