Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World 2017. Where a person comes from is less important than what they present in terms of looks and the desirability they can produce in others. The women that have made this list have become known throughout the world as the most beautiful because of their alluring looks and their place in society. They are the physical epitome of beauty in the eyes of many, and are considered to be the most elegant and starkly beautiful girls  throughout the world as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World 2017

10. Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines)


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach , also known as Pia Romero, is a noted Filipino-German woman who has an impressive resume as an actress, a TV Host, model, and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Universe in 2015, not long after becoming Miss Universe Philippines in March of the same year. Having been in acting since the age of four, Pia is by no means a stranger to the public eye, and seems to thrive on the attention and praise that has been heaped upon her for her many successes.

9. Emilia Clarke (UK)

Emilia Clarke Top Popular Beautiful Girls in The World 2018

Known most prominently for her current role as The Mother of Dragons in the enticing HBO Original, “Game of Thrones”, Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clark is an English actress whose star is currently on the rise and has been since her inclusion into the hit cable show. To date she has received three Emmy awards for her performance in the fantasy role, and has even branched out into drama as of late. Having received her beginning role in the Broadway rendition of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 2013, she quickly rose to further fame as she took on the role of Sarah Connor in the latest installment in “The Terminator” franchise.

8. Adriana Lima (Brazil)

Adriana Lima Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World 2017

A model and an actress, Adriana Lima is quite famous as she is one of the well known Victoria’s Secret Angels, a vision of beauty that is so alluring that she has no doubt produced a rather significant bump in sales. She has also been a spokesmodel for Maybelline and even Kia Motors commercials. Having been a model since the age of 15, Lima attained the title of “Supermodel of the World” before she signed on with Elite Model Management in New York. She has even been ranked in Forbes as one of the top earning models after having earned roughly $9 million in the past year.

7. Priyanka Chopra (India)


Carrying titles such as singer, actress, philanthropist, and even having been the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant, Chopra is among the highest paid Indian actresses in the world. She has gained great recognition for her sense of style and has gained numerous awards for her acting skills. Despite initially aspiring to be an engineer or a psychiatrist, she was quick to join the film industry in 2003, making her debut as a leading lady where she earned great praise and a chance to establish herself as she continued to act. To date, she has even founded her own production company, Purple Pebble Pictures

6. Amber Heard (USA)

Amber Heard Beautiful Girls in The World 2017

An American actress who is well known to be an alluring actress and the former wife of heartthrob Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has many credits to her name. She is one of the premier actresses in the USA today, and has worked alongside such noted actors as Nicholas Cage, Channing Tatum, Kevin Costner, and several others. Though still relatively new in the spotlight when it comes to being a leading lady, Heard has already made it well known that she is quite obviously a beautiful face accentuated by a stunning amount of talent and ability. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World 2017.

5. Pixie Lott (UK)


Victoria Louise “Pixie” Lott began her career as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her success began in 2009 and has yet to wane as she has continued to top the UK charts since. She has to date sold over millions of albums and been a continual hit in the UK as well as the USA, where she has found her niche amongst the music scene where she continues to excel. As seems to be par for the course with many actors and actresses, she has even appeared on Broadway, using her acting talents to propel her into the ever popular “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

4. Deepika Padukone (India)

Deepika Padukone Top Most Popular Beautiful Girls in The World 2018

Being one of the highest-paid actresses in the world is impressive enough, but Deepika is also noted as being one of the most popular and attractive personalities worldwide. Having established her career in Hindi films, she has become one of the most notable faces throughout the world. Deepika initially was a national level badminton player, but gave it up to pursue a career as a fashion model. After this it wasn’t long before she began receiving offers to star in films. Since then her star has been on the rise as she has accumulated nominations and awards alike, becoming a well-established actress as her career has continued to blossom.

3. Nana Im Jin-Ah (South Korea)

Nana Im Jin-Ah Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World

Nana’s fame has been largely due to her singing ability, her several appearances on variety shows, and several movies in which she has played an integral role. She debuted with the band After School in 2009 as a third generation member and in 2010 formed a sub-unit of the group known as Orange Caramel. She has been seen to model on occasion as well, but has remained largely in her comfort zone as a musician for much of her career.

2. Liza Soberano (Philippines)

Liza Soberano Top Famous Beautiful Girls in The World 2019

Hope Elizabeth Soberano is at 18 years of age one of the youngest women on this list to achieve such fame in so little time. Having started in television in 2011 she has been seen to accept starring roles in several series that have elevated her to star status. Liza was asked offered jobs to model for print ads at age 12, and by 13 had been spotted by a talent scout and asked if she wanted to act. From that point on Liza was on the quick path to stardom, and has not yet paused to look back.

1. Selena Gomez (USA)


Considered to be one of the fastest rising stars that Disney has produced in some time, Selena Gomez had become all but a household name throughout the world. With her talents as an actress and a singer she has managed to elevate her career to heights that have far eclipsed her more humble beginnings as one of the children on the TV series “Barney & Friends”. She has to date gone on to work in several films, TV shows, and even musical collaborations, as well as putting out hit albums that have sold millions of copies.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in The World 2017. Despite being among the most beautiful women in the world, those women who have found themselves on this list are also some of the most successful. Whether it is another factor they share that have allowed them to reach such elevated status, it is clear that their beauty is what has allowed them to become the women they are today.