Top 10 Most Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2017. There are a vast number of reasons why a teenager should have a part time or summer job. Part time and summer jobs teach responsibility and also help build character. These are valuable lessons that will last a life time. Holding down and maintaining a job is an important stepping stone into adulthood. With a job, teenagers are able to better practice self reliance and independence. This is especially true for teenagers coming from a background of poverty or low financial standing. A summer job allows them to seek the opportunity to lead a better lifestyle. When an adult has difficulty finding a job, it’s a big and frightening deal, but teenagers who have difficulty finding employment do not have as much to lose. Conducting a job search as a teenager is a fantastic time to teach children skills such as filling out an application, writing a resume, and also learning how to conduct a good interview. Mastering these skills at a young age often helps teenagers to better be prepared when it is time to find a career or job.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2017

10. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor Top 10 Summer Jobs for Teens 2017

Are you a teenager who is interested in leadership? For teenagers who happen to be natural leaders or born educators, a summer job as a camp counselor is an ideal choice. This is a job that will allow older teens to spend time outdoors, mentor younger children and assist them to develop new skills. A great perk of this job, aside from being paid to spend a good bit of time in the outdoors, is that you will be developing lots of transferable skills that will be useful throughout your entire life, such as leadership skills, communication and conflict solving abilities. This job also requires teenagers to live away from home for long periods of time. This will help them to become more independent as they transition into the world of adulthood.

9. Golf Caddy

Golf Caddy Top Most Famous Summer Jobs for Teens 2018

This summer job is perfect for teenagers who enjoy spending lots of time in the great outdoors. Golf caddying is a great choice for a summer job. This job does require an adequate understanding of the game of golf and a little physical endurance, because there is a ton of walking involved as well as carrying a heavy bag of golf clubs. However, the pay certainly is not bad considering the fact that you may expect to earn anywhere between fifty and one hundred dollars for about four hours of work. Also, a lot of the more generous golfers will also reward their caddies with a nice tip.

8. Retail Sales


Perhaps one of the more diverse job options available for teenagers is retail sales. Retail sales offer a fantastic amount of opportunities for teenagers who are looking to work. This is the type of work that will pay anywhere in the range of seven to ten dollars an hour. This depends upon the different duties involved on the job. Inventory, stocking shelves, product demonstrations, handing out samples in the grocery section of stores, participating in customer service, and operating the cash register are all different options when it comes to retail sales and management. This type of work is a great opportunity for teenagers who happen to be particularly sociable. They often must interact with the public and also work as a part of a team.

7. Food Service

Food Service Top Most Summer Jobs for Teens 2017

Working in the food service industry is an opportunity to develop and maintain social skills while also earning an income. A job in the food service industry is a natural fit for sociable and friendly teenagers who enjoy interacting with people and the public. This type of job also allows employees to work as a part of a team while also learning about following directions and conflict management. This job also comes with many opportunities for high earnings since the majority food service opportunities typically come with an hourly wage of about eight or nine dollars per hour. Many restaurants also allow their staff to earn and keep their tips. Keep in mind that food service industry jobs are not strictly limited to wait staff either. There are also jobs available as hosts or hostesses, busboys or busgirls, and also cooks and chefs. Regardless of the position, the team will always need to function properly in order to keep the business moving forward, so teenagers will learn many valuable life skills while working this type of job.

6. Internships

Internships Top Famous Summer Jobs for Teens 2019

This job presents the ideal option for teenagers who happen to be already on course toward a particular job or career. This job opportunity will assist with gaining real industry experience that will appear wonderful on a resume. Even though many of these types of jobs are unpaid, the experience that will be gained from completing an internship is often priceless when you consider the professional experience that will be gained. Teenagers can locate internship jobs and opportunities through their high school guidance counselors and teachers, or by being brave and approaching their target companies themselves.

5. Life Guard

Life Guard Top 10 Summer Jobs for Teens

This job is a great choice for teenagers who are strong and competent swimmers, life guarding is often a challenging yet rewarding position that comes with a hefty amount of responsibility. Completion of the certification courses is required to be a life guard and is generally limited to people who are over the age of fifteen, so a bit of early preparation is definitely required if you happen to find this sort of job appealing. This job also requires a high level of maturity and professionalism; however, it is a rewarding summer job that can help teenagers to develop their quick decision making skills and confidence while earning somewhere between seven and ten dollars per hour. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2017.

4. Nanny


Teenagers with a nurturing and caring spirit who also enjoy small children might consider taking on a summer job as a babysitter or nanny, a position which is always in high demand during the summer months when working parents must provide childcare for their young and small children. This job requires someone who is deeply responsible and also has the ability to resolve conflicts. Though this job pays reasonably well, generally in the range of nine to eleven dollars per hour, it often also requires a great deal of understanding and patience. This is a great choice for teenagers who would like to pursue a career in teaching, child care, social work or any other field that will make use of social skills or requires interaction with children.

3. Housekeeping

Housekeeping Top Most Popular Summer Jobs for Teens 2018

Though teenagers may be thought of as having a rather hard time keeping their own bedrooms clean, there are some teenagers who happen to do well in the field of housekeeping. This type of work will bring in about eleven dollars an hour and will also allow teenagers to learn responsibility and develop their own cleaning and organizational skills. This job is also in high demand in a variety of industries, places, and settings. The summer sees a rise in the tourism industry, so motels and hotels are constantly looking for dependable housekeeping and maid staff, and malls and city parks are also often in need of people to assist with keeping public areas clean, sanitized, and organized as well.

2. Landscaping

Landscaping Top Popular Summer Jobs for Teens 2019

Whether you would like to join a professional landscaping business, or set out to offer your own personal landscaping or lawn maintaining services yourself, this is a seasonal job that is a great choice for teenagers who happen to love to spend time in the great outdoors. Since many people don’t have the time or desire to care for their own lawns, this summer job is often in high demand throughout the summer months and season. Teenagers who aren’t afraid of getting dirty can definitely cash in on this demand and they’ll also be getting some great physical activity while lining their wallets with a pretty good amount of money.

1. Tutoring


Teenagers who are particularly bookish or smart or those who aspire to become a teacher might very well enjoy spending their summer months as a tutor. Children that are in summer school often need lots of extra help and studying, and this opens a real opportunity for teenagers that are particularly skilled in certain academic subjects and areas. Tutors who are proficient with computers might also consider teaching adults the computer skills which they lack. Teens that choose to take on a job as a tutor can also earn about fifteen or sixteen dollars an hour when they first start out; however, this rate can and often does increase depending upon their skills, ability, and experience.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2017. Again, there are many reasons as to why a teenager should have a part time or summer job. This list contains ten of the best jobs available for teenagers to pursue during the summer months. These jobs offer a wide variety of skills and opportunities for teenagers seeking to grow as people and build their lives and futures in a healthy and mature way.