Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California 2017. California can be considered as the world’s higher education state for reasons which are actually obvious. In California only there are almost 450 Higher Education Institutions which are all accredited to offer four years study programs.

Higher education more specifically Bachelor’s Degree increases the earning power of individual by 108% compared to an individual with high school diploma. Therefore having a bachelor’s Degree and especially one form one of the many universities in California will increase your earning power and employment opportunities since organizations are short on the demand of skilled manpower.

Below is a list of the top ten universities based won their Graduation rates and the cost involved to obtain a Degree or Masters or Even a PhD. All the listed universities are located in California State.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California 2017

10. Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna College Top Most Popular Universities in California 2018

It is a private nonprofit institution that offers higher academics. This is the best college for those individual who consider learning a fun experience. It has an A in the overall niche grading while an A+ in Academics, an A in value and a B in party scene. Making it a diverse university where academics and the social lives of the students are recognized.

It has an acceptance rate of 11% which makes it ideal to apply to and get an acceptance letter into the institution. The annual fee is $23,982 for students after the financial aid given by the government is deducted from the fee. It offers degree programs majors in Economics, liberal arts and humanities, political sciences, international relations just to mention a few with several graduates from all those courses.

9. University of California- Davis

University of California- Davis Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California

This is a public university that majors mostly in Research and Experimental Psychology, Economics and Neuroscience and Neurobiology just a few mentions of the various majors offered in the university that has a good number of graduates who have been through the institution.

It has an acceptance rate of 40% and the annual fee paid is $16,231 which is quite considerate to all individuals interested in science majors and environmental studies.

8. University of California, San Diego


This is a public university located in the urban area which offers 160 undergraduate courses thus making it as the known research center in San Diego. It accommodates students with a GPA of 3.82.

Its knowledge in doing research has led to it being noted and receiving a lot of funds from the government to aid in their research work.

7. Point Loma Nazarene University

Point Loma Nazarene University Famous Universities in California 2018

This is a private university which is run according to Christian traditions. Its programs are ministry based more specifically in Christian work of spreading the gospel. The highest population in the university is made up of women which is 63% of the total student population.

Most of the students in the university receive financial aid making it more famous to those individuals in the community seeking cheap higher education.

6. University of California- Berkeley

University of California- Berkeley Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California

This is one of the celebrated public university in Berkeley well known in research work. The university accommodates a big population with high GPA from their high school Diploma. It is also well known for producing graduates with the best research knowledge.

The campus fee is around $96,000 for the whole year.

5. University of South California


This is a private located in Los Angeles accredited with research academics and has noted faculty which are National Academy Winner, National Medal Recipient and Nobel laureates. It takes freshmen who had topped in their high school diplomas.

Most of the students in the university are international students meaning a lot of the students come from outside California making it so famous to research oriented students.

4. University of California-Los Angeles


This is a public university that has 125 majors from which enrolled students can choose from since it is very famous a lot of prospect candidates apply but only the best with the highest GPA from their high school Diploma are selected to fill each of the 125 majors.

The university has a graduation rate of 98% which mean that 98 students out of 100 graduate from the university. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California 2017.

3. Pomona College

Pomona College Famous Universities in California 2019

This is a private college established from the Claremont Colleges and has a very small population of about 1500 students every year. It offers 47 selections of Bachelor of Arts Degree programs which involves abroad study that involves 32 countries.

Most of the student study on a scholarship program and the university receives financial aids to its students hence a famous institution for students interested in Art courses.

2. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California 2017

This is a private university located in Pasadena in the sub urban of Pasadena. It is rank at number 4 by the U.S News rank making it a famous university.

It offers undergraduate course mostly in technology. Most of the students are accommodated within the schools premise which is quite ideal for many student doing technology courses.

1. Stanford University

Stanford University Top Most Popular Universities in California 2019

This appears on the top list of the best and famous universities in California simply because it is the best university in California State. It is very competitive as its acceptance rate is at 5.1% meaning only those with highest qualification get to join the university.

It has six schools of study offering undergraduate degrees: school of Education, Business, and law, Engineering, Earth Science, Medicine, Sciences and Humanities. Since it is very competitive in the school program the school accommodates 96% of the students and the university has a graduate rate of about 95% meaning almost all the students graduate from this university.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Universities in California 2017. Finally as I conclude higher education is very important to each and every individual passionate about studying and California is definitely the place to go seeking higher education since all the best universities are found there. As you read on this review also read on the university’s website to find more information since this review is just a summary of what the university is about. On the university website more information regarding the kind of Degree course is provided.