Top 10 Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers on Television – Who Are They?

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers on Television 2017. Television is truly an awesome place. Why is that? In the world of television, anything is possible, and this anything possible can be about older adult actors and actresses playing teenagers on the boob tube. Who are some of these leading adult celebrities playing teenagers on television or who have played on television? Who are they? Read on.

List of Top 10 Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers on Television 2017

10. Paul Wesley

paul wesley, Top 10 Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers on Television 2017-2018

Actor Paul Wesley plays the role of Stefan Salvatore, who is a vampire, in the drama supernatural series called The Vampire Diaries. In the series, technically, the character of Stefan is 167 years old. However, physically, he hasn’t aged a day. He is supposed to stay and look 17 years old for eternity. Paul plays the role of Stefan very well. He always looks young and is perfect for the role. Nonetheless, chronologically, Paul Wesley isn’t 17 at all. He is now 34 years old, because he was born in 1982, and when he started playing the part of Stefan in this series back in 2009. He was a ripe old age of 27.

9. Bianca Lawson


Bianca Lawson is also another young actress who really isn’t as young as she does appear. She was born in 1979 and has portrayed the role of Maya St. Germaine in the teen drama type mystery thriller. She took on the role and joined the cast when she was 31. She is in actuality, twice the physical age of, the character that she does play in the series. The character of Maya was seen in the series for the first three seasons. However, she met her death at the age of 17, and the actress playing her at that time of her demise was 34 years old. Bianca Lawson is also noted for playing regular roles in other known series such as Saved By The Bell: The New Class and Good Behavior.

8. Harry Shum, Jr.


Harry Shum, Jr. is another actor who looks young, but actually isn’t as young, as he really is in physical age. Harry has appeared in many dance films. Some of the titles of these dance films are Step Up 2, Step Up 3D, You Got Served, and Stomp The Yard. However, he is most popular from the famed TV series called Glee, in which he plays the reoccurring role of Mike Chan. The character of Mike Chan is 19 years old. Nonetheless, the actor who plays him isn’t the same age, Harry is 34 years old. He was born in 1982. Harry was 27 years old, when he made his first appearance in Glee as a high school student, and that was back in 2009.

7. Trevor Donavan


Trevor Donavan has a recurring role on the popular teen drama television series called 90210. When Trevor took the role of the 19-year-old character of Teddy Montgomery, he was only a few weeks in chronological age from turning 30 years old. When 90210 officially ended as a television series, he was 35, and that was in 2013. Donavan is known for playing various roles in Days of Our Lives, Melissa & Joey, Awkward, etc.

6. Matt Lanter


He is one of the Top 10 Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers on Television 2017. Matt Lanter is an actor who is in the role of Roman, who is an alien boy character, and that is supposed to be 16 years old. The name of the television series is called Star-Crossed and it was released in 2014. Star-Crossed is a series that has different elements all combined into one television series. Some of these varying elements do include science fiction, romance, and drama. Matt also became very popular as a result of starring in a role in the coming of age television series called 90210. He played the role of teenager Loam Court when he was actually 25 years old in reality. He also appeared in many other movies too. One of these movies was called Vampires Suck and it was a parody on Twilight. He was 27 years old when he made this movie.

5. Tammin Sursok


Tammin Sursok is also not a teenager in real life. She is the ripe old age of 32 years old. However, because she looks young in appearance, she has managed to play the role of Jenna Marshall, who is a 17 year old girl character from the very popular show called Pretty Little Liars. Tammin is also married and has a baby in real life. She was almost 27 years old, when she first started playing the role of Jenna on Pretty Little Liars, which had its very first season on television back in 2010. Tammin has also made appearances in other things too. She was in Young and the Restless and Home and Away.

4. Jason Earles


Jason Earles shot to fame by playing the older brother of Miley Stewart in the show Hanna Montana. Hanna Montana was a musical comedy series. Jason Earles played the role of Jackson Stewart and he was 29 years of age when he started playing this role in the television series. He portrayed the role of the goofy 16 year old quite well and looked every inch the part despite his real physical age. Hanna Montana came to an end in 2011 and Jason was in his mid thirties by then. Jason Earles is known for playing many parts and also did appear in the Disney series called Kickin’ It.

3. Mark Salling


Mark Salling is the popular and young actor that comes from the famous television music series called Glee. He plays the role of Puck, as his character is called on Glee, but the male character’s actual name is Noah Puckerman. Glee is a musical comedy and drama series. Mark Salling was almost 27 years old, when he first tried out for the cast of Glee, and he did join the cast for the pilot episode that was filmed back in 2009. He is now 32 years old and was born in 1982. He isn’t known just for playing the part of Puck on Glee. He has been seen in Children of the Corn IV and is an active musician as well.

2. Crystal Reed


Crystal Reed is best known for playing the part of the character of 17-year-old Allison Argent on the hit TV series called Teen Wolf. She was close to 26 years old, when she started to play the role of the teen character of Allison, and was born in 1985. The character of Allison Argent did appear for three seasons of the show Teen Wolf. Reed was 29 years old then, and has managed to make several other appearances as well, in various television shows here and there. Some of these other television shows do include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Drop Dead Diva, and CSI: NY. She has also acted in other movies too.

1. Corey Monteigh


Corey Monteigh is also another young actor that is famous for playing on the musical comedy and drama series called Glee. He played the role of Finn Hudson. Finn Hudson is an all around sports hero and musician type of young male character on Glee. He was a regular character on Glee up until the 4th season of the show that was from 2012 to 2013. He was 30 years old at that time. Corey Monteigh started playing the role of Finn Hudson back in 2009, which was the very first season of the show, and he was 29 years old at the time. Monteigh had another starring role and that was in Sisters & Brothers. He also has done different small gigs here and there in both television and film.

What is very fascinating about these top 10 adult celebrities playing teenagers on television 2017. It is the fact that some of them are well past their teenage years chronologically. However, because they have managed to attract an audience for themselves, and also established themselves with their own popularity. Their true age is something that doesn’t seem to matter at all.