Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever till 2017. Dating from back when Africans were taken into slavery by the white, Africans were known as the servant of the white but with the end of slavery and African Americans being allowed the same opportunities as the white they have proven not only to being successful but also the most beautiful icons.

They have been the outstanding beauty in the field of music, business and more specifically in the
Hollywood films that were once dominated by main characters beings white. Most of the beautiful celebrities are found in the Hollywood film as they have struggled against all odds to become the main characters and to be emulated and celebrated by all people.

In Hollywood films Taylor Perry has been the man who has created a stage for the black American women to show their natural beauty and become successful celebrities. Some celebrities fought their way to the top like Oprah Winfrey who is a world celebrated black woman.

Below is a list of the ten most beautiful black female celebrities of all time. Some people may claim that the beauty is due to make up but for most black beautiful celebrities they are actually beautiful without the makeup.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever till 2017

10. Rihanna

Rihanna Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever

There is a statement made by anonymous writer who claimed most of the most successful musicians are black which if well looked at is a true statement by looking at the likes of Rihanna who is number 10 in this list.

Rihanna is a celebrated pop star whose gorgeous eyes and curvy body makes super sexy which she inherited from her African origin. She has a black complexion that when complemented by her curvy body brings out a very beautiful black woman. She is a well-recognized for her music which makes her an iconic character even for the advert companies.

9. Laila Ali

Laila Ali Top 10 Most Famous Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2019

Does her surname ring a bell in your mind? Yah that’s right she is the daughter of the most celebrated legendary boxer in the world Mohammed Ali may his soul rest in eternal peace. Laila Ali took after her father and became a boxer whose looks and skills in boxing make her a beautiful black celebrity.

Before coming into boxing she had her own nail shop, guess where she has known to maintain herself so beautiful.

8. Alek Wek

Alek Wek Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2017

Even the name tells you she is black. But the reason she made it this list is because of her outstanding look on a shaven head. It is weird because one thing that is very essential in a woman’s beauty is her hair but Alek has been the exception whose shaven head has given her the beauty of her career as a fashion model that is known for her statement look and sense of fashion.

7. BreScullark


This is a name that reminds you of season 5 of America’s Next Top Model. She was featured in the fifth season of the series and seeing her beauty and black hair you can approve she got herself the spot without any favor but her beauty did all the work.

Due to her sultry voice she has since then moved on and works as the spokesperson for an NGO fighting child trafficking known as Drop Dead Gorgeous.

6. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Top Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2017

People do not get enough of her beauty by watching her R&B and pop music videos. She is an iconic black beauty whose sexy and curvy body makes her outstanding. Beyond her beauty she is celebrated as being the second American Artist to win five Grammy awards in a single night in 2002.

She has been very successful in her career in music due to her beautiful black body.

5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry Top Most Popular Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2018

Whenever it comes to winning Oscar Awards the list I s filled with white Actors and Actresses but on the list of Black actresses Halle tops the list as being the first black actress to have won an Oscar Award which became a motivation for other black female celebrities as the felt they also had what it takes to become Oscar Award winners.

Halle is known for her role in James Bond movie as James Bond’s girlfriend which brought her to the screen. She is also used by top designers to showcase their products through her.

4. Tyra Bank


Tyra is now retired but she still stands out as the most beautiful black woman celebrity in the world of entertainment. She was used by top designers and labels to showcase their products through her because her black beauty looks made her made people go for the designer brand products as she made them catch sexy and unique.

She runs a talent search program by the title Next Top Model that has run successfully in many countries.

3. Beyonce

Beyonce Top Popular Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever 2018

Every person that loves music from young to old they know of this household name Beyonce. Many of her fans do not know that those gorgeous looks on her body trace their origin to her being an African descendant. She is a mother, song writer and singer whose music is listened by all group ages and she stands out as pop star.

Her golden skin depicts her as a black woman whose pride in being black and a successful female celebrity. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities Ever Till 2017.

2. Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell is one black celebrity that cannot miss being mentioned in the list of Black Beautiful celebrities. She has that sexy look that was well revealed in Michael Jackson song video in the closet.
She has not only been successful as a model but also as a businesswoman. She has a line of restaurant under her ownership and even has her own reality show known as Face. She is definitely successful; for her outstanding black beauty.

1. Oprah Winfrey


At number in this list is the household name and source of inspiration for many black people in the states is Oprah Winfrey. She tops the list not only because of her outstanding beauty but also because of how she struggled in life to reach the level of success she has reached.

She is known for her role in Television in bringing to light story that have not been heard or seen before. She was once a victim of child molestation but this did not hinder her from seeking success and breaking through all the barriers and becoming very successful in what she loved. Her success is highly recognized became she is black something that was not given to black people.

The list of Black Female Celebrities 2017 is endless and those topping in one year may not occur on the list in the next year sine all black celebrities are working their way up the ladder of success not leaving aside how beautiful they are. All the listed celebrities are a motivation to their black folks to work their way up to be successful in what they are good at.

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