Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2017. When we are all young we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. Some say teacher, some say vet, some say cop, but some say doctor. When you want to become a doctor you have to learn a lot more than just how to play surgery. People will be under your watchful eye as they go under the knife. You will have to make sure you know what you are doing, what to cut, where to move certain things so nothing goes wrong, and even know how to stitch them up at the end of the day. Well if you want to do all that you will need to get great grades in high school so you can go to college or get ready to pay a lot of money because these ten top medical institutions are more than you will ever want to pay for anything. The reason they make them that will is so they know that the students going to their school really wants to be a doctor. They want to make sure that you are not just going to goof off. One hard thing to deal with is the death of someone on your table. Trust me you will have to deal with this from time to time because you are not God and can not save everyone.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2017

10. John Hopkins University-

John Hopkins University Top Famous Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2018

It is a private university as well as a established research center. Founded in eighteen seventy six, it’s famous for the top notch research sections and medical courses. The science department is even famously well known through out the world. This medical school part is worth eight million dollars and that is why the educational courses are so expensive to attend.

9. Parsons The New School for Medicines-

Parsons The New School for Medicines Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World

Widely known for the terrific teaching staff and professors in addition to teaching hospitals that are also provided. Eighteen ninety six is the year Parsons was constructed and has two sub campuses. One is based out of London while the other is positioned in New York. The MBBS courses are quite expensive and are the reason you should be ready to hand over a lot of money if you want to be admitted.

8. Dartmouth Medical College-

Dartmouth Medical College Top Popular Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2018

It is a sub college off of New Hampshire University. Is also considered to be one of the best and most leading institutions in the United States. Being founded in seventeen sixty nine it has so far made light of many successful and wonderful doctors that has been known today. Expenses here are very high so be ready to pay a good sum if wanting to walk away with a excellent education, while knowing some of the best information from experienced professors there.

7. Harvey Mudd College of Medicine-


This private sector college was created in nineteen fifty five, while they do receive many different amounts of funds from NGO’s and charities that support the educational sections of this place they are still quite costly due to how the institution will charge for tuition fees and much needed research sums. If admitted here you will experience having less one on one ratios for student teacher support. But can still learn the information needed to become a great doctor.

6. New York University-

New York University Top Most Popular Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2019

Is a well known university that has a highly good standing reputation for its center of medicine. Research programs here are the best across the nation as well as the medical labs that are required to be done in your attendance time here. The institution was built in eighteen thirty one and has since been running smoothly. Many graduates of here have went on to be some of the greatest medical educationalist in our country. Has also received more than fifteen of them Pulitzer prizes. This is one of the Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2017.

5. Sarah Lawrence College of Medicine-

New York University Top Most Popular Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2019

We have heard about Sarah Lawrence school of the Arts but has since had a college of medicine added to campus with it. Has not been long since they built it but has been competing quite well against many top quality schools in the United Kingdom such as Oxford and Cambridge. Here you learn the ins and outs of being a doctor and get to experience the courses on a more personal level.

4. Washington University, St. Louis-


Reputation for this University has been a good one from the beginning of its time being built. Has been well known for years mostly because of the high tuition cost, which has been estimated to be about fifty one thousand dollars a year.

3. Northwestern University Illinois-

Northwestern University Illinois Famous Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2019

The entire focus point of the teachers at this university is to produce some of the worlds best doctors. The problem with attending here is the tuition is so expensive not many can afford it. Even qualifying for scholarships barely put a dent into amount people will be paying to attend here. Book supplies alone cost in the upper thousands, and to be honest aside from all the rich kids out there, who can afford all that money for university.

2. Boston University-

Boston University Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2017

This is known to be one of the highest intensive institutions in the country and is well known and versed for its expensive prices but over achieved curriculum. The teaching done here is thorough and the professors employed undergo a series of exams and things themselves just to become employed by the university too. If you are seeking to attend here then you must submit an application way early on as it is one of the most sought after places to attend.

1. Claremont McKenna Medical College-

Claremont McKenna Medical College Top Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2017

This is the highest costing university of all. The California based college has tuition costing over fifty four thousand dollars a year because of its over all reputation with releasing graduates that go on to become world famous doctors in their years. The college itself was built in nineteen forty six and receives funds from trustees on the board and NGO’s but even with all the funds being given the tuition is still pretty extravagant
These are Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Institutions in The World 2017. Now that you know a little about each of these schools are you ready to crack down and get your degree to be a doctor? If so then you may want to look further into other institutes because some of these could be way to high in the price range for someone just getting out of school. You will be able to really figure out if you want to do it when you start getting to go to the hospitals and become and intern. Be prepared for long hours sleepless nights and lots of blood. Make sure you can look at a family and tell them you could not save their loved one because you will have to at one point some time unless you are so good you can work miracles. No matter which way you look at it you have one to two choices, either go into medical school and get ready for the hard work or find a different career because you will not make it if you have to pay so much for just school. These schools want you to thrive so they know they will have good doctors when you finally walk across that stage. You can not get a degree from a cracker jack box so get ready to lose sleep and figure out which type of doctor you would like to be. The choice for becoming a doctor was the first step now you need to decide on what part of the body you plan to work on. We all know how many different doctors are out there so now decide and get busy.