Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England 2017. England has over 100 universities within its borders, more than any other country outside of the United States. A majority of these universities are steeped in rich educational history and tradition. The accredited universities below are based in the UK capital, providing many diverse educational topics and whose doors are open to students from around the world. They are also ranked among the world’s top educational institutions.

These 2017 top universities offer undergraduate degrees that are typically three years. Some UK universities offer fast-track courses which can be completed in around two years. Higher educational learning universities begin their students with a bachelor’s degree, even though some subjects lead to an undergraduate degree, followed by a master’s program. Courses are taught in English at most English universities. Graduates of the following universities are recognized as receiving the best education in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England 2017

10. Middlesex University – North West England

Middlesex University Top Most Universities of England 2018

Middlesex University in London offers courses for degree programs in Ph.D, Masters, Doctorate, Graduation, Diploma and Certificate. This highly accredited university has the largest network of international campuses (Dubai, Mauritius, Malta) of all UK universities. Middlesex was established in 1973 with a large enrollment range in co-education. Middlesex is accredited and is recognized by the Privy Council. Middlesex University provides well-equipped facilities and services, also offering large libraries, sport facilities and activities, study abroad and exchange programs.

9. Lancaster University – North West England

Lancaster University Top Famous Universities of England 2017

Lancaster University is a member of the N8 Group (which focuses on five areas of research: Aging and Health; Energy; Molecular Engineering; Regenerative Medicine and Water). Lancaster is also in a research partnership with the top 8 most research intensive universities in the North of England. Lancaster University was established in 1964 and is a not for profit higher education institution in the rural, medium-sized town of Lancaster. Lancaster University is accredited and recognized by the Privy Council. It is a co-ed learning institution, offering courses and programs leading to higher educational degrees, such as Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees. Lancaster has a selective admission policy that is based on students’ past academic record and grades. Lancaster University provides academic and non-academic services, including a library, sport facilities/services, study abroad and exchange programs. Lancaster offers online courses and distance learning opportunities.

8. University of Essex – East England


The University of Essex is well known for its social science research, a world leader in politics, an overall global research academia. In political science, the University of Essex is the only higher learning institute to be awarded the Regius Professorship awarded by HM The Queen. The University of Essex accepts students from around the world, no matter their background, race, gender or sexual orientation. The University was founded in 1964 and is located in the suburbs of Colchester. The University has other branch campus locations in England. Essex is accredited and recognized by the Privy Council and is a co-educational higher learning institution. The University offers courses leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in varied areas of study. The University of Essex has a selective admission policy based on students’ past academic records. Essex provides housing, sport activities, financial aid, scholarships, study abroad, exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities.

7. University of Birmingham – West Midlands

University of Birmingham Top Most Popular Universities of England 2019

The University of Birmingham was founded in 1899 and is a non-profit public educational institution. The University if located in the city of Birmingham. Its presence is a stately “redbrick” edifice that is a founding member of the Russell Group. Thirty-one percent of the academic staff is made up of overseas internationals. The University is a major UK participant in the Erasmus program which encourages exchanges between leading European institutions. The University of Birmingham offers a vast array of postgraduate programs in Arts and Law Social Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical Science and Dental Science. Students can undertake internship experiences or work placement experiences. University of Birmingham is accredited and recognized by the Privy Council and is a top co-educational learning institution.

6. University of Manchester – North west England


The University of Manchester is a prestigious Russel Group university. The University of Manchester carries the recognition of employing the best teachers, researchers and students. The University also has distinguished history of academic achievement. Its 180 year existence is steeped in a tradition of learning and research. This is very evident in its association with global discoveries, like the birth of the modern computer, splitting the atom, and present-day economic standards. The University of Manchester is a world class teaching and research institution.

5. London School of Economics and Political Science – Central London


The London School of Economics and Political Science is England’s only university that specializes in the social sciences. It is a pioneer in teaching international relations, politics, sociology, law and accounting. It is located in the Chancery Lane community that is steeped in historical legal research. Its location gives its international students access to the famous British Library and cultural events in downtown England.

4. University College London – Central London

University College London Top Popular Universities of England 2018

The University College London was founded in 1826 and became the first university in England to admit women students on equal terms with men in 1878. The University College London is a multidisciplinary institute that covers a wide range of subjects. The University supports teaching hospitals within and around London. University College London students accounts for more than 1/3 of an international student body. The University College London has one of the highest percentage of postgraduate students (52%). The University is located close to downtown, the British Library, other leading London universities, entertainment centers, famous shopping districts and more.

3. Imperial College London – Central London

Imperial College London Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England 2017

Imperial College London is a public learning institution that was founded in 1907. It was once a part of the University of London, but achieved its independence in 2007. The University is science based and supports other branch campus locations in and around England. The main campus is located in South Kensington. Imperial offers four academic divisions which focus on engineering, medicine, natural sciences and business. Imperial’s academic calendar is made of three terms, autumn, spring and summer. Imperial College London is a leader in research, by supporting research groups like Data Science Institute, the Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Center for Hedge Fund Research. Imperial’s undergraduate research programs provides hands-on research opportunities. Imperial College London provides an international research program that sends undergraduate students to partner university in the United States (MIT) and South Korea (Seoul National University) to conduct research for 8 weeks during the summer break. Imperial also has a history of research pioneering, as in the discovery of antibiotics and penicillin. Housing is guaranteed for first year undergraduates. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England 2017.

2. University of Cambridge – East England

University of Cambridge Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. There are six schools, offering top learning courses in arts, humanities, biological sciences, clinical medicine, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and technology. Cambridge has 31 residential colleges which admit undergraduate and graduate students. The University also supports three colleges just for women – Lucy Cavendish, Murray Edwards and Newnham Colleges. Most undergraduate students are guaranteed college housing for at least three years. Around 20% of the student body is from international locations. University of Cambridge has over 100 centers and institutions that supports different areas of research, such as the Center of African Studies, the Cambridge Center for Economic and Public Policy and the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics. Cambridge also has more than 100 libraries, including colleges and department libraries. The University of Cambridge continues to receive millions of dollars in research grants and contracts.

1. University of Oxford – South East England


The University of Oxford may well be one of the oldest learning institutions anywhere, tracing its roots, back to 1096 or possibly earlier. Oxford is made up of a central university, 38 colleges, and six Permanent Private Halls. More than half of Oxford’s graduate students conduct research as part of their studies. Research at the University of Oxford involves humanities, mathematics, physical and life sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences. The colleges at Oxford are designed with a dining hall, common rooms and libraries. Undergraduates are guaranteed housing for their freshman year and they often live there during the latter years of their studies. University of Oxford and its academic departments have made more than 900 scholarships to graduate students locally and from around the world.

These are Top 10 Most Famous Universities of England 2017. Students looking for top universities in England will find a range of educational options that are as varied as the area itself. Whether you want a specialist or multidisciplinary institution, you can find them in a rural, suburban or in the central part of town. The above Universities are renowned, so finding a college to attend will depend on the part of England that you choose to live near. The courses and studies offered are at the top of the learning category, meaning graduation and finding a career is never a problem when you mention the University name. Don’t forget, that studying in the UK area also involves studying in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, if you want to be based in England, as you can see above, your selection of top 10 most famous universities of England 2017 are those that are ranked among the world’s top learning institutions.