Top 10 Oldest Universities in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Oldest Universities in The World till 2017. Education and learning has been a thing that has been treated with such importance in every phase of evolution in the world. Many are the magnificent buildings that stand as the purest form of higher education in the past. Some of the tall buildings whose beauty we behold today have seen quite a number of centuries and such a large number of scholars have passed through those institutions. There are those institutions of higher learning which have been able to maintain their status as Universities, while there are those which have in the long run been used for other purposes. The remaining buildings, in those universities which have retained their status, are often revered and specific training is undertaken in these specific venues. Bottom line is that there is much prestige derived from being part of the oldest universities in the world, most of which rank highest academically. Below is a list of the ten oldest universities in the world ranked age wise.

List of Top 10 Oldest Universities in The World till 2017

10. The Al-Azhar University-970 AD-1961AD


Egyptians must have been among the earliest scholars in the world. In addition to perfecting the use of hieroglyphics, they are famous for the establishment of one of the oldest universities in the world. As early as 970 AD, the Al-Azhar University was established in Cairo. The learning institution was however not accredited to be a university until the year 1961. Prior to its status being elevated, Al-Azhar was used by Muslims as a center where they could learn all the Islamic education in the renowned ‘madrasa’ system. With time, the university has opened up to other forms of education thus catering for a wider variety of students and diverse curriculum. The university has had to put up with challenges that learning institutions undergo, but still stands as a great institution of higher learning.

9. The University of Coimbre-1290 AD


The activities of the Portuguese in the creation of history are basically remarkable. They feature in the early exploration and development activities as well as creating the foundation of the education system that stands till today. With the establishment of the University of Coimbre, Portuguese students were assured of quality education since the year 1290 when it was set up. Famous for its relocation for a couple of times, the University of Coimbre stands as one of the prestigious Universities in the world, offering an opportunity for more than 20,000 students to learn. Having withstood the test of time and having been associated with a number of historical events, the University was added to the list of UNESCO Heritage List in the year 2013. This fact alone makes it attract an impressive number of learners interested in being part of well-established University.

8. The university of Siena-1240 AD

the university of siena, Top 10 Oldest Universities in The World 2017-2018

In the year 1240, Italians established an institution which would later come to be viewed as one of the oldest in the world. The great university stands in a very small city called Siena, which is where it draws its name from. With the university’s capacity being more than 20,000 students, it is basically accounts for more than half of Siena’s population. The university boasts of being part of Siena which is the UNESCO World heritage list. The students living in Siena while studying in the University of Siena get to enjoy the interaction with visiting tourists who flock to the small city just to enjoy the historical bit as well as the ancient Italian culture.

7. The university of Tolouse-1229 AD


The University of Tolouse, named after Bishop Foulques de Tolouse was initially founded to host theology students. The university has gradually evolved to cater for other secular curriculums such as law as law and medicine. a number of renowned lecturers have gone through the institution cultivating a culture of academic excellence over the years.

6. The university of Padua-1222 AD


The University of Padua was established some years before the year 1222, though the year 1222 was chosen to act as a historical point of reference. The university, also abbreviated as UNIPD, ranks very highly in terms of provision of education in the fields of law, philosophy and medicine amongst others. The University is located in the Italian city known as Padua. The university’s contributions to history has been remarkable. Apart from being one of the oldest universities in the world, it also has one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and runs nine of some of the most famous museums in Italy.

5. The University of Cambridge- 1209 AD


The University of Cambridge, which currently ranks top five in the world, is the pride of the United Kingdom. Having been established in the year 1209, the university has managed to maintain its academic prowess all through the years. The university has grown from hosting only UK students in the earlier years of its development to hosting students from other economic zones all over the world.

4. The University of Paris- 1150


The University of Paris is the pride of Europe, with this University being among the earliest universities to have been established in that continent. Though it faced suspension for close to 100 years in the period ending in the year 1896, the University of Paris still sufficed and rose to glory again. The University of Paris is located in the French capital where it is scattered in terms of autonomous institutions. The university is also known as La Sorbonne.

3. The University of Salamanca-1134


Though having been awarded the Royal Charter in the year 1218, the University of Salamanca was established as early as 1134. The university which is located in the west of Madrid, stands as a historical icon with the famous Christopher Columbus having set foot in this institution. The university currently has 9 campuses all of which provide education to more than 25,000 national and international scholars.

2. The university of Oxford-1096


The university of Oxford is yet another of United Kingdom’s pride. With the university having been established as early as 1096 AD, the learning institution has been able to develop its curriculum over the years while building its impressive reputation in terms of academic rankings. The University of Oxford currently ranks the 6th in the world and is the home of the Oxford press, which is the largest university press in the world. The institution survived two suspensions in the years 1209 and 1355 but rose to become one of the best the world has had. A number of scholars claim that the University of Oxford is the oldest university in the world in 2017, and have produced proof but none has managed to influence enough change in the books of history.

1. The University of Bologna- 1088


Italy boasts of one of the very oldest universities till 2017, which have made it through the eons. The university, as a result of this hosts quite a large number of students, approximated to be more than 100,000 distributed in 23 campuses. Being the title-holder of the “Oldest University in the world”, it can basically can be viewed as the mother institution of the other universities, hence the name “The nourishing Mother of Studies”. The term Alma Mater Studiorum is the other terms used to refer to the University of Bologna.