Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time till 2017. We all know that everyone has a fashion icon. We all look up to you someone who is famous for what they wear or what they created. Who knew what people use to wear would be so popular in this day and age. No matter what fashion icon you look up to you have so many you can idolize that eventually you would have worn everything that they may have worn or even come up with. These women have decide that certain things look good and that they want to wear it everyday because that’s just what they wanted to do.

You may see someone wearing something you seen in a magazine and realize that no matter what any one wears these days people from the eighties and nineties have probably had it on them first and have made it popular for our time and age. Women every day think well lets put this on with this and see how it looks. That is why they are icons to all of us. You may think your mom is an icon for what she wears or even your grandma. It does not matter who it is you are dressing like, if you do what they do style wise then they then be an icon for you to follow. Fashion trends change so much we could be wearing inflatable clothes by tomorrow.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time till 2017

10. Twiggy

twiggy, Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time 2017

Her style mostly consisted of wearing Mary Quant mini skirts and mod dresses. She had lanky limbs, a pixie cropped hair style, with big baby doll like eyes that drew people into her. The British model was also a major player in the nineteen sixties fashion scenes. Her unique style and innocent look made people want to get close to her all the time.

9. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

jacqueline kennedy onassis, Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time

This former first lady was the model for classic all American polished fashions. When married to John Kennedy her style was Floppy hats and straight laced clothing, but after his assasination in nineteen sixty three she moved to New York and later married the Greek k tycoon Aristotle Onassis. This is when she traded in the first lady clothing trend for more modern day choices such as scarves and big oversized expensive sunglasses.

8. Jean Seberg

jean-seberg, Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time

Was born and raised in a small town of Iowa but her style was better suited to fit into the Parisian world because she tended to favor wearing the Breton stripe shirts, crisp blouses, and slim fitting trousers and that is how the style came to personify all things cool and sophisticated. Played in the movie Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard.

7. Marilyn Monroe


known for her sultry bombshell image her reputation was made from the skin tight dresses that was worn by the woman and what she called her “Va Va Voom” tops that showcased her womanly figure to perfection. People loved her because even though she was a sex symbol to men there was a vulnerable side that was displayed. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time till 2017.

6. Audrey Hepburn


Fashionable style for her was chic. She wore turtle necks, cropped pants, and ballet flats and made the trend look so cool it started a buzz across the nation. Every one wanted to be like her and little girls looked up to her. The actress was one of many to start a fashion legacy with just the items she put together for herself to walk around in daily.

5. Grace Kelly


This Hollywood actress turned princess had style and grace down to a million. Way before she turned into a real life princess, Grace was mainly known for the fifties lady like look she always boasted. Wore pearls, lady worn coats, and womanly dresses that to this day are part of the fashion world and famous.

4. Lauren Bacall


This woman was an epitome of pretty, with her blue eyes and brownish blonde hair. The famous husky voice and the ability to make even mens clothing good is the reasons people fell in love with her in the nineteen forties. Alternating between sharp suits that made her look sophisticated and slinky evening gowns for enhancing the beauty that was Lauren Bacall.

3. Katharine Hepburn


Known for her independent spirit which showed in her obvious fashion choices. Was a famous actress but channeled a powerful style in the nineteen forties. Turned away any clothing that was to girly or fussy then would choose more masculine options such as tailored coats, pleated trousers, and the obvious loafer.

2. Greta Garbo


The legendary actress was of Swedish decent and largely popularized a tiny androgynous style like being comfortable, classic, unfussy. It reflected on who she was as a person and her personality often hinted at it too. Started out playing parts in films that had no sound so people could only be captivated by her for looks and style. Many were trying to reenact the trends she elicited and that was cool because she loved being unique.

1. Marlene Dietrich


Was a German actress and a symbol of nineteen forties era, also not afraid to set herself apart from others and make her own trends rather they were of style or not. Marlene’s clothing tastes leaned more heavily towards the male clothes than females but it did not matter because there was still an undeniable amount of womanly sense about her that made Dietrich sensible but vulnerable too.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Fashion Icons of All Time till 2017. These women show us others what it is like to be looked up to. Women have to look at other style because if not then we would all dress the same everyday and it would get very boring. We have to look good for our men and some men love the old style of dressing up. If you buy a dress off line or just from a nice store then you are following a fashion trend and that means someone famous is the icon you are looking up to. Fashion icons are almost like role models they just show off their clothes and make new designs for all of us ladies. I’m sure there are male fashion icons out there but the top ten list consist of females and its mainly because females have so many clothes that we have to know what the right design is for each week and year. So the next time you pick up a fashion magazine you may want to pay close attention to the types of clothes the models are wearing in the pictures. When you go to a show where they do the fashion walks to show off new designs then you should pay clothes attention to how they are wearing it, what they are wearing with it, and what type of jewelry they have on because this is what makes the trend. Maybe when you get old enough and have kids or if you do have kids then they are probably looking at your style right now thinking it is horrible. When they get older they will realize that they really like those blue pants you wore, or those sequel shirts you had on. They will start to ask to borrow this and that and then it will come up missing for days or weeks before they remember to give it back.

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