Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2017. Scholarships are regarded as God send for the cash strapped student who require help in pursuing their college or university education. Various organizations and groups offer scholarships as awards to the students. Every scholarship is unique in its way. Some of the scholarships strand to be huge-they come from organizations which are big. They pay for billions of money for the scholarships. Students who are talented, bright or motivated are the ones who are privileged in getting the scholarships. The top universities who offer scholarship programs are in different types of the world. They include Italy, Sweden and many more. The following are the top 10 best scholarships offered by the world’s top universities:

List of Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2017

10. International leader of tomorrow award at the University of British Colombia in Canada


This is the best scholarship that is offered by the British university. It provides scholarships for bachelor’s degrees and secondary school students who are talented. On the other hand, the post secondary international students also benefit from the scholarship.Moreover, it is a scholarship that commensurate value which is demonstrated by the financial need and full tuition for the program study.

09. Miss America scholarships

Miss America scholarships Famous Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2018

These are among the best scholarships that are offered to students with low incomes. It is the best and largest scholarships in the world. The Miss America organization is responsible for millions of scholarships at the local, national and international levels. This organization offers many types of scholarships which include; Miss America community service, Miss America scholar, Eugenia Vellne Fistcher award for the performing arts and many more

08. University of Texas-Pan America

University of Texas-Pan America Most Famous Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2019

This offers large amounts of scholarships that fall in different categories. They include; institutional funds, grants, contracts endowments and state scholarships. The students need to apply for this scholarship online for these awards. The students are also advised to browse the private scholarships links. The deadline for the scholarship application is Jan.15 every year. The University of Texas and the Pan-America contain extensive work-study opportunities.

07. Chevening scholarships

Chevening scholarships Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2017

This is a global scholarship from the government of Britain. They are given on a yearly basis. It provides almost 1,000 scholarships to the students from 130 countries. The students who wish to study on their postgraduate in the UK are considered. The scholarships cover the tuition fees, one off allowances, monthly stipend and an international travel from and to UK.

06. Wayland Baptist University

Wayland Baptist University Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities

This is an international university which is located in Texas. It gives the least aid to the international students among the schools which grant a financial aid package. The offer scholarships to 50 international graduates. The Panhandle school in Texas allocated $1,722 average to the international students in 2015-2016.Although offering aid to students who wish to learn, their tuition fee is low for the private schools. Their scholarships are valued at $19,110 for the 2016-2017 school year. This is one of the Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2017.

05. United Negro fund scholarships

United Negro fund scholarships Most Popular Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2018

This is a famous organization that provides scholarships to the bright students. It sends 60,000 and more students to colleges and universities every year. It has helped the students that have a low and moderate income Merck Undergraduate science research scholarship award is famous and it is provided by the United Negro fund. This award ranges from $35,000 -83,000 for the students who peruse biotechnology and bioscience.

04. Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships Most Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2017

These are scholarships which are offered by many universities and colleges who are based on academic achievement. Briar Cliff university is located in Sbux city and it pays for a good percentage of the scholarships. This was said by the US News and the world report. Merit scholarships are majorly paid private colleges and universities. Public universities like Nevada supports 31 % of students to recei9ve the scholarships.Urbun university gives hundreds of students who apply for the scholarships of 6 elite that ranges from 2,500-7,500 in each year for a period of 4 years.

03. Clarendon scholarships at the University of Oxford


This is among the master’s scholarships at the top universities. It offers 140 scholarships which are new in every year. They are provided to the graduate applicants who are eligible.Clarendon scholarships are awards on academic excellence and potential across bearing subjects at the University of Oxford.It covers on the tuition fees and the college fee.

02. Swiss government excellence scholarships


These are the scholarships which are offered by the government of Swiss through the federal commission of the scholarships. This benefits foreign students for the PhD and master’s degrees in the French universities. They are scholarships that provide the students with the opportunity of pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral research. It covers on monthly payments except the tuition and insurance fees.

01. Buick achievers scholarships programs


This is a scholarship that awards large amounts of money. It also pays for additional payments that are required by the students. The scholarships are renewed in every year for 4 or 5 years for those who are pursuing an engineering course. It adds up to a total of $ 100,000.through the GM foundation; Buick makes lots of commitments to the scholarships. They award $2,000 scholarships to 10,000 additional students. Buick achievers look for the students who want to build design or market the future’s automobiles. Those who apply for this scholarship must enter in the automobile field.

These are the Top 10 Best Scholarships Offered by World’s Top Universities 2017. Those are the best scholarships that you need to apply for to foster your education.Scholarships have been an essential beneficiary for several students. Most learned people are what they are because of scholarships.