Top 10 Most Famous Best Universities In Washington

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous, Best Universities In Washington 2017. Washington DC is the capital city of United States of America- the most powerful nation in the world. The Congress, White House and many Federal government offices are located here. It is simply the best place to study if you are interested in Politics.There state boasts of some of the best universities not only in US but also in the entire world. These prestigious higher institutions of learning offer different courses. They are equipped with enough resources which contribute to academic excellence. Are you interested in knowing the best universities in Washington? Good.Here they are.

List of Top 10 Most Famous, Best Universities In Washington 2017

10. Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University Top Best Universities In Washington 2017

This impressive university offers students both rural and urban living. It has a student population of 13,000 students. Majority of students come from US. Others hail from other countries in the world. Its atmosphere is conducive for learning. The university offers nice courses which match career goals of different students. Some of its unique programs include Military Science, American Indian Studies, Creative Writing and more.

9. Howard University

Howard University Top Famous Universities In Washington 2019

The university was established in 1867. It allowed students of both sex and different races to pursue their studies. Its known for its diversity and offers equal learning opportunities to all students from all over the world. Howard University is located on North West side of Washington DC. It occupies a large area of land which is approximately 256 acres. It has many faculties and departments. Faculties include Communication, Business, Education, Dentistry, Divinity, Arts & Science and more. Students have many options to choose.

8. Walla Walla University


Despite the fact that it has a less number of students i.e 2000 students, Walla Walla University is one of the best universities in Washington. Thanks to the amazing programs it offers. Courses include Entrepreneurship, Aviation, Clinical Lab Science, Wed Design and many more. The university is affiliated with the SDA church. This gives students the opportunity to participate in church activities and grow their faith in God. Furthermore, it is located near Walla Walla, one of the most beautiful small towns in USA.

7. American University

American University Top 10 Best Universities In Washington 2017

It is a private university which offers outstanding programs. It has liberal arts curriculum which attracts thousands of students from all parts of the world. The most popular courses offered by this university include International Law, Public Affairs, Public Policy, Human Rights and more. It is regarded as the most politically active school not only in Washington but also in the entire US nation.

6. Western Washington University


Apart from being classified as one of the best universities in the state of Washington, it is home to Vikings athletic team. It offers exemplary courses which match the needs of diverse students. The most impressive thing about Western Washington University is that it is located near Vancouver and Seattle which offer great internship opportunities to students. 95% of students take undergraduate courses. This is one of Top 10 Most Famous Best Universities In Washington 2017.

5. Washington State University


It is located in Pullman. Life here is so enjoyable. If you love rural life and serene environment, Washington State University is the best fit for you. The biggest organic teaching farm in USA is located in Pullman. Other attractions that you will enjoy when you study in this university are Bitterroot mountains and Snake River. The university values research. There are only two veterinary schools in North West Pacific. One of them is found here. Most of its alumni are successful people leading happy lives in US and other countries in the world.

4. Seattle University

Seattle University Top Most Popular Universities In Washington 2019

The university has a population of 4,500 students. It has nice programs which land students to lucrative jobs. The campus life at Seattle University is just wonderful. Besides, it has some of the best professors equipped with excellent knowledge. They give their students the best . It has consistently been ranked among the top 10 universities in the west. You definitely want to study here.

3. University of Washington Tacoma

University of Washington Tacoma Top 10 Best Universities In Washington

It is among the most affordable universities in Washington. Life is cheap at University of Washington Tacoma. There are also numerous internship opportunities around the university so that students do not experience challenges when looking for a place for internship. Apart from academics, the university also engages in important initiatives like addressing drought issues in the region.

2. Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University Top Popular Universities In Washington 2018

Even though it is expensive, Gonzaga University is one of the best universities in Washington. It has established a good reputation in providing the best education that propels many students to greater career heights. It is spacious and has a population of 7,400 students. Its alumni are respected people in the world, holding top leadership positions.

1. Georgetown University

Georgetown University Top Most Universities In Washington 2018

It is urguably the best university in Washington. It is ranked at position 50 in the entire US. This remarkable university is strategically located in Georgetown, near Potomac River. It has student population of more than 17,800 students. Although it was founded on Catholic religion, it is operates independent from any religious faction. It offers marketable courses that have landed many students into well paying jobs.The university boasts of globally respected alumni such as Bill Clinton- former US president, Jose Manuel Barroso-the president of European Commission and many more.

Up to this end, you now know the best universities in Washington 2017. They offer marketable courses, have successful alumni, are located in nice places and above all, are found in a state which houses White House, Congress and many offices of US Federal government. If you want to excel in academics, choose the above universities. Remember that education is the best investment in life. Invest today and have a bright future tomorrow.