Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2017. India is probably renowned for its large population, spicy cuisines and of course, the beautiful women with long silky hair. The sports scene just goes to prove the latter in many ways and if you’ve been keeping tabs on anything pertaining Indian sports, you’ve likely come across the gorgeous beauties on this list at some point. Besides being extra talented athletes capable of upsetting the best of the best on any given day, these hotties are – to bluntly put it – eye-candy. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top10 most beautiful Indian sports women 2017.

List of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2017:

As talented as the women below may be, it was all about striking the perfect balance of beauty and success. As usual, we slowly worked our way to the top.

10. Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal Top Famous Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2019

Saina is one of the most recognizable faces in badminton and this isn’t by fluke. She is not only extremely gifted in the sport, but also really pretty with a face as appealing as her game. Badminton enthusiasts probably know Saina as the first Indian ever to clinch the World Junior Badminton Championships, or perhaps, as the winner of the Indonesia Open, way back in 2009. Saina also won the China Open Super Series Premier in 2014 and in the process, solidifying her spot among the best in the game worldwide. Outside badminton, Saina has a likeable personality that complements her success and beauty. For these reasons, she is the tenth hottest Indian sportswoman.

9. Jwala Gutta

Jwala Gutta Top Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2017

Jwala is yet another badminton star possessing the perfect combo of beauty and talent. The 5 ft 10 inch southpaw is one of the few lefties in the game, besides being a menace on the court thanks to her ferocious style of play. Gutta certainly knows what success is all about after winning the National Badminton Championships 14 times, two gold medals and silver in the Delhi Commonwealth games and a bronze medal in the World Championships. While she is a joy to watch on the court, Gutta is also a glamorous “fashionista” off the court. Don’t be surprised if you mistook her for a model when on the red carpet.

8. Sunitha Rao


While Rao was born in Jersey City, US, you need not be a biochemist to tell that tennis star is pure Indian. Her long silky hair, fair skin and dreamy eyes tell you all you need to know about where she’s from. Rao is not one to forget her roots, though, representing India at the summer Olympics in 2008 and Fed Cup. To prove her innate talent, Sunitha has clinched eight career titles in the ITF circuit, alongside reaching seven finals while at it. As you already know, tennis is all about glamour and Rao seems to embrace this fact, going by her dashing looks even when on the court sweating it out.

7. Prachi Tehlan

Prachi Tehlan Top Popular Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2018

Prachi was the captain of India’s national netball team and deservedly so. Her immense talents and leadership skills are always at display regardless of the stage, opponent or cause. Regarded as “Queen of the Court” by the Times of India, Prachi certainly knows how to win – especially off the court when it comes to glamour. She has never let her guard down during the eleven years she’s been playing – both netball and basketball mind you – and you can always find her in trendy attires or fashionable sporting gear. She’s won numerous accolades, awards and medals in her career meaning it is quite possible to be gifted aesthetically and physically.

6. Sonika Kaliraman


Expecting a wrestler to pop up somewhere on the list of the top ten most beautiful women almost borders on the impossible right? Not in India, though, as Sonika is not only a multi-talented wrestler – born of a wrestler; Chandgi Ram – but also an extremely appealing one by all standards. The 6 foot beauty may be revered in the ring, but is quite popular outside wrestling, partly due to her soft-spoken nature. Some of you may know her from TV reality shows Big Boss (season 5) or Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi. Regardless of where you’ve seen her, though, you will agree that Sonika is indeed a hottie worth some attention every where she sets foot and a spot on this list while at it.

5. Pratima Singh

Pratima Singh Top Most Popular Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2018

If you are a true basketball fanatic, the name Pratima Singh should ring a bell. The lovely Indian hoops player is widely regarded as the most skilled ball handler in the Republic and for good reason. She led the national team to a gold medal in the very first 3 x 3 FIBA Asia basketball championships, besides clinching numerous “Best Player” titles while at it. Pratima was destined to play basketball – considering the fact that four of her sisters have played professionally – but you may easily mistake her for a model. The fact that she has been nominated as the 2nd most Glamorous Sports Women in an online contest before, speaks volumes of her astonishing beauty.

4. Deepika Pallikal

Deepika Pallikal Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2017

Now, if you rarely watch squash, Deepika is one valid reason as to why you should start. The physically and aesthetically gifted star seems to have a knack for breaking records – whether as a sports icon or natural hottie. Apart from stamping authority as the fourth most beautiful Indian sportswoman – a mean feat of its own – Deepika recently became the first Indian woman ever to rank among the top 10 in the World Squash Association rankings. She has grown to literally become the face of Indian squash and a pretty one while at it. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2017.

3. Sharmila Nicollet


While golf isn’t one of the most popular games in India, Nicollet has certainly done a lot to popularize the sport through her skills on the green. She has a plethora of Laurels to justify her talents and the looks to match that of a star. Born in Bangalore, India, the Indo French golfer rose to prominence after clinching the 2012 Hero-KGA tournament. Moreover, she has won 11 titles on the Women’s Golf Association of India, besides ranking as the top Indian player at the Hero Honda Women’s Indian Open and T22. Off the course, Nicollet is simply stunning thanks to her great sense of fashion and gorgeous face.

2. Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women

Sorry folks; the second hottest Indian sportswoman is married, but hey, that shouldn’t stop you from ogling over her dashing looks. Sania started playing tennis at the tender age of six and since then, she has grown to become one of the highest-paid sports icons in the Republic. What else can you expect from a player who’s won matches against former World Number ones – Victoria Azarenka, Martina Hingis and Dinara Safina? With a singles career high ranking of 27 and ranking of 5 in the doubles category, Mirza is certainly a force to reckon with. Her stunning looks only go to make it worth the while, watching her play.

1. Tania Sachdev


Chess master, Tania, is what we call the perfect combination of beauty and brains – what else can you call a hottie that has won the titles of Woman Grandmaster and International master? Well, your guess is as good as mine; a beautiful genius. Tania was regarded a prodigy after clinching her first ever international title when she was only 8 – beat that. She is extremely appealing and in fact, the most beautiful Indian sportswoman as voted by you. Unfortunately, she is got married in late 2014 to architect Viraj Kataria – sorry to be the one to break your hearts lads.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Sports Women 2017. In India, the list can go on and on considering that almost every woman in the Republic is beautiful. However, we had to shortlist the ten most gorgeous sportswomen and after counting votes, and getting views from experts, you can be guaranteed of a credible list altogether. Hope you’ve enjoyed.