Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever till 2017. Miss Universe is a beauty contest. Actually, it is among the most admirable and adorable World’s beauty contests. It happens every year internationally more than 180 countries and is run by the ‘Miss Universe’ organization. No girl would not want to win this tittle. It is not easy for anyone to win this title for the competitions are very tough. Only a beautiful and bold woman that stands out will win this title. It is a really tough hustle. So, every year there is a new Miss Universe Winner. Out of all the previous winners, there those who stood out exceptionally to be the Most beautiful Miss Universe ever. The following is a shortlist of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners ever till 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever till 2017

10. Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 Winner


Miss Olivia is from the United States. She was 20-year-old when she won title of Miss Universe back in the year 2012. Olivia is extremely attractive and pretty. She brought the Miss Universe back to the U.S after 15 years the title was last in America. There were contestants from more than 85 counties and when she won the title due to her outstanding beauty.

9. Angela Visser


She was the winner of the ‘Best Miss Universe Ever’ event which happened in 1999. She was Netherland’s first Miss Universe ever. She took part in the 1989 Miss Universe pageant alongside other 75 contestants where she became the favorite of the fans and judges. Angela was crowned Miss Universe of that year as she is an outstanding smart and pretty lady.

8. Oxana Fedorova


Miss Oxana was the 1st Winner of Miss Universe title from Russia. She was the Miss Universe 2002 Winner. In 2002 she and 74 others took part in the competition. Oxana was had potential and a stunning character to win the title. She is the only Winner of Miss Universe title to have a score of 9.88. She is worthy to be called the ‘Beauty goddess’. Her reign, however lasted for only months after which she as dethroned. This does not matter still. She remains to be one of the prettiest Miss Universe Winners of all time.

7. Natalie Glebova

Natalie Glebova Popular Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever 2019

Nathalie was the winner in the 54th Miss Universe edition which was held in Thailand Kingdom in 2005. More than 80 countries were in the competition but the crown was taken by this Russian Princess, Nathalie. This beauty Queen is incredibly sexy, having a very perfect smile, flawless kin and pretty eyes. She has this beautiful face. Her extreme beauty makes her one of the hottest Miss Universe Winners.

6. Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever 2017

Alicia was the Forth Venezuela’s Miss Universe winner 15 years after Irene Saez last was. Alicia was the Miss Universe 1996. The Competition was held at Las Vegas. She performed amazingly in the competition and nailed it scoring a mean of 9.82 marks in all the rounds. The judges fall in love with her glamour and had no option but crown her as the winner. This made her be considered as one of the most beautiful and most spontaneous Miss Universe Winners Ever till 2017.

5. Sushmita Sen


Sushmita is was the Miss Universe 1994 Winner. She is very beautiful Indian lady and a famous actress from Bollywood. She has this amazing body with a great height and a pretty face which majorly led her to her success and fame. She became the first Indian Miss Universe winner at the age of 21 years. After this her acting career kicked off and she did so many Bollywood films and became very populous in and outside India. Her bewitching smile and mesmerizing, intense eyes do the whole miracle in her life.

4. Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza Top Famous Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever 2018

She was crowned the Miss Universe for the year 2008. This event or competition was hosted at Vietnam. Eighty candidates took part in the competition which took a whole month. Dayana is from Venezuela, a country that is known for having the most beautiful women in the world. Dayana winning the title was worth it. She made many gaze, jaws dropping when she was in her yellow bikini.

3. Amelia Vega

Amelia Vega Top Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever 2017

Amelia won the Miss Universe title for the year 2003. She was only Eighteen years when she won this. By then she was a model as well as a song writer. Miss Amelia is a talented lady with all the impressive features you can find in lady. A woman of interesting character and most of all sexy looking made guys go crazy about her. She is one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners ever.

2. Mona Grudt

Mona Grudt Top Popular Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever 2019

This is another beauty queen who had a pretty and cute face, a perfect body and sexy deep green eyes. She won the Miss Universe Title for the year 1990. She was nickname ‘The Beauty Queen of Hell’. She had such divine beauty. She is indeed one of the prettiest ladies on earth.

1. Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins Famous Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever 2018

This beauty queen comes from Australia. She won the Miss Universe Title for the year 2004, beating the other contestants with her natural beauty. She is the sexiest, most outstanding and hottest Miss Universe ever. This blue eyed blonde had a great body size and shape as well as a very pretty face.

These are the most beautiful Miss Universe Winners ever till 2017 and most of them will remain to be so due to their outstanding beauty. These are queens that should be recognized for their prettiness.