Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2017. Chinese women are quite famous for their seemingly ageless appearance. In many films the most popular and sought-after actresses are able to seduce most people with their eyes alone. Describing their beauty is not as simple as it might seem however, as there is an ethereal quality to such women that is inherently hard to define. While they are quite popular in their own countries, such women have made the leap across international boundaries and have found it possible to excel in other areas as well. While some have taken to modeling, singing, and even standing firmly in the limelight, others have taken the more dramatic approach and become actresses of great renown. Here are just a few of the most beautiful Chinese women of 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2017

10) Liu Yifei

liu yifei, Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2017

An American-Chinese actress born in the 1980s, Liu made her entrance onto the acting scene with the TV series “The Story of a Noble Family”. One of her more notable roles came during her time in the popular film “The Forbidden Kingdom”. Since then she has appeared in several different films and added more and more credits to her name. She is without a doubt one of the most skilled and talented women on this list, as well as one of the most alluring.

9) Chi-Ling Lin

chi ling lin, Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2018


Chin-Ling was born in Taiwan in the early 1970s and became a model and actress that started her career in television advertising. Eventually, she became so popular that she amassed a following thanks to her unfortunate resemblance to several Chinese actresses that was big in the pornography circuit. Thankfully her fame continued to grow and she became one of the Hong Kong Style Icons, winning awards for her acting and gaining far more notoriety as time went on. To date she is considered to have made her name as one of the top brand ambassadors throughout all of China.

8) Gao Yuayuan


Born and raised in China, Gao is another actress who has been counted as one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry. From minor to starring roles she has made her success throughout the years as one of the premiered actresses in her country. Through her efforts she has become one of the most well-known actresses in China, and her roles have taken her into the mainstream in several different countries, including the USA.

7) Fan Bingbing


Unlike a few women on this list, Fan is a television producer as well as an actress. Born in the early 1980s she is one of the more accomplished names on this list. She has even topped the Forbes list for Chinese celebrities on a frequent basis. Her work has taken her all over the world, particularly in China and the USA, where she has become well known for her dazzling looks and unique expressions. She was recently seen as one of the more interesting characters in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

6) Zhang Jingchu


This Chinese film actress rose to stardom with a number of hit films that elevated her career and made her a known commodity throughout many professional circles. She’s even gone on to star in television series and has been nominated and won several awards for her masterful acting and her stunning versatility. Making a name for herself has taken Zhang across the world and into the mainstream in a way that is both impressive and alluring enough to take note of this dedicated and very beautiful woman.

5) Zhou Xun


Born in China in the 1970s, Zhou Xun gained notoriety quickly as she rose to the many challenges of the entertainment industry. Her looks and her talent earned her several roles that eventually led her to films where she was received quite well and even given starring roles after a while. She has earned an impressive number of awards for her work and has become one of the most celebrated personalities in China. On top of all this she also has a semi-successful music career that has produced two albums. Added to this, she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in all of China.

4) Zhao Wei


Touted as one of the most beautiful Chinese women today in 2017, Wei is an accomplished actress, filmmaker, and even has a reputation as a famous pop singer with a strong following in China. She was one of the few that became an overnight sensation in television. Later on this helped to elevate her to superstar status as she transitioned to film. She has amassed an impressive number of awards and has developed a stunning personal resume that includes being the most stylish Asian actress in China 2017.

3) Zhang Yuqi


Zhang was born in the mid to late 1980s, and is a very well known Chinese actress who managed to gain prominence in several roles that elevated her name and gained attention from the media. She’s been featured in several hit movies in her home country, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in China. Her allure has earned her the attention and adoration of many as she is without a doubt one of the sexiest women in her profession. Added to this, her impressive resume of accomplishments only serves to place her in the midst of several top-level celebrities that enjoy such status.

2) Xu Jinglei


Xu Jinglei is another actress who, not content with just a starring role, managed to put herself behind the camera as well. As one of the slightly more mature and experienced women in China’s rising elite, she has managed to accumulate an impressive list of awards and accolades that supplement and even highlight the main reason she is on this list. Not only is she successful, but she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women to emerge on the Chinese film and television scene as of 2017.

1) Zhang Ziyi


Among the heavyweights of stardom, Zhang Ziyi has made her presence known continually as one of the most successful stars in the world today. She has taken her talents from her native China across the globe in many impressive and stunning feats of acting that have earned her titles, honors, awards, and notoriety from one country to another. At 36 years of age she is still one of the most sought after and most beautiful Chinese women to ever grace the silver screen, playing parts that highlight both her elegance and her masterful skills as an actress. She topped in the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2017.