Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France 2017. A university can be a public or private institution that is designed to educate and train people to work within specific careers. Universities are also used for the research and development of technology, as training facilities for various professions within the field of education and as recruitment platforms for professional sports.

In the nation of France, universities serve the same purpose. These institutions are readily available for French people to become educated and for them to gain knowledge about various professional classes. The following information will describe the top 10 Best Universities in France for 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France 2017

10. The University of Bordeaux


The University of Bordeaux is a fairly new educational institution. It was created from a merger of three universities that were already in existence. These three universities included the Science and Technologies, Bordeaux Segalen and Montequieu Bordeaux. All three of these universities were combined back in 2014.

Bordeaux is now the third largest university in the nation. It has about 50,000 students and nearly 6,000 of these individuals are from foreign countries. The University of Bordeaux is also broken up into 3 departments which include science and technology, life and health science and social sciences and humanities. Students can also specialize in various disciplines such as neurosciences, advanced materials management, environmental sciences and cardiology.

9. MINES ParisTech

MINES ParisTech Top Most Universities in France 2018

MINES ParisTech is a school that has a diverse mixture of students. Students have different age ranges and they come from different countries. Students who come to this university from a foreign land are required to speak French and they must be able to speak another language as well. It is also mandatory for students who attend this university to spend at least twelve months in their engineering department.

There is a research department at MINES that only allow a limited number of people to attend the program. This program prepares students with careers that impact industry and society. MINES ParisTech also has a library with periodicals and online electronic sources. This extensive library is essential to the educational environment and it has close to 55,000 resources available to students in the form of digital bools and online publications.

8. The Université Grenoble Alpes

The Université Grenoble Alpes Top 10 Best Universities in France

UGA is an acronym for the Universite Grenoble Alpes. This higher education institution provides high quality training in a variety of different academic disciplines. They cater to all types of students at different grade levels. They have undergraduate, master’s and doctorate certification and they even have student exchanges.

The university was founded in 1339 and it was originally opened to teach law, medicine and the liberal arts. UGA provides research opportunities for qualified students. They work in conjunction with international researchers from all over the world. UGA is also located in Grenoble, France which is considered an international city that gives students access to cultural events, sporting activities and a vibrant night life.

7. École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon Top 10 Best Universities in France 2017

The École Normale Superieure de Lyon is one of the best universities in the nation because it trains professors, researchers, senior civil servants and business and political leaders. All students engage in training in the areas of science and the humanities and in various areas of research. The university was established in 1880 and many of the nation’s top political and business leaders have attended this university.

Ecole Normale Superieure ensures that students are receiving the right type of knowledge that will impact key levels of society. They train their students to understand the principles of equality and social equity.

Their involvement within the political arena helps students to understand their roles with the citizens of France that they will represent if elected to office. This university is committed to improving the political and business landscape through the proper education of their students that are seeking careers within these areas.

6. Paris, Université Paris Diderot

Paris, Université Paris Diderot Top Most Popular Universities in France 2018

Paris, Unversite Paris Diderot is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. This is the only multidisciplinary university in Paris. Students can specialize in a wide range of disciplines which includes the Humanities, Medicine and the Sciences.

Paris Diderot first opened its doorsin 2007. Since its inception, the multidiscipline university gives students the opportunity to train for various careers. Students receive a high quality education and they are also given to the ability to train within a live environment.

There are teaching hospitals which are supported by Diderot and other students can receive live training within their chosen fields as well. The campus of Paris Diderot also has opportunities for sports and campus organizations.

5. Paris-Sud University

Paris-Sud University Top Popular Universities in France 2019

Paris-Sud University is on one of the main research universities inside of France. This education organization participates in some of the leading research pertaining to technology and medicine. The staff at Paris-Sud has a close bond with French Grandes Ecoles and is an original members of the new Paris-Saclay University.

Paris-Sud has the largest campus within the nation of France. Many government institutions within France rely on Paris-Sud for development for new technology that will impact society and medicine that will help to improve people’s health. The university offers many different areas of study and this institution has a vibrant student life. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France 2017.

4. Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)


University Peierre et Marie Curie is simply called UPMC for short. This university was founded in 2009 and it is located on the site of Saint Victor Abbey. This place was once a major training center for the clergy of the Catholic church. Many students who attend this university can receive instruction in the arts, medicine and science.

The university offers a lot in terms of student and educational services. There are plenty of laboratories and libraries that provide high quality information and knowledge. This organization has daily demonstrations that provide practical instruction for the high quality jobs of today.

Only the best students who demonstrate a desire for scientific related studies are usually admitted into this university. This is one of the leading French scientific and medical universities.

3. École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique Top Best Universities in France 2017
École Polytechnique combines many different aspects of academia to create a top notch university. They use cutting-edge science and technology to create and innovate new technologies, products and solutions for society. Ecole Polytechnique also promotes humanist tradition. This is a premiere technology and development university in France.

This university was founded shortly after the French Revolution. It has rich history that can be seen through the curriculum and life on campus. There are 1,500 student apartments and a fifty room hotel that is available for transitional students.

Their library is exceptional, there is a state of the art media center and a huge number of mental health professionals are available as well. This campus has been considered one of the best within France for many years.

2. The École normale supérieure (ENS)

The École normale supérieure (ENS) Top Famous Universities in France 2019

The Ecole Normale Superiere or ENS is an elite institution for college students. This particular school is designed for advance undergraduates and graduate studies. It boasts of a prestigious French research center and it has plenty of educational resources that make learning easy and efficient.

ENS is known for its humanities and sciences disciplines. They prepare students to become future leaders in business, politics, media, public service and within society in general. This is another university that was formed during the French Revolution. So, it has a long standing history of being at the forefront of French society.

There is a vibrant intellectual community that is associated with the university. The campus is also connected to the social scene of Quartier Latin. This university is truly one of the best in France and many of France’s leaders and influential members of society have attended this university.

1. University of Paris


The University of Paris is the second oldest university in the world. It was founded in 1200 by King Philip II. This university has over 13 campuses located all throughout France. Students can receive training in various areas of science and the humanities.

The school is located in east Paris and it is closely linked to the community. Research opportunities are available here and there are many student and athletic events as well. Students can participate in a vibrate campus life that offers students many activities.

Business, science and politics are all a part of the courses that are offered at this university. Many government and university organizations outside of France regards this university to be one of the best in the nation and within the western world.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Universities in France 2017. French universities are important institutions for many people who reside within the nation. They are also important for foreigners who travel to this land to receive an education. French higher education institutions are a perfect example of why western knowledge and instruction is highly regarded in the world today.