Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Female Celebrities 2017 Who Look Better With Natural Hair. Hollywood is full of chameleons. One minute you’re looking at a brunette bombshell whom you could swear was her crowning glory in its natural colour when it’s actually a dirty blonde and the next, a strawberry blonde is suddenly nowhere to be seen because it’s a lazy day and well a change would be great, so ditch the bottle of dye. Aside from the fact that for many a celebrity, the stylist’s lounge is their second home, we’ve managed to unearth the Top 10 Female Celebrities who really do look much better with their au naturel manes. Prepare for a shock or three as we journey toward the past. They are:

List of Top 10 Female Celebrities 2017 Who Look Better With Natural Hair

10. Emma Stone

Emma Stone Top Most Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair 2017

Emma Stone with her famous signature locks of red hair was thought provoking but not so much until she appeared as a blonde for her role in The Amazing Spider Man. Would would have guessed her natural colour is blonde; pure, unadulterated blonde. It didn’t change colour until after those hideous years when she sported bright blonde highlights. From there it was a fringed brunette with blue eyes that peeked out from under her bangs. Many agree, her natural blonde colour suits her. Welcome Back to the real Emma Stone.

9. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair 2017

Naturally curly hair is Ariana Grande’s crowning glory. Who would have known until she gave us all a cheat peek when she uploaded her picture to Instagram. With her natural texture showing, without extensions, her curls are deep and inviting. The half-up, half-down hairdo has become a familiar expectant since Ariana Grande’launched her career as a pop star. It was nice to see she’s happily sporting a natural hair do rather than one that has been ‘designed’ for her.

8. Scarlett Johansson


The ultimate Blond Bombshell, Scarlett Johansson is really a brunette with a mane of mocha brown hair. With fair almost porcelain skin, she can wear just about anything, and has. Her hair has been ultra white, red, dark rich brown and then blonde. Whilst she wears it naturally, it looks refreshed and free in a short well cut do. It must be a real delight to have liberty at last and while it does last, the hair must be thanking her too.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Top Popular Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair 2019

From Aniston’s straight, classy style, it doesn’t matter what she does with it, it always looks gorgeous. But did you know that under that sun-kissed-locks-look is actually a natural brunette? Right up until around 1994 when she became Rachel Green on “Friends”, her hair was a gorgeous, rich shade of dark brown. Then in 1995, the girl with a hundred and one layers in her shoulder length hair appeared with blonde highlights and it’s been blonde ever since. Throughout the nineties, she sported a style known as the “Rachel” which took her right through until 1997. Then it was honey in layers that were styled in waves at the ends. Now days it’s the Jen hair with the blonde highlights, the strong natural straight lines that frame her face in a soft, endearing kind of way.

6. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair

Underneath all that gorgeous flowing, flaming locks of red hair, is a head that sprouts a natural brunette, and lots of it. That famous head of hair has been seriously curled, chopped off at the shoulders so she could play ‘Tinkerbell’ in Hook and straightened for the Red Carpet. It’s been bounced in a strawberry blonde bob, and after it grew a little, it was a half up half down do that softened her strong features. Then it was chestnut corkscrew ringlets that let her through to 2000 until she upped the ante with a shade of coco brown, very much like her own natural colour. She softened it with waves and allowed it to bounce softly on her shoulders. Today it’s a shiny auburn that accentuates her smooth curls and middle part. A timeless colour.

5. Rose Leslie


Rose Leslie is really a red head. Known best for her role as the maid in Downton Abbey her characteristic red hair is a ribbon of burned copper tat is as soft as silk. Must be her Scottish blood that keeps it in such gorgeous shape. Now days she wears it pretty much like she used to, in soft ginger waves that frame her face in copper hues. Natural is best and on her it is refreshingly lovely.

4. Sophie Turner


When she emerged on her birthday, Sophie Turner had no hair as many tiny babies don’t. But as surely as she was going to become a celebrity, so her hair is surely a gorgeous, run-your-fingers-through-her-hair trademark red. Did we say red? Her famous ginger locks suddenly took a different direction when she posted a photo on Instagram. Wow, she’s platinum all of a sudden. She is one of the Top 10 Female Celebrities 2017 Who Look Better With Natural Hair.

3. Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris Top Most Famous Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair 2018

Emmylou Harris has always had a trademark head of hair but since she went gray in her early 20’s she quit dying it. Her hair is all white, soft and vibrant, it frames her face in a rich tone of platinum. It must have been in the genes since her father had gorgeous steel-gray hair. Emmylou Harris is 64 and regardless of her age, she is one of the most revered silver bombshells of the new Millennium.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis Top Famous Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair 2019

Call it salt and pepper, silver or steel, whatever you call it, Jamie Lee Curtis has been gray since 2000 and the 55 year old looks striking. She’s been sporting a cropped, sharp style for years but her gray hair gives her a look of freshness and appeal. With the freedom she has, after washing, she finger styles it with a soft blast of warm air and she’s done. Nothing like a touch of freedom and no fuss.

1. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren Top Most Popular Female Celebrities Who Look Better With Natural Hair 2018

Dame Helen Mirren was born a blonde but her transition from gold locks to stunning silver is difficult to process. She’s one who cares about her appearance and gives her hair a little lift with blonde highlights, but without succumbing to the little-old-lady granny-look, she remains absolutely gorgeous. Her hair is very fine, almost like filaments of silk, so she cuts it in subtle layers, herself. With more texture, she has the freedom to pair it either side all the while knowing it will grow back if she is a little too generous with the scissor blades.

These are the Top 10 Female Celebrities 2017 Who Look Better With Natural Hair. It used to be length and hair was a personal symbol that made a woman unique. Hair talks and it tells a lot about a woman; what she eats, her health, her sexuality, and her style preferences. But natural is making a comeback, particularly when dyes are harsh and the tell tale signs are in the strings of brittle follicles. Letting the hair grow naturally whilst embracing the colour you were born with might just give you the freedom of being less fussy and more uniquely you.