Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017. Hollywood is crawling with beautiful women with sexy bodies and very attractive faces. It is not easy to pick out who qualifies to be in the list of top most beautiful and hottest lips in Hollywood since just about every lady in Hollywood goes the extra mile to ensure they look as hot as can be. But obviously some people are bound to stand out for having very sexy pouts that make you think about kissing them all the time and so many women try to get lips like theirs. Actually for one of the people in this list, there are hundreds of articles teaching women how to get lips like them.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017

10- Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis Top Famous Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2018

You may have seen her in Sex and the City and you would agree that her smile is very hot. She is generally a very beautiful woman but her lips seem to get the most attention. If you have watched a scene from any of her movies you will notice that the camera will focus on her lips when she is being kissed, this is because she has very hot and sexy lips, to the envy of very many women.

9- Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Top Popular Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2019

Only 8 other people seem to be able to rival with the lips of Liv Tyler, her lips are provocative and beautiful whether she is smiling or just seated day dreaming with no particular facial expression. She also seems to know just what lipstick will bring out the beauty of her lips and she always uses that whether on the screen or off it. In just about all her pictures you will notice she is wearing appropriate lipstick.

8- Selena Gomez


She might just have lips like Berbie, that is what one college guy said when asked about the woman with the hottest lips in Hollywood. There is no denying that Selina Gomez is a very attractive lady but her lips are worth a special mention. They are well shaped and add to her overall beauty. She always seems to keep them well moist and she obviously takes time to ensure they look really good whenever she is out in public.

7- Rihanna


She is famous for her beautiful voice but she also has very hot lips. When you talk full lips, she has them and you could watch a music video with just her lips and you would be very pleased. They are attractive and well aligned. Whether she is smiling or just pausing for a good girl gone bad shoot, she does have adorable lips that so many of the women on this list would wish to have.

6- Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood

This Italian beauty has a natural pout to die for. She started off as a model and then joined the movie industry starring in “Dracula’s Bride” and what a sexy bride she was. She might be over 40 years old but she can still make teenage boys drool over her sexy lips and all round attractiveness. She gives much younger women a very big run for their money.

5- Megan Fox

Megan Fox Top Most Popular And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2019

There is no doubt the Megan Fox is a great actor but when you have lips like she does it probably would not matter much. Megan Fox is a very beautiful woman and her lips seem to accentuate that so that she can make a movie look really good just by appearing in it and smiling or kissing someone. Both her acting and sex appeal have won her a lot of fans around the world who would be happy is she just blew them a kiss while on the red carpet.

4- Halle Berry

Halle Berry Top Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2018

She is one of the most successful female actors in Hollywood and she has a look to die for. Even at her age, she is still able to make it to the number 4 spot of the top 10 most beautiful and hottest lips in Hollywood. Her smile is tantalizing and when her lips come together, it is a very beautiful look that is given. She has ever been one of the James Bond girls and she was very hot in there and continues to be hot in her TV show. She is indeed a timeless beauty.

3- Scarlett Johansson


She has a very innocent smile and her lips are so cute. Scarlet has melted the hearts of so many with her beauty and a huge percentage of that beauty is in her lips. She has a magical look about her lips that would make babies stop crying if she looked at them and said stop crying and I will kiss you. Scarlett is indeed a beauty among beauties and so many women would wish they could have if only, just her lips and they would feel really gorgeous.

2- Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Top Most And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017

This Chalie’s Angel has very seductive lips that can cause a major argument about whether she should be the number one on this list or number two she does deserve a claim to the top spot on the list if only the number one did not have so many fans both male and female voting her as the one with the hottest lips in Hollywood. There is still time for a challenge and as Drew’s fame grows, she may have the number one spot which some people have already given her.

1-Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017

She is one of the most famous women in Hollywood and her lips are one of the most talked about by both men and women. There is no doubt that she is very beautiful and sexy, which would make many women want to be like her. There are a number of articles in women magazines giving other women tips on how to get a pout like Angelina but she remains the hottest in Hollywood.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hottest Lips in Hollywood 2017. Ranking lips in Hollywood always brings about a lot of debate as sometimes you cannot all agree on a particular rank but the fact remains, regardless of which position you give any of these women, they do have the top most beautiful and hottest lips in Hollywood.