Top 10 Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses 2017.Beauty may have been  said to lie in the eyes of the beholder but for this ladies their beauty had been beheld by very many people. They are some of the most beautiful people in the industry and have taken it with a storm. With the Marathi movies becoming a hit now, these actors receive the screen time and recognition they very well deserve. Their talent and their beauty has made it easier for them to take part in some of the very many movies in the whole place. Some of these actresses include;

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses 2017

10. Neha Pandse

neha pandse, Top 10 Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses 2017

One of the well accomplished and really beautiful ladies in this industry. This lady has been featured in several movies and is still yet to be seen in more. Her career started in television and she worked her way into the film industry. It may have been a slow started but with time it has grown into something to be proud of and for many to be jealous of. Apart from all that, her beauty is striking.

9. Tejashree Pradhan

tejashree pradhan, Top 10 Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses 2018

A very popular face of beauty on television and in various films. There are several movies she has been featured in. She became famous because of being featured in the series Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi. This was a major addition to her career which is growing big with every passing day. She has beauty that cannot be ignored. Some of the other films that she has been featured in include Natsamrat. These films have been a great boost to her career and have helped her become of the big names in the industry.

8. Tejaswini Lonari

tejaswini lonari, Top 10 Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses 2019

One of the most beautiful Marathi Actresses in the year 2017. Apart from just being beautiful, she is also a very humble person as said by her friends and coworkers. She is one of the most talented actresses who has taken part in some of the well-known and most viewed shows around the world. Her face is one that is not forgettable. She is a very talented actress who is also very beautiful.

7. Purva Pawar


A face that once seen, many cannot forget is hers. She is a jewel that has been embraced by television life and has also embraced it back. She is one of the most beautiful and the hottest actresses in the Marathi film industry. She has been part of some of the movies and films including Bluffmaster and Sutradhar. Beauty alone could not have taken her to where she is right now. She is also very talented.

6. Akshata Sawant


A cool lady who has been able to get to where she is through hard work and a lot of effort in all she does. She is the perfect definition of beautiful and talented. She has dominated the Marathi glamor world with her beauty. Her fans are also very fond of her and have supported her beauty and her talent and effort in all she does. This is something major for this actress

5. Shruti Marathe


She is ranked very highly in the list of the most beautiful and hottest ladies in the acting business in Marathi. She is very talented and with her beauty, she has found herself going to very many heights. Her talent on the screen is not something that can be dismissed. She has seen to it that it is a very well built carrier.

4. Priya Bapat


One of the top most elegant, sophisticated and beautiful ladies in the Marathi industry. She was featured in some of the super hit movies that took the world to a whole new place. This is Mishiajirajebhosale Boltoy. With this, her career was taken to a whole new level that saw her become a world class model. She is one of the most talented Marathi Actresses 2017 in the industry.

3. Urmila Kanetkar


One of the most talented, beautiful and classy ladies in the industry. She is a very promising young woman who is expected to keep rising as the years go by. She has made a name for herself in the industry and will keep doing that. She is an icon for many and an example that many young women of this era have copied and tried to become. Her skills and talent go hand in hand to ensure this lady is one of the top in the industry. She is truly a gem.

2. Shriya Pilgoenkar


One of the highly ranked ladies as most stunning and beautiful ladies. She is just as talented as she is stunning. Her career has been on an uphill slope and is meant for greater heights. This actress who is from South India started her career in the movie Ekulati Ek under her own father’s direction. She has since grown and become a very well respected actress. She is the daughter of Sachin and Supriya who are also big in the industry.

1. Girija Oak


One of the most beautiful and hottest Marathi Actresses 2017. Her roles in Shor in the city and tare zameen per have played a big part in steering her into the right direction. She is aver talented woman who has taken the industry by storm. She has grown over time and continued being a better actress as time goes by. She is also a very famous actress in Bollywood.

These ladies are some of the most beautiful ladies in the Marathi film industry. They have been the faces of very many movies and television shows.

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