Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017. Aging, especially among women has now become the talk of the town. There is nothing that disdains women like the transition and metamorphosis to an old age. Women tend to be weighed down and cringe even by mere imagination that they are aging. In societies marred with desire of dewiness, glamour and beaming looks, women have sought means and ways to deal with the situation –regardless of the consequences.

To smoke out aging, women have sought into face – resurfacing, plastic surgery and heavy use of cosmetics as well as seeking services of a dermatologist. Run-of-the-Mills have sought dubious and underhand methods such as starting a saving plan in order to acquire some of the cosmetics.

The matter becomes graver when it comes to celebrities. To continue being of relevant to the fans, a celebrity will have find ways in beholding their beauties. For them, research as well as use of finance in their maintenance is key. Some women celebrities that have posted best aging results even at older age are as follows.

List of Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017

10. Bette Midler

Bette Midler Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55

A multi-talented celebrity, Milner works in song writing, acting and producing. She was born in December of 1949. At the age of 69 she still have glamorous looks, and can be compared even to other younger celebrities. The Grammy award winner has no one in comparison in terms of talent.

9. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Top Famous Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55

Born in 1945, Milder now stands at 71 years of age. She is recognized as one of the beautiful American celebs. Her beauty stems from her healthy lifestyle. Meryl undertakes a four to six hour swimming daily and has nothing to do with drugs. Meryl is an actress as a well as a model. Her smashing beauty has earned place in the modeling industry

8. Susan Sarandon.


Born in 1946, Sarandon features in the best Hollywood actress. The 70 year old has won several awards including, BAFTA and Academy awards due to his role play in Dead man walking. Susan has also received a number of nominations in the holly wood. She looks marvelous at all costs.

7. Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton Top Popular Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55

Keaton was born in 1948. Despite being 68 years of old, Keaton looks are consistent. She always looks lovely and smashing in all events. She maintains the same looks now that she had when she featured in Sans Plastic Surgery – 30 years down the line. According to Keaton, women should welcome graceful aging and can look gracious without surgery. Even without make ups Keaton is a flower worth beholding. Her career as a director, producer and writer which she began in 1970 earned her recognition as well fame around the globe.

6. Michelle Pfeiffer


It is hard to imagine Michelle is past 55 in her recent photos. The 58 year American goddess is well known in her excellent acting skills as well as her movie – Scarface. Michelle She consumes very little sugar, fat and dairy. Michelle exercise mainly involves jogging. She jogs between 4 to 6 miles in a day. Her looks are always glorious even when she absents herself from make ups. She is one of the Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017.

5. Cher

Cher Top Most Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55

Lyod Cher was born in California, 1946. Cher stands out as one of the most vocal women in the pop industry. hard to recognize whether Cher is aging. Cher is a singer and actress whose face resembles that of a twenty year old. She looks young and very beautiful. Cher has won a number of awards and her spirit has never seemed to waver. She extends her beauty regime by; consulting health departments, use of make ups and health living. She also thanks the genes from her parents by adding to the trick.

4. Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda Top Most Popular Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55

Fondler is undisputedly one of the most beautiful women on earth. The woman though have crossed the 55-year mark, she still remains as beautiful as ever and can contest in beauty with younger ladies. The 73 year old has experienced a series of melt downs in her career but has always remained vibrant and youthful. Fonda says that her success comes from owning her power as well as positive living. Her advice to women on aging is penned in her book Prime Time.

3. Sophia Loren


Sophia tops our list of the ageless women celebrities above 55. At the age of 82, Sophia is envy among her peers. She simply has defied aging. Sophia maintains looks that to most women of her age would just remain a fairy. The most notable thing about Sophia is her eyes. At only the age of 20 there were rumours that Sophia eyes were the most smashing in Italy. Within her lifetime she has won a spate of awards ranging from Grammys all the way to Academies.

2. Grace Kelly.


Though dead, Grace is worth remembrance. Three decade since her death in Monaco, 1982, Grace is still remembered as a beautiful woman. At 55 she was looking splendid. Grace received a number of awards in her acting career.

1. Sharon Stone.

Sharon Stone Top Most Famous Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55

Sharon is arguably the most beautiful among old women. Most women of her age can trade anything to look as good as she is. Her beauty hails from the breed of her good looking parents as well as her devotion and commitment to withhold her beauty. She neither drinks nor takes drug. She spends a good deal of his life in exercise and facial. Sharon comes in the sexiest celebrity past the age of 55. At the age of 63, Sharon beauty is as a good as she was 20. Her face is always glister . Stone has won a good number of awards and she has a unique stage performance. Stone fans still recall her for performing Casino and Basic Instinct. Her awards included; Golden Globe Award and Academy Awards.

These are the Top 10 Ageless Celebrity Beauties Over 55 in The World 2017. Success in anti-aging doesn’t come over-night. It may take quite a while but with patience, discipline and commitment, you may end up getting the correct skin results. The above mentioned celebrities epitomize results of planned skinned care and relentless attitude towards achieving results.