Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in The World 2017. A degree is an investment which is great for the future. Some degrees payback while others do not. The course which you have studied influences the potential of the earnings. Having a degree is important since it will enable get a job that pays well. A degree is the highest possibility for advancements. It is the most entry point to careers which are professional. In jobs like engineering and teaching, a degree is a crucial certification that you need to have. Careers like that of education are rewarding .This sector has a variety of occupations which pay $ 25,000 annually up to $ 100,000.The following are the top 10 highest paying education degrees in 2017:

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in The World 2017

10. B.S or B.A Teachers

b-s-or-b-a-teachers, Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in The World 2017

In the education sector, a bachelor’s degree gives the graduates an ability of gaining a highest paying position. The degree program guarantees the graduates liberal arts which are based on the art of teaching. It is also based on the academic excellence of the graduate. Undergraduate courses in the field needs the students to select courses in art, sciences, maths will enable the teacher to provide his/her students with the training, skills and knowledge. The earning of these teachers ranges from $ 47,000 up to $ 51,180.

09. IT managers

it-managers, Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in The World 2018

IT managers are experts who plan and coordinate the information systems of the computers. They also coordinate the activities which are related to computers. This job requires a degree in IT science. Many people obtain a graduate degree.LSB figures out that the IT manager’s jobs will grow by 15 % in the coming 10 years. The demand for the information systems and computer information has more IT businesses to digitize. This is one of the top 10 highest paying education degrees in the world 2017.

08. Diagnostic medical sonographer


This is an ultrasound technician job which requires an education degree. Not only performing the technician’s job, they also carry out tasks which are related to administrative in the procedures.Sonography is an alternative for the non-invasily viewing or for the safety of the patients. In this highest paying education degrees 2017, the technicians apply the technology of ultrasound to help the doctors diagnose and treat patients effectively. The median pay for this job is $ 72,330 while the top pay is $ 98,440.

07. Law teacher

law, Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees in The World 2019

It is among the top 10 highest paying education degrees job in 2017. BLS define this job to include the tech law courses. It also includes legal research and teaching as a combination. Majority of the people with the job of this kind are employed in the universities and colleges.They earn 129,990 annually.

06. Pharmacy manager


This is a job where the managers are required to dispense medications to the patients. They dispense it according to the physicians’ instructions. The pharmacy managers can share these duties with the PICs and the pharmacist in charge. According to the statistics of the Bureau of Labor, the pharmacist employment is growing for the coming 10 years up to 3 %.The median salary for this job is $130,000.This kind of the education degree job offers 1,766 job openings.

05. Special Education –M.E.D or BS


Special education is one of the highest paying education degrees in 2017.This is available to train and use the necessary skills which are aimed at the advancement of the special education. This kind of teachers work with the children who have physical disabilities. The special teachers foster problem solving and the social skills of the special child. He teachers work with an individual child to develop his /her curricula and also assisting them to maximize their independence.

04. Petroleum, Mining and Chemistry Engineering degrees


Engineering degrees which involve concentrations like that of petroleum, mining or chemistry are degree jobs that pay well in 2017.This are not only fields which are tied to technology but also specialized. An Engineer with a bachelors’ degree has the power for the highest earning. The rate of unemployment in this kind of jobs is lower when it is compared to the other fields.

03. College and university professors


The graduates who successfully complete their degrees in the specialized subjects are among the people with the highest pay in the education system. This is a field which is plentiful of employment opportunities for the professors in the universities and colleges. Some can work as part time while others can work on the temporary positions. These are among the jobs with a theoretical knowledge. It is not only a rigorous course but also a research intensive one.

02. Lawyer


Lawyers are professionals who advice and represent individuals. Agencies of the government and businesses on the legal issues. According to BLC, the lawyers’ employment will grow in the coming 10 years by 6 %.The competition for this job will be strong since many students are graduating in each year. The median base salary for the lawyers is $144,500 with 995 job openings.

1. High education management degrees


This is a master’s education degree where on trains to be a dean in the course which he/she has specialized. The earnings for the deans ranges from % 125,400 up to % 150,000 depending on the field.(nursing or business field).This is a highest paying education degree in 2016 which is based on specialization of the person. Deans prepare catalogs for the universities and colleges; they research on demographic statistics and many responsibilities.

An education degree is vital in determining the payment for the job. The above are helpful when selecting an education degree course .Education is a real key to a highest paying education degree in the year 2017 the higher the education you have, the higher the salary.

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