Top 10 Best Universities in London

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Universities in London 2017. London is one of the capitals with the highest number of universities and higher learning institutions in the world. There are around 40 universities in London alone. The city enjoys the convergence of bright students from all over the world. Students that consider studying in London have a variety of universities to choose from. Whether you prefer multidisciplinary or specialist, central or suburban surrounding, or combine a career with flexible study schedule, chances are very high finding a good match in the United Kingdom’s capital. The world ranking of universities is carefully conducted by performance indicators to provide the most balanced and comprehensive comparisons available Professional services audit the ranking results. To know what London has to offer, take a look at the top ten best universities in London 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Universities in London 2017

10. Goldsmiths University of London

Goldsmiths University of London Top Popular Universities in London 2018

Goldsmith University is a world-leading research institute located in the southeast area of London. It is highly ranked in the UK and listed in the top 980 world’s best universities in 2016/2017 in the Times Higher Education. It was built to grant an education to the working class people in the area. Offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Today it has over 20 academic departments in the schools of arts, humanities, social sciences and business. It has an excellent reputation of several world re-known artists that has passed through its doors. Goldsmith as an institution creates an atmosphere that encourages independence, free thinking and welcomes new ideas.

9. Brunel University

Brunel University Top Biggest Universities in London 2017

Brunel University was founded back in 1966, and in 2016 it is celebrating 50 years as a university. It is situated in Uxbridge, London in the United Kingdom. It was named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a Victorian engineer.

Brunel is ranked 306th in the world and attracts more than 15,000 students in more than 100 countries globally. It is subdivided into three colleges: business; arts and social sciences, Engineering; design and physical sciences, and health and life sciences. It has three major research institutes: materials and manufacturing, health and societies and energy futures and environment.

Brunel is a campus-based university, which means that students can access lecture halls, sports facilities, library and residential buildings in less than 10 minutes. The University is minutes away from the city center making it easy for students to enjoy social activities and a variety of cultures.

8. St. George’s University of London


St. George’s University is the only independent institution that offers medical and health care education in the United Kingdom. St. Georges was the first institution to offer a four-year degree program in medicine in the United Kingdom. St. George’s campus is situated in the Tooting area, southwest of London. It enjoys strong links with healthcare profession as well as sharing a site with St. George’s Hospital, one of the major hospitals in London. St. George’s has specialized in the education and training of doctors, nurses, healthcare and biomedical scientist, radiographers, physiotherapists, social workers, midwives, physician assistants and paramedics. St. George’s offers a variety of sports club including fencing, cheerleading, swimming, rowing, Volleyball, football, hockey and many others.

7. Birkbeck University of London.

Birkbeck University of London Top 10 Best Universities in London 2017

Birkbeck University was founded in 1823 by a philanthropist George Birkbeck to offer education to the capital’s working class men. Seven years later it started admitting women-one of the first institutions to do so in the country.

Birkbeck is a world-renown research institution, 73% of its research has been rated ‘internationally excellent’ or ‘world –leading’ in 2014 Research Excellent Framework. Currently, the university is ranked 206th in the world, and it is the only institution that offers evening higher education in London. More than 18,000 students benefit from its flexibility in learning. It’s is situated in Bloomsbury area close to UCL and SOAS.

6. Royal Holloway University of London


The Royal Holloway University of London was formed out of a merger of two pioneering colleges. Victorian philanthropist Thomas Holloway and Elizabeth Jesser Reid were the founders of Royal Holloway College and Bedford College. This was the first institution to grant degrees to women in the United Kingdom.

Royal Holloway offers a variety of disciplines, being strong in arts and humanities. It is ranked 173rd globally and is well thought-out to have one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, which is based on the château Chambord design. It is located near the town of Egham and its less than 30 minutes away from central London.

5. Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London Top 10 Best Universities in London

Queen Mary was founded 1785 as the Medical College of London. It was formed as an amalgamation of four medical institutions. In 1887 it was officially honored the University status, and it offers over 240 degree programs in its three schools; Science and Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Queen Mary University is ranked 113th in the world and attracts more than 20,000 students from 155 nationalities and boasts of having a multicultural community. All the campuses are located in the heart of the city. Its main campus is located at Mile End next to the Regent’s canal. This is one of Top 10 Most famous, Best Universities in London 2017.

4. Kings College London

Kings College London Top Most Popular Universities in London 2019

Kings College is the fourth oldest college in England. It was established by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington in 1829. It is the largest healthcare institute in Europe and has three teaching hospitals.

King College University is a major research institute and was ranked 6th nationally in the Research Excellence Framework in 2014.It was ranked position 36 in the list of the best universities in the world. Twelve Nobel Prize winners are associated with Kings College University including Archbishop Desmond Tutu in his work of going against South Africa’s apartheid regime and Maurice Wilkins who discovered DNA structure. It has five campuses in London, and 40% of the students are undertaking postgraduate programs. It has reputable courses, in law, humanities and health sciences.

3. London school of Economics and Political Science


It is one of the best social science universities in the world. This year it is ranked the 25th best university globally. It offers a broad range of social science subjects which include economics, anthropology, law, international relations, sociology and politics and thus the only higher learning institution in London that specializes in social sciences.

It is located in the heart of the city of London and attracts international students from over 140 different nationals. It prides itself of more than 100 languages spoken on its campus.

2. University College London


In the year 1826, the University College London was founded to provide higher education to those who were excluded from religious campuses. It is ranked position 15 in the 2016 world best universities. It encompasses 11 faculties: life sciences, brain sciences, the institute of education, law, mathematical and physical sciences, built environment, arts and humanities, population health science, medical sciences, and historical and social sciences.
Situated in the heart of London and close to the British Library. The university has a high postgraduate student population. University College London has been the birthplace of various important scientific discoveries. It is also associated with 29 Nobel Prize winners.

1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London Top Most Largest Universities in London 2018

Imperial College London is a science-based located at the center of London. It is a leading institution in the United Kingdom and its ranked number 8 in the world best universities in 2016.

The institution has around 15,000 students and 8,000 staff with a big number of international students. It focuses on four key areas: engineering, medicine, business, and science. It received its charter in 1907 after the merger of the royal school of mines, the City and Guilds College, the Royal College of Science.

The college prides itself of 14 Nobel Prize winners, one of them being the discoverer of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming.

These are the Top 10 Best Universities in London 2017. The list of the universities above clearly gives plenty of universities that match any scholars needs, and if you are looking forward to studying in London. All the universities mentioned are on the top 980 list of the best universities in the world based on QS world University Rankings.

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