Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2017. When it comes to good looks and fame, these two often go hand in hand. Or do they? Fame comes in different shapes and sizes. But no matter what color, gender or sexual orientation, ugly will always be ugly. Am sure you have looked at some celebrities and wondered how and why some celebrities are adored so much yet when it comes to looks, they are not so pleasing to the eye. In most cases, these celebrities are famous because of their extraordinary talents and excellent skills in their fields or humongous achievements that got them to be recognized all over the world. Here are top ten bad looking celebrities in the world.

List of Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2017

10. Lady Gaga

lady gaga, Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2019

She might have taken the top place on the music charts, but that has nothing to do with her looks. We all love her music, but not many people would admit that they have a crush on her. Let’s face it, despite having a unique voice that makes her music attractive, she has a face that can be described as “poker face” and not so good looking eyes. Despite having these characteristics she does not seem to be bothered by her looks and works with what she’s got.

9. Michael Jackson


Despite being the most famous legend of pop music, which even earned him the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson also managed to turn himself from a handsome young black man into one ugly albino who looks like an alien, so to speak. He underwent several plastic surgeries to change the way he looks but instead of doing good; he ended up looking like an albino alien whose nose appeared to change every day.

8. Amy Winehouse


This girl was a great singer with great vocals and had real talent, but she wasn’t one of those girls you would call pretty. Addiction cannot do any good regarding looks or anything for that matter, and this girl learnt that the hard way. Her years of addiction turned her into a grumpy young adult who looked like she’s going to throw up in the next minute. Although she passed away, we will always remember her as she made a huge difference in the world both musically and raising addiction awareness.

7. Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop is a songwriter, singer, and actor who’s earned the nickname “the Godfather of Punk.” He was part of the 1960’s rock band, The Stooges who were very influential in metal and punk rock genres of music. The songwriter and singer was among the first to “stage dive” during performances, and occasionally, he would smear raw meat on his chest and cut himself using broken bottles.

6. Donatella Versace


She is an Italian designer and the Vice President of the Versace group which is a well-known name in fashion. Therefore she’s got tons of money which she has spent on too many surgeries. The endless number of surgeries has led to the destruction of her face, therefore being classified as ugly with a face that looks like that of a zombie. She is one among the Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2017.

5. Marilyn Manson


He is an American musician, actor, and painter with a pretty weird and creepy stage image and personality. When you take a look at this guy, you might start wondering why anyone would be comfortable enough to go out looking as he does. From the weird white makeup to the scary blue eye and red lips, this guy can simply be described as a freak even though he’s ugly by choice.

4. Clint Howard


This guy has no condition that would be blamed for his ugliness. He’s just plain ugly as he is. Clint Howard is an actor born looking like one of those wrong turn serial killers that hunt humans for food. Well, except for his teeth which are also not that appealing and the fact that you can see his eyes.

3. Marty Feldman


He was an English comedian and actor who could easily be identified due to his crooked and protruding eyes which made him look like a total freak. He made appearances in several British comedy series.

2. Michael Berryman


Seeing this guy for the first time, one might say that he’s put on makeup to look so ugly. No, he was born as he is with a rare condition called, Hypohidtrotic Ectodermal Dyspasia which left him with no sweat glands, fingernails, hair or teeth. He has made an appearance in some horror films and some B-movies. It’s only right to say that this is the case as he’s a real asset to make horror movies scarier!

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein


When you think of doing any plastic surgery, I would advise always to think of this human being, if that is what she is. Jocelyn Wildenstein is a socialite in New York who is famous for her extensive facial surgeries that left her looking like a real monster. I mean, this woman would scare the hell out of you if you happened to collide with her unexpectedly!

These are the Top 10 Bad Looking Celebrities in The World 2017. Despite all these individuals having appalling looks, most of them have a lot of money and date the most beautiful women. So, most of them have no problem with how they look. In fact, some make a living out of their bad looks!